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16 hours ago

Did a 3 day backpacking trip using Baker Lake as our campsite. Overall the hike was great and we really enjoyed the scenery and difficulty level. Our day hike consisted of doing the skoki loop and it was fantastic, walking through the valleys and deception pass was incredible. Loved looking over Skoki Lakes. The ONLY thing that made this hike less enjoyable was the swarms of mosquitoes. They really put a damper on the trip borderline unbearable.

My favourite hike in this area. Amazing views (Lake, Glacier and of course a lot of beautiful Mountains), not very long and definitely worthwhile. If you have more time it’s a nice round trip to go back via Lake Agnes and the Beehives.

19 hours ago

Defined trails and great lakes to relax at.

Beautiful trail but negative side is crowded... avoid weekends. I have been hiking for a while first time I noticed people on this trail are rude and don’t move to side for faster pace hikers. Most people on this hike for photos

1 day ago

This one is a leg burner. Starts off steep until you hit the ridge. I recommend poles and good hiking shoes.

we kinda got lost on the way down and had to double back. We shouldve looked for the pink ribbons haha.

1 day ago

My second time doing this hike and again I'm glad I took the "hard" route up and then the easy path down to take it easy on my knees.

The hard path starts off with a good incline and eventually you'll need toake your way up some steps made of stone that may require a good leg up to get to the next step. There were also some watery and muddy points so I'm glad I had my hiking boots on. Very fun ascent!

I saw a few children, maybe 9 years old or so, a couple who seemed challenged by the hard path. There are a couple of great viewpoints of the water below and the waterfalls. Also there are benches scattered among the way to sit if you need a break. And informative placards too! Very thoughtful!

took the more difficult route up which was amazing as no one on the trail and got amazing views along the way up. Did it couple years back

Awesome hike but make sure you get the PB&J sandwich at the tea house. The homemade bread is ridiculous and you’ll need the energy.

Great but the lakes at the end are closed for reclamation

Nice and super easy trek. The view is breathtaking and the hike is fun with kids.

Easy and great for kids

Great little hike. The only reason we aren't giving it 5 stars- the first km or so is below power lines and loud due to construction. Once you get through that section of the trail, you'll enjoy a beautiful stroll. oh, and TAKE THE CANYON ROUTE! Fun and beautiful!

Did this hike in the morning to catch the sunrise, it was incredible. No one was there and it had great views!

We arrived at the trailhead at 8:00 and there wasn’t that many people there yet - maybe 30 cars in the P1 lot. Hardly anyone on the trail at that time and we had the cave area just below the upper falls all to ourselves for about 15 min. By the time we made it to upper falls, the trail was jammed. Like others have pointed out, highly recommend starting as early as you can. Beautiful hike and the cave area is awesome.

Did this hike after being rain and hail-stormed out of Lake Louise rock climbing. Cool hike! Gorgeous glacier and lake views. Started at 6:15pm- very few people so worth it (*tea house will be closed this late*). A few short stops and pictures at the lookout, finished in 3.5 hours sans trail running. Long summer days are great! Be aware that hiking/climbing at lake Louise in the summer = lots and lots of tourists, no parking 8am-3pm. Shuttles run every 15m (no matter how long the line) from an overflow lot 7.5 miles away. We waited an hour. Return shuttles stop at 530pm. Weather is often iffy with thunderstorms popping up early afternoon in unpredictable patterns. In my opinion, the tea house, chateau, and ski resort feel more like a fancy European resort than a Canadian Rockies NP. So, for the outdoor purist, consider skipping Lake Louise and heading to nearby parks for your wilderness experience.

Great views. Make sure you stop at the Teahouse, if not for the chocolate cake, then for the experience!

Great hike! Arrive early to avoid the crowds. Make sure to soak your tired feet and legs in Lake Louise. The cold water is the perfect way to recover while eating lunch looking at one of Canada’s most iconic views.

This was our first difficult hike and our first scramble. We went east from the parking lot - the same way most hikers do (though some guides suggest the other way; east is definitely better). The lead up to Yam is a bit long but once you get to the mountain itself it's fantastic. If you're new to the hike it helps to watch where other people go, especially since there are several ways along the north side. Big thanks to the folks who taught us how to get down the loose rock - made a great day much better!

2 days ago

Great hike ever

Easy, family friendly hike (3 & 5 year old kids walked the whole thing)
Beautiful view at the top and lots of places to sit and enjoy the scenery.

