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mountain biking
1 day ago

love this trail.

Super fun! The spring at the end of the tunnel is good for wading in. Not much elevation gain but there are a few steep climbs. A lot of tall grass and shrubs so definitely bring bug spray.

Very boring besides a couple waterways, you should really just bike it instead of hiking it. Lots of bugs. Better off going somewhere else.

3 days ago

Trail passes through the woods and a glade before descending to a paved path that leads to the spring. After the spring there is a set of 216 stairs that will give you a heck of a workout. The trail then loops back to where it started.

on Devil's Kitchen Trail

3 days ago

We actually hiked portions of Devil’s Kitchen, Colosseum, Castle and Spring trails. The Ranger tied them all together in a loop (see photo) with one short distance reversal, totally around 4 mi and we did it in less than 2 hours with photos and a few breath-catching stops during/after the 300+ stairs. It was a great way to see the various features of the park, but overall, I think we liked the Devil’s Kitchen portion slightly better because it was denser and very little traffic. Very nice hiking, possibly 5 stars for our home state of MO but we reserve our 5 star ratings for awesome national parks. :)

Trail is well defined and wide. Nice quick hike in the woods. Not overly scenic but nice nonetheless.

Good hike. I thought I would mention in this app to stay at least 100 ft from the elk. There were several on the trail. People have been gored by the elk, granted one group was trying to take a selfie with the elk so some are related to clueless hikers. Be extra careful during mating season which is mid-August through December when the elk are particularly aggressive.

5 days ago

Solid hiking trail, but this is a trail that appears to be more used for mountain biking. This isn’t bad, but you do need to keep any eye out for them.

Very nice walk through the Elk’s habitat. The trail is a nice gravel and dirt path, shaded, and well marked. We were able to observe many elk grazing and laying around along with many varieties of birds.
You are also able to see the bison but only from your car as they are in a different part of the park.

Awesome trail with great exploration

9 days ago

Very nice trail, also used by bikers so be aware. Beautiful scenery I would say a moderate trail with some steep parts but also flat along river and fields. Done this trail many times , prefer late fall or winter

Beautiful property, trails are well maintained and clearly marked. Beaver Falls and the creek are worth the trip. There is more paved path and open praire than I care for on a hike, so not very challenging. Quite a few really large trees (for this area), lots of butterflies, and wildflowers. Family friendly hiking / nature walk. Trails are very quiet except where you can hear traffic in the River Rd.

Nice winding trail, very peaceful. Has some stretches that I would love to come back and run. Also, according to the paper map provided on-trail, it is 14 miles.

trail running
16 days ago

A good trail to run. A bit rocky in a few areas .I'll definitely be back.

Great trail, was really clear and we'll marked. Natural Tunnel was terrific. Trail was 7.4 miles round trip. This is a out and back trail and not a loop. The trail ends at the tunnel.

19 days ago

Beautiful, relatively short hike with one steep ascent. Some slippery rocks, but mostly easy stairs in good condition. Great scenery. One gets to see the beautiful turquoise water of the spring up close and later from above as the trail ascends.
Take it easy or climb the part of the trail with stairs a few times for extra exercise :)

19 days ago

The trail was very hard to follow at times; but was very beautiful. When I hiked a mother deer and her fawn were in the trail, it was so cool.

19 days ago

Wish the trail was marked a little better; but it was very beautiful and peaceful.

Great for trail running. I prefer to run it in reverse. It isn’t as hard on your feet and knees at the end when you end at the trail head. The full trail is beautiful, but the shortcut is just as challenging.

Good trails close to the city! Nice elevation change and even though the center was closed, restrooms were open. The road noise was a huge downer, but the scenery and location made up for it.

24 days ago

Anyone lose two dogs on the Lime Kiln trail. See Facebook lost and found page. Looks like two vizlas found and turned into St. Louis County Shelter on Baur


26 days ago

As other reviews state, the map is for Spring Brook Trail, which is a mostly forested trail that crosses a creek and is rated moderate. Some extremely large oaks and sycamore trees can be found along this trail. It’s a 2.3 mile loop trail.

The Devil’s Icebox Trail is an easy half mile boardwalk trail that briefly runs next to the Spring Brook Trail and leads to a 63-foot-high Natural Bridge and Connor’s Cave. Connor’s Cave, of which you can explore the first 166 feet, is listed as a separate trail on this app but it uses the same boardwalk system as the one leading to the natural bridge.

I did a small backpacking trip with a few teenagers on this trail, and we all had a blast. Well marked trails and a nice campground!

27 days ago

Nice trail. I enjoyed the elevation changes, was also able to run part of the trail.

29 days ago

this trail offers a beautiful scenic atmosphere while challenging your endurance a little bit. my 2 and 7 year old loved it

1 month ago

fast pace trail very cool temps throughout the hike due to the woods

easy family walk

1 month ago

The spring is beautiful! Worth the hike down and then back up again!

great place! the first part of the hike is pretty easy, it goes along a nice shallow rockey creak and you eventually get to a little water fall called Beaver Falls. After that it geta a little steep, it was wet the day we went so it was a littlw rough, but all the kids that were with us made it with a little help.

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