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For the young and young at heart. Trail is moderately difficult and more difficult the closer you get to the peak. But once you’ve gotten that far, you just have to go for the prize.

What a great set of trails, I hiked, but am betting these are a blast on a bike! The all intersect and loop together so you can make it as short or as long as you want.

8 days ago

Great hike. Started out around 1030 am and finished after 2pm, all at a casual pace with our dog. Coming down the Fire Tower Trail was a little dicey for the dog with all the mud, but we all enjoyed it!

8 days ago

Coming up from the parking lot the trail is wide and well maintained. It's a steep climb the first 1.5 miles but not hard. We started the loop headed west around the lake. Between mile 2 and 3, the trail gets pretty primitive. At times it's hard to find the trail and ended up hiking over very rocking terrain. I feel like this route doesn't get a lot of traffic. Once you round the far end of the lake the trail gets better. By mile 4 or so you are back on the wide maintian trail. We started hiking around 9:00 am and had the trails pretty much to ourselves most of the time. By 11:00 when we were headed back to the car we passed many hikers heading up. The parking lot was full when we got back to the car. All in all, it was a great hike and I would definitely do it again.

9 days ago

This would have been a 5 star rating if there had been a few more open views of the lake. We took advice from previous reviews and did right side (over dam) first. First half of loop quite challenging underfoot. Completed in under 3 hours despite recent hip replacement.

14 days ago

my very first hike. tough but worth it.

This hike provided some amazing views at the Fire Tower-panoramic views that were some of the best I’ve seen. My husband and I did this hike on a Saturday and saw lots of people so I would recommend going during the week. There were several parts where we had to let people go up or down-including small children and adults with infants. It is steep going up but not overly so and only a few tricky parts. I recommend going up Fire Tower trail and down Ridgeline as others have stated-longer that way but not as tricky. But the view on The Fire Tower is amazing and there are several other nice viewing spots.

23 days ago

Really excellent hike overall with majestic views and challenging sections, mainly the first 1.5 miles up. Trail is well maintained and moderately trafficked. Would absolutely recommend!!

I hiked this one yesterday and I have to say it is one of my favorite trails so far. It is a great day hike. Unfortunately I wasn't able to see the view at the top due to the fog or see the plane wreckage but I can't wait to go back for the full experience.

1 month ago

always a favorite. firetower trail up, Ridgeline down. pretty easy with a ton of switchbacks and not too steep. views are amazing for the work. I've done this trail a bunch and it's never crowded.

The trail is very wet right now, I recommend hiking Hunger first and going down over white rock!

The climb gets steep toward the top but the footing is good. No scrambling. Views from the fire tower are fantastic.

1 month ago

Good trail with easy to navigate terrain for whole family. Well marked and maintained.

Great for kids of all ages, and swimming in the lake is included with the state park pass.

mountain biking
1 month ago

Amazing scenery, and challenging technical terrain. Not an easy ride with a Hard tail bike but rewarding decent!

I haven’t been here for a decade or more, but just as nice as I remembered, well marked and well maintained, a moderate lift to check out the heart. Pleasant walk in the woods.

Great hike!!

Great network of easy hiking trails, perfect for exercising a dog. Enough space to spend hours walking. Beautiful natural setting.

If you want to hit a 4,000 ft peak in Vermont without having to actually hike up 4,000 feet, this is the way to do it. The trail starts you at the top of Lincoln gap and a moderate 2.6 mile hike each way gets you to some incredible views. There's a lodge about halfway up that makes a great break spot.

Thunder during the hike, downpour at the lodge, fog, clearing, wonderful lighting!

I would do this trail again, definitely a challenge and so beautiful, took the fire tower trail up and the ridge trail down, the hike up was exhausting but doable and the way down was really nice, steep at times but relaxing environment

2 months ago

Great trail! Was very humid Friday which added some difficulty just in terms of comfort but the trail was great. Took the short, steep trail to the fire tower which was basically a steady incline up to the first outlook which had great views. The rest of the way to the fire tower involved a higher incline with a few places of hands and knees climbing. The fire tower offered amazing views high enough for significant temperature drops and wind but was beautiful. Took the ridge trail back which was wooded throughout. Balancing rock was neat to see.

great views from the fire tower. Don't forget the Balancing Rock for photos.

Enjoyed.. will do again although perhaps from the Pinnacle Trail

Great hike. I agree with the reviews, especially the review below me It’s pretty spot on. Starts off easy and then the trail ascends steadily for about a mile then levels off. Once you pass the shelter the trail starts climbing steadily again and there are rock scrambles and slabs to climb. Once you come across the big white painted rock... you are almost there keep going! Don’t forget to take a minute to turn around and enjoy the view. The summit views were spectacular. there Is also a plane crash site about 200 feet past the summit. It is located on the left hand side and the trail is marked with rocks.

The trail meanders over rolling terrain for the first third of a mile. Then it ascends steadily for about a mile before leveling out. It reaches the Battell Shelter, and becomes a bit steeper a few tenths of a mile after that. The trail then becomes rather steep, with several slabs to scramble up. The summit (2.6 miles from the trailhead) has great, near-360 degree views of the White Mountains, Green Mountains, Champlain Valley, and the Adirondacks.

Awesome hike with an amazing reward. The half mile to/from the summit is definitely hard and may wear you out, but it’s worth it.

Great hike for a cool summer day. Slowly builds in intensity before leveling out around the halfway point. Final mile involves some rock scrambling but nothing that should prevent someone taking their time. We experienced a rain storm on the summit and still made it back down with minimal slippage.

3 months ago

Absolutely gorgeous, peaceful trail that crosses the Long Trail toward the top. A nice lodge for through hikers at the pond, which is a lovely vista. Very uneven ground, lots of short but steep increases and crossing over water ways. A fun hike with a decent work out. Definitely recommend!

We hiked this trail yesterday with our pup. It’s a beautiful trail with views of Silver Lake and the Falls of Lana. It took our group of 4 (plus pup) 3 hours to complete. We did stop at the small beach near the picnic area of Silver Lake to let the pup swim and chase tadpoles. The trail is accurately rated as moderate, as there is a lengthy incline at the beginning to get to the falls and there are parts around the lake where you have to navigate up and around large rocks, boulders, and fallen trees. Don’t let that discourage you! It was great to have a trail that varied in terrain and the trees provided a welcome shelter from the sun. We highly suggest it!

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