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It was a great short fall hike with family and friends, enjoyed the weather and the sound of water and falls

It was a beautiful day for a short hike. Nice scenery but lots of ice on the trail.

nice little walk.

Great easy hike! My dogs love it! Doesn't take long but is a nice walk. Does get quite busy recently, so head out early or later in the afternoon

its an easy trial for young children and old alike. a good choice close to city and relaxing nature walk.can go two rounds if you have time.

Absolutely beautiful single track trails! Fairly gradual elevation gain and a real joy to run!

Toddler's Paradise! Tons of rocks and logs to climb and little waterfalls to look at. Trail is very manageable and absolutely beautiful with the leaves starting to change.

Great walk/hike with the dog

mountain biking
1 month ago

I personally have done hundreds of hours of trail maintenance on the Jumping Pound – Pinetop Trail to keep it navigable by youngsters and senior hikers and a place for beginner and intermediate mountain bikers. I have removed those beautiful formed cow pies that get on your boots and bike tires. Yes, the trail is slippery when wet. The trail also is easily damaged when really wet and muddy; not so much when the trail is reasonably dry or frozen. If you are really hard core and want to get out no matter the conditions, do what I have done, go in behind Mt. Robson solo for ten days. Don’t be a cow!

Beautiful easy hike. Nice clear water, with a few falls.

nature trips
1 month ago

Great spot if you are looking for scenery without any work. I would call it more of a view point than a hiking trail, but it is a nice, simple, easily accessible walk that anyone can enjoy. Beautiful scenery.

on Alder Trail

1 month ago

Alder Trail Loop and Banded Peak Trail: This hike surprised me as it is so close to a Bragg Creek and a local school. I was expecting an overrun trail with little or no real substance. Instead, this easy hike had lots to offer a family with young children including: educational trail signs, wildlife, a small pond with a dock, and lots of sitting areas. The entire hike, that included both portions took a couple of hours. That was taking our time to enjoy all that the trails had to offer.

This is a beautiful place for beginners and so family and kid friendly. All the little waterfalls make for a nice walk in the park and Photography.

Super easy trail.

Loved the waterfall and the first half of the loop. The ridge is eroded and not as well marked.

Trail is more of a path to the falls but beautiful area!!

1 month ago

Beautiful falls. Really easy hike. Lots of areas to picnic.

1 month ago

Easy trail. Started the trail at the end of the Elk Flats trail (so included part of the Moraine Trail) and did the loop in an hour and 30 minutes. Stopped for a lunch break and at all the trail stops to read the pamphlet. As someone else mentioned, Google “Middle Lake Trail PDF” for the pamphlet as there were none at the beginning of the trail. The pamphlet made the walk more interesting, pointing things out we probably would have otherwise missed. Trail goes mostly though different forest eco zones and a little ways along the lake.

Great hike for our 8 and 12 year old! Didn’t enjoy walking the service road to get to trailhead but found a path that meandered through trees on the way back.

Beautiful fall hike! The leaves were starting to change and the weather was glorious. It is a really easy hike with little elevation gain so it was a nice 2 hour trek. This would be perfect with elementary school aged kids. (My 11 and 13 year old found it really easy and loved it.)

5 min drive from my house so I take my dog every morning! Great exercise hike, just wish it was a bit longer (takes about 25 mins) - can extend by doing it twice (forward/backward). Starts getting busy around 9am in summer, bit later in spring/fall. Bugs are bad in the evening in summer. Quite icy in winter but can do with ice cleats.

Awesome little trail with tons of waterfalls for the puppy to play in!

Nice, easy, hike

Stunning m. Feels like you are deep in the woods.

Its in good shape this year despite the hot summer. Great little quick hike.

beautiful stream. easy walk with kids.

2 months ago

Very simple walk. The loop is easy to find if you follow the GPS. Takes 30-45 ish minutes depending on how fast you walk, but there is a nice river near the trail to take dogs swimming.
Good for families and dogs, but it is very easy so do not go here if you’re looking for a challenge.

on Sheep River Falls

2 months ago

Beautiful. Super easy access to the falls. You can even get pretty close. Come with good pairs of runners. Keep children close if you descend towards the falls. The rocks get slippery and you can fall into the water. Beautiful place for a picnic. Not as crowded as Elbow Falls and the drive out is spectacular.

Very basic hike, but I enjoy escaping to here once or twice a year. Great if you don’t want anything strenuous, or are physically limited or have small children! Fun to walk around with your thoughts if it’s not too busy and there are some nice small waterfalls!

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