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Awesome trail. It levels out after about 20 minutes. Lots of shade for the majority of it. Opens up to a beautiful field with trees if you want to hammock. Ducks at the lake are super friendly

1 day ago

Hiked this trail in January and it was covered in snow. Amazing hike. We accidentally went up a side path and went the wrong way, which was easy enough to figure out when we saw some skiers coming down it. Stay to the left lol
This hike is super easy even in the snow. Had a blast and the little falls that’s at the end was worth the little hike there.

Love the trail. Steep at first but worth the climb. Smithing special about hiking through aspen forests. Ducks are very friendly at the lake. Only reason for the 4 rating is because it’s a busy trail.

2 days ago

Hiked in Sept. and the colors were dazzling. Trail to lower mine was easy. I took a small trail just off the “road” for the first .5 mile for some variety. I then added distance and difficulty by extending the trail to the saddle at the end of the canyon.

on Willow Heights Trail

3 days ago

Really pretty and good trail

5 days ago

Great little hike. Go early, or forget about getting a parking spot!

Pretty hike through aspen trees. The beginning is pretty steep, but the hike is so short it's really no big deal. The lake is pretty and if you sit there quietly you will see Moose! We saw 5!

Easy, scenic hike. First things first, parking is along the side of the road, but it’s easy to miss if you don’t know where it is. Although it’s a quick hike up, it’s really steep. Basically no switch backs and just straight up. Even so, only takes around 20 minutes. Once you get to the lake (which is small), the view is beautiful. Lots of aspens and a good view of Solitude. The ducks here are friendly, they swam right over to me, I assume because they expected food. I also saw 2 huge moose, and I went around 1. Good hike if you’re looking for something quick and scenic.

10 days ago

Checked this out after coming down from Mill B - pretty little area and glad we didn’t just head back to the car, but I would hardly call it it’s own hike.

Dogs do not have to be on leash on odd days

Great views. Easy short trail

Well, that was a mistake. First part of the trail was fine; well traveled, a bit rocky in places, but otherwise a normal trail for the area. Once you branch off to go towards the mine area, you quickly find that the trail is not much more than an overgrown unmaintained deer path all the way to the end. We never did see the mine at the end of the trail and all we took away were frustrations and cut up legs. Bring a machete and wear long pants if you are going to do this hike.

15 days ago

Great views but not one of my favorite hikes.

I logged a grand total of 0.25 miles to see the falls. And that’s only cause I didn’t recognize the Hidden Falls trail for what it was. I mistakenly took a right and started hiking the Mill B trail. While this is a short little “hike” it was pretty and a fun, quick after work diversion as the sun was setting.

17 days ago

It’s barely a hike but it’s worth it. There are two trails at the head. The left goes to the falls and the right goes to the Mill B North trail. The left trail is very short and you have to walk over some rocks in the creek if you want to get close to the falls. There is also an abandoned mine or something nearby. It’s cool to look at.

17 days ago

very fun to do at sunset !

Great Lake hike with great views ! Steep incline but worth it. Dogs are allowed !

18 days ago

We took a 3 yr old and 5 yr old. They could make it. The three yr old needed some help getting up the steep trail if you stay right going up from the trail head. We came down the other path that ends up in the houses and it seemed easier. Not many people and we saw 5 moose, deer and ducks. We went at about 5pm and came back down with very little light so we caught all the animals coming down for water. It was amazing!

18 days ago

we went for the first time this summer with our Pub for her first swim water is really cold most of us all got in.... what happened to the rope swing ?

Well missed the turn off to go towards the mines so we ended up just hiking up the Mineral Fork Trail. Trail is pretty rocky for alot of it with a few springs throughout the trail. When we came back down ran into a moose and then found the trail to go to the mines. The "trail" was in the middle long grass and the trees. Take markers because the little distance we walked we almost got lost coming back. You will need the keep the map out to find the trail or you will miss it and continue walking up Mineral Fork Trail

clearly, my experience was different. after the split, the trail was full of underbrush that was very thick at times. near the mine, i couldnt find a viable route to tje mine. i periodically checked the all trails map and it showed that i was on the trail but clearly thete wasnt a trail. i was very disappointed.

Hiked on snowshoes a little higher that the viewpoint. Nice hike

Beautiful trail with an option to extend into a harder trail at the end. My daughter and I had a great time climbing on the rocks along the creek.

Nice hike through aspen groves to a small lake. Some moderate but not too difficult inclines that our 5 & 7 year-olds were able to handle fine. Trail head was easy to find and follow.

Short and sweet. Not much of a waterfall this time of year.

Nice & easy

26 days ago

Thought it was really pretty with all the aspens. Make sure you take the time to pause and look around from time to time, you may be surprised what you see.
Looking forward to experiencing this trail in the other seasons as well.

27 days ago

Beautiful day, nice shady hike through aspen trees. Unfortunately no moose, but our kids loved the friendly ducks who are obviously used to being fed. Fairly steep at first, but flattens out for a nice walk around the lake.

29 days ago

Spotted a smaller sized mountain lion on the ridge line just to the right of the falls. There’s a lot of small crevices and small caves in that direction so be very careful if you venture up Mill Creek, which is close to this hike. We alerted authorities but nothing more game of it.

I wouldn’t really consider this a hike, it’s more of an easy getaway if you need a place of zen or relaxation. The falls are beautiful and definitely a good spot for a picnic.

1 month ago

Great hike. The trail can be a little confusing but you should not get lost. We saw a moose.

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