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3 hours ago

Got there on a Sunday morning around 815 and there were plenty of parking spots available. We took upper Elliot both on the way up and down and got in 11 miles. No bear to be seen! It definitely warmed up by the time we got back to the cars, so bring plenty of water, or there’s plenty of sources for filtering water if need be.

10 hours ago

1. Tracked this hike and it's a total of 17 miles from car to lake and back to car. You hike 2.5 miles from your car to the actual trailhead.
2. Left at @10:30am, Lake @1:30pm, hung out for an hour, then got back to our car @6:30pm
3. Absolutely the most hardest hike I've ever done, but stunning and rewarding. 4. Bring a suit! You've got to jump in the lake, it's definitely worth it.
5. (tip) Some parts of snow, but dig toe down as you cross, at least that's what I did
6. (tip) The descent is hard on your feet!

15 hours ago

Made it all the way up to Bald Mountain amazing view of spada lake. still quite a bit of snow in places and and saw several fresh "Cougar" tracks noticed on the way back down

beautiful trail with wonderful views. the switch backs were gradual which was nice but still steep and long even when coming back from the lake. Bring a minimum of 2L of water!! Made this mistake and ended up eating snow on the way back. the section in snow was completley manageable in runners.

always a beautiful hike

This hike did not disappoint. The 40 switchbacks were strenuous but worth it. The path is well maintained and I did not experience a lot of bugs, only one mosquito bite and I did not need to use bug spray. Bring your suite, the water in both lakes is perfect for swimming!

great workout and absolutely fantastic views

1 day ago

Not too much variety in scenery...good workout, and well maintained trail but no views until the top.

Hiked July 14 and was gorgeous! Lots of streams, snowfields, and rock scrambles along the trail that made it a challenging hike, but the views are so worth it!

I went here this morning @7:30am and took about 5 hours to get done hiking lol I'm out of shape that's why it took a long time, but it was worth it to be done! I saw very beautiful views and nature!! Highly recommended to see mason lake! btw please go early in the morning so you don't park the alley in the road. And you will need a northwest pass for sure. :)

Wonderful view today. Perfect conditions! If you have not done this one yet, put this one on your to-do list!

Its a very good hike it’s not that hard I really liked it

3 days ago

it was great hiking and you will find it really hard. but after reaching on the top you won't regret at all. its amazing view. stay hydrated is the most important thing and keep some food with you.

Amazing view! Steep inclines at parts on the way up, but so rewarding with the view

Pretty gradual with switch backs the whole way. The whole trail is shaded. took me about 3.5 hours I believe.

6 days ago

Hard, but worth it. Amazing views

6 days ago

The Mount Si trail is a decent trail to hike. There are minimal scenic views throughout the trail because it’s mainly wooded. When you get to the top of the trail you finally get to see mountain and valley views. If you want the best seat in the house, go around to the back side of haystack and make the climb up. It’s a little challenging and should be done with caution, But if you make it to the top of haystack it makes the boring first hour and a half of the hike worth it.

Trail was well maintained and much less traveled than the other nearby hikes. The views of North Bend, Mt. Baker and Mt. Rainier at the top were well worth the 3200' elevation gain.

6 days ago

One of the best lake views and difficult trail but worth it!

6 days ago

Love that it’s consistently steep and mostly shaded. The opening at top to panoramic views is an epic payoff.

Brought my pup and two friends here on fourth of July. we left Seattