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Only had 2-3 hours of time left for a hike. This was perfect. J has time to relax at the falls. Although more traffic than I prefer it was enjoyable.

on Pine Creek Falls

3 days ago

My son and I took this trail while in the Livingston area. We loved it.

3 days ago

Walked this trail yesterday to the summit. Beautiful views and we saw a goat that was very interested in us also! I feel that this trail is pretty steep with lots of rock so I was glad I brought my walking poles. Getting to the top was so worth it!

3 days ago

It was incredible. My 8 year old son was able to do it with me. We got rained on at the top but came back to a stunning rainbow!

3 days ago

Ross Peak offers great views of the Bridger range and has a great meadow where it meats the Bridger Ridge trail before summiting the peak. The hike to that meadow (Ross Pass) is moderately difficult and shares a trail with motorcycles for about a little over a mile. From the pass to the peak gets pretty difficult with a loose-rock scramble up to the peak. However, once you reach the peak, the views are amazing!

4 days ago

Great easy trail! Fun with my mom, easy drive there.

1.5 hours to a beautiful lake with minimal breaks. Pretty "buggy" at the lake and in spots on the trail. Mostly gradual elevation climb from beginning to end. Good workout!

Did this hike Friday (7/13/18) later in the afternoon as a large two family group (8 yoa to 51 yoa). It was warmer and we wished we had brought more water on the trail as most of the trail is rolling and climbing through the forest with not much wind moving.

The lake was beautiful and provided some cool relief. My brother in law who does triathlons (competed in Kona) brought his wetsuit and swam the lake. Another check box filled in his bucket list.

Serene trail ending in a beautiful lake. The lake is wonderful to swim in during the summer.

We did see a grizzly bear within 10 feet when we turned a corner. It quickly ran away. We also heard from hikers heading down that they had seen a mountain lion around the same location as the bear (~.6 miles in).

Be aware, carry bear spray, don’t hike alone, and be careful if you bring your dog!

7 days ago

The hike is beautiful with the first part of it being in the trees and then it opening up to beautiful views! There was still snow pack and some run off.
Downside was the road going up. It’s a terrible 6 miles. If you have a mountain bike or 2 wheeled vehicle it would be a little better but it’s not for beginners.

steady hike up with a couple water crossings. 2 bridges, 1 Rock hop, 1 log walk. gorgeous lake Worth taking a swim in with the jumping fish.

8 days ago

Short easy hike with great view of the waterfall at the end.

Super fun hike- I was completely alone with my dogs which is always amazing. I was able to easily make it to all the lakes, but I’m glad I had my phone gps and maps. The trail up to the upper two lakes is much narrower and not well marked. However the trail is worn and easy to follow once you are on it.

Packed with people but beautiful views! We went on a weekend so maybe a weekday would be better. Wide trails, easy hiking.

such a beautiful hike with amazing scenery. it gets busy around the afternoon but is still an amazing hike. the rocks are quite slippery at the bottom of the waterfall, so if you go down, be careful.

Great hike. Up, up, up all the way for a brilliant lake view!

mountain biking
11 days ago

Corbly Gulch is a great trail for mountain biking! I’ve hiked it as well, but absolutely enjoyed it more on a bike. It’s not as built as Leverich Canyon, but there are still plenty of fun elevated corners and a few little rises that’ll get you airborne. Again, built bermed corners like on Leverich, but it still makes for a free-star ride. Do keep an eye out for hikers, there are numerous blind curves.

Between the three times that I’ve been up (2/3 biking), I have been the only person on the trail using it for hiking; I have seen plenty of cyclists up there each time.

The trail has been reconstructed in the past few years. What used to be a closed road is now a great trail that winds back into the Bridgers and ends up at a ridge that has abundant wildflowers and excellent views of the Gallatin Valley.

If you continue to follow the trail past the ridge, it’ll take you up a steep section that ends up at the Bridger Foothills Trail.

It is a ways out of town and the road getting up to the actual trailhead is very rough and not accessible to vehicles with low ground clearance, but there is a parking area about 3/4 of a mile before the trailhead that is accessible by any vehicle.

12 days ago

Great hike, but be prepared to get a leg workout with the steep hike to the peak! Once you make it, the views are breathtaking! Also be prepared for all the rocks that might move when stepping in them, ankle high boats are recommend. also make sure you have a car with good clearance for the rough road up!

Solid hike, lake at the end is beautiful.

Beautiful views at the end of the hike. Throughout the hike, you are mostly hiking through the forest at a consistent incline with a few breaks. There are a few breaks in the forest with some pretty views as well though, but not many. There are rocks throughout the trail, which I thought were useful in maintaining footing, rather than hiking on slippery gravel, etc.

12 days ago

Truman gulch is a mixed-use trail that allows hikers, mountain bikers, horses, and motorcycles during the summer months. The trail is well established, but can be loose and rocky at points.

The bulk of the hike is under plenty of tree cover, but with the shade comes the bugs; be sure to bring bug spray. The climb isn’t too steep, but is steady. As of this week, the trail still has plenty of running water on it, but I was able to make it up to the Bridger Foothills intersection without getting the feet wet.

You’ll hit switchbacks 2 miles in. If you continue 3/4 mile up the switchbacks to the Bridger Foothills Trail, you’ll get beautiful meadows with abundant wildflowers, a good look at Truman Gulch from above, and a great view of the towering rocky peaks. The switchbacks are very mild and aren’t even the steepest part of the hike; I’d highly recommend going to the extra distance for the views (I don’t know why AllTrails excludes the switchbacks from the hike).

13 days ago

Awesome hike. Views at the top are worth it. The road on the way in is really rough so be prepared. We did this hike on July 8th and there was still snow and ice on trail.

This trail follows the creek through some beautiful old growth Douglas Fir forest. You are going uphill most of the way in but it’s not steep. There are many paths that lead off to the river along the trail but when you come to the falls you’ll know you’ve arrived because they’re awesome! It’s a great spot to sit down with some of the mist from the falls cooling you off after the hike. Hiked this on my birthday this year and thought what a great way to spend the day.

13 days ago

This is a pretty easy hike. The trail is very well maintained and there’s people of all ages hiking it. A very pleasant experience as far as short hikes go.

This is actually an 8 mile there and back hike! Lots of water and wildflowers. I’d be excited to do this one again.

Great trail to end your day! Views are beautiful and the waterfall is spectacular. Watch out for slippery rocks at the bottom of the falls.

Pretty heavily trafficked but really pretty lake at the end. We have done this in the summer and also did it April 22nd and the majority of the trail was snow packed. Always good to pack bear spray.

Always a good hike when in the bozeman area. Pretty short hike for the summit views that you are rewarded with ! There seems to be more and more people each time we go so it can be a fairly trafficked hike. A good chance of seeing mountain goats if you keep your eyes peeled!

Great workout and a beautiful hike. Love all the creek crossings and the sound of the rushing water as you hike. Lots of families and dogs on the trail - everyone was very friendly.

nature trips
16 days ago

This is a super easy, super short trail to a decent sized waterfall. The trail is well maintained and easy to navigate. There were at least three viewpoints from which to see the falls. One from the top and two from the bottom. You can walk down a set of stairs to the base of the falls.

There are clean restrooms, dog leashes for loan and dog waste sacks at the trail head. This is a perfect hike for families or folks just starting out with exploring the outdoors. Go! Enjoy!

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