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Beautiful hike but beware a few steep parts that are difficult if wet/slippery and may be difficult with a child in a backpack.

on Dino Cliffs Trail

8 days ago

Gorgeous trail with stunning red cliffs and dino prints. However, it is short and you can hear traffic on the highway and see the sprawl of town on nearly the entire hike.

The dino prints were covered with sand from recent rain when I was there. You may need to look closely and brush them off. Be careful not to step on them, they are right on the trail.

Beautiful day and an easy hike with great views of rock walls!

It was dank yo.

10 days ago

Good hike, nice views. Lots of Fall colors. Moderate hiker traffic and horseback travel.

rock climbing
10 days ago

always a great time in this beautiful little spot of serenity and fun. little bit of every thing; hiking, rock climbing, swimming, rope swinging into the lake, Cliff diving, camping.

Beautiful hike for all seasons. Shade in the summer, beautiful fall foliage and usually groomed in the winter (I like to snowshoe it). It is a gradual climb along the stream with a couple of bridges. Once you reach the rock quarry hill it is a bit steeper and has looser rock, but getting to the top provides a beautiful view down canyon and of the waterfalls (we spotted three on a rainy day). There are a lot of shell fossils in the loose quarry rock that are fun to find.

Note: the waterfalls are actually just beyond where the red path line on the map shows; you have to hike up to the top of the rock quarry to see them. Once you come to the giant loose rock hill, follow the 4 wheel drive road up to the quarry. When the road reaches the flat top of the quarry, look left and right there may be one on each side. To find the third and easiest to walk up to, walk the flat quarry top west until it turns back in to a dirt road and turns the corner. The waterfall is just beyond that turn.

I love this hike! Went once in July, a bit smoky from the wildfires but still beautiful, went again the end of September, the fall colors are absolutely breathtaking! The tree is cool, but it’s more about the journey than the destination. Easy hike too.

12 days ago

Great short trail. Super easy to access with a fair amount of traffic. Did this with my wife and big lab mix. There was no water flowing when we were there but I’m sure it’s amazing when it’s running. There is not a ton of shade mid-day so even on days that aren’t super hot (it was about 80 when we went) bring a ton of water - especially for the pups. We had to turn back before the end since the dog was starting to struggle with the heat. Two thumbs way up.

16 days ago

Single wide trail. Definitely moderate. Hard work for young kids.
We missed the Salmon by two weeks. Next year we will make it a priority to be here mid September.
Beautiful colors and spectacular views.

It was a bi sketchy going to the trail. The road to get there is off road and I would only take a vehicle that you know can make it up. I was taking my F-150 and it was very tight at times right on the edge of the cliff with other people coming down.

18 days ago

It was pretty terrible. The hike was fine, me and my friend got lost a little bit, but nothing serious. The views were great too!! We found the cave just fine. BUT the cave sucks! The ropes that you use to climb up to the cave are SKETCHY!! They were pretty worn and I did not feel safe. When I got the guts to climb up into the cave, it was stupid. It smelled really bad, and there were spiders on the ceiling and it was super spooky.
Me and my friend DO NOT recommend the cave, but we DO recommend the hike.

This was a really fun hike! If you have small children you might want to bring a child carrier for some parts. It would have been even cooler if the river was there, will try again in the rainy seasons.

20 days ago

While long it was flat and on gravel mostly, it was easy. But that scenery, tho- wow! Totally worth it even in the heat of the day.

It was a decent hike. The reason for mediocre scoring is all the sand- hence the name. Once you got out into the canyon area and you could scramble up to the peak past the last pond, it was a blast. But the drudgery of all that sand to and fro means I wouldn’t do it again.

started in dry canyon. after 3 miles the trail comes to a T, left takes you up the south west side the mountain. i found this out after I went up, because I went right first and ended up at a 2 track which probably would have taken me to the peak but I didnt. so go left at the fork. signage is very poor but the views are incredible once you get out of the canyon.

23 days ago

This is more of a moderate hike. Not easy especially with little ones but doable.

It gets hot, limited shade and trail can get difficult to track at times. Pro is this trail is before the entrance of the state park even though they maintain it..no fee.

my husband and I went a few years ago and loved it! it is such a beautiful place. However, I remember the road being horrible. is it bad right now? I would like to take my minivan if I can, instead of my truck.

It was a fun hike!! Beautiful steam, waterfalls and plenty of friendly mountain bikers to ask questions of! We’ll do it again !!

This was a fun family hike and the lake is beautiful, nestled in a canyon bowl.

Such a fun and amazing views. The Kokanee salmon were beautiful as well!!

1 month ago

Easy 5 miler that is much more crowded in Autumn. Hiking this one on a Sunday afternoon during peak season for the Kokanee Salmon spawn, we were coming across other hikers on the single track trail every 1-2 minutes, and you have to step aside since the trail isn't wide enough for two people. This appears to be a bike-able single track, but please don't bike it in the fall - there just isn't enough time for people to move out of the way, and bikers aren't able to get out of the way themselves.

The trail is relatively easy. There is an incline at the beginning of both sides of the trail, with a higher section through open meadow at the top. If you hike a few times a year, you should be able to do it without any problems or any breaks. There were numerous children and older folks in poor health on the trail, so it should be accessible for anyone that can walk unassisted.

If you're here to see the Kokanee Salmon spawn, that is a yearly event during September. The times change. I've heard that it is typically in the second week of September. Of the three times I've been, I've seen single fish once, small groups of fish once (this time), and then the third time they were so thick that you couldn't help but step on them if you kayaked in. This visit seemed a bit late, as there were quit a few dead fish near where the stream emptied into the lake.

I love this trail, gorgeous in the fall. It's becoming too popular tho it was a bit crowded comparing 2 years ago. My only complaint would be kids trying to grab and disturb the salmon while they are trying to mate, lay there eggs and being tired from their long swim... please do not allow dogs in the water or letting the kids to play with the salmon. It is illegal to catch them. lets protect what's left.

Pretty busy (likely because of the Salmon). The fall colors are starting to appear too! We ended by cliff jumping into the reservoir; terrifying and amazing!!

1 month ago

We came here to get away from the weekend crowds at other trails. Saw only one other person on this trail. The portion above tree line was stunning, dotted with a few 1,000-year-old limber pines.

One of my favorite hiking spots. The scenery is amazing!

We loved this hike! We took our 4 kids ages 9, 6, 5 and 3. They were all able to complete the hike in and get back (although there was definitely grumbling and crying at times) except for the baby. We carried him the whole way. It was beautiful though! And the best part was seeing the Kokanee Salmon Run! We will definitely do this again next year.

1 month ago

Nice hike to see all kinds of nature! The salmon spawning in the stream was amazing to see. Mostly shaded, but narrow and steep most the way.

Hiked it with my 2.5 year old and some friends it was amazing! A few sources of water along the way and peaceful.

Hiked this yesterday with my daughter. The climb out was pretty strenuous. But, well worth it. Very beautiful.

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