Fantastic day! No crowds on a weekday. The scree slope on the return is the absolute funnest ever!

Excellent hike and worth the views. Not all that challenging if you’re in shape. If not it will be a leg burner.

Beautiful hike that I can finally check off the list! Always wanted to be able to drive on the trans-Canada and be able to look at a peak and know I have been on top of it Yay! Now, things I have learned the hard way:
• the trail takes you to a T where there is a sign that tells you if you go left it’s a technical climb and the right is a hikers trail. This hike is a loop so you can chose what obstacles you’d like to face going up or down. I would highly suggest going right for the uphill and save the technical climb for the downhill. On our decent from the summit and all the way down was scree and steep ( super fun to “scree ski” but would have really sucked choosing that way to go up.)

• this trail is NOT well marked! Lots of side trails and random ways you can go so really really pay attention to what appears to be the main trail. When you’ve made it around to the back of the mountain and are climbing through the rocks to summit there are blue squares spray painted to show you the way but besides that you are kind of on your own. On our way down I believe we took a longer way than necessary but AGAIN super hard to tell so pay attention.

• Lots of scree that has been scraped away from the popularity of this hike so prepare yourself for some potential bum scooting and wear hiking shoes with grip or get yourself some hiking poles. Also a lot of the rocks you climb have been polished over and are slippy so get grippy shoes.

• pack your sunscreen and bug spray.

• the view makes it all worth it!

the view was amazing in every ridge of the mountain. our first time to encounter very difficult hiking spot but we definitely made it. found awesome people to guide us and trick how to go down in a very steep spots but otherwise is all worth it to conquer your fears. bring lots of water and snacks.

Arrived at Moraine Lake by 820 am and the parking lot was full. We were able to park on the road but 2km from the trail head. The beautiful hike made it worth while..the crowds dispersed at the trail to Sentinel Pass. The lake was a beautiful spot for lunch. Still snow on the avalanche chutes and you could hear some avalanche activity along the trail. A great day ended with breathtaking views around Moraine Lake.

4 days ago

Absolutely stunning! I took the "hard" route, which wasn't too bad. The hard route is rewarded with stunning views of Canmore and the valley, and provides a pretty nice workout to boot. The two lakes at the top of the hike are beautiful, which offer a color transition due to the algae(?) in the water. Would definitely recommend this to anyone heading to Canmore!

4 days ago

This was a great hike with some phenomenal views! The first section of the trail is just pure gruelling incline with very minimal switchbacks, but once you get through it, it’s completely worth it! The only thing I wasn’t a fan of is the fact that you can still hear the highway once you reach the top, but it’s not that big of an issue. Took me around an hour and half to reach the peak and 1 hour to descend back to the parking lot. I would not recommend this hike for families with children younger than their later teens, and although they say dogs are allowed, I wouldn’t recommend it due to the incline and loose/sharp rocks. Also do not do this hike with anything less than a good grippy pair of hiking boots, it is not suited for running shoes and the sort!! Also, I would highly suggest getting an early start on this hike so you can beat the heat on your steep ascent. Last and final note, they recommend hiking poles, I did the hike perfectly fine without them, so I wouldn’t say it’s a necessity, although I can see why people opt for them (mostly would be needed for the descent. I don’t like poles, so that’s why I don’t use them.). Absolutely recommend this hike to all experienced hikers!

4 days ago

Quick and easy trail. “Difficult” option isn’t very challenging. Good views at the top

on Grassi Lakes Trail

4 days ago

Super easy trail. The trail splits up and there is an easy hike and a difficult one. The easy one is very very easy, super wide train, good terrain, quick walk to the top.

If you go left at the fork and take the difficult on, it has a much better pay off - you have to walk across a small stream at certain points, there is a beautiful view of a waterfall, the view down to towards the lake is gorgeous as well. The hike includes a easy/moderate incline, until the end which includes some stair which were backed up a little and slow going as it was a weekend with lots of people, and people were trying to go up and down.

The lakes at the top are nice, and if you keep going, theres also people rock climbing and you can climb into a couple of the small caves right near the ground to take pictures and explore with kids.

We went the hard way up then took the easy way down. Good option.

Wonderful hike. 4 stars only because it was busy. Kids 7 and 10 did fine-just complained near the top. My phone says we went 6k there and back. Started at 830. Definitely best to start early.

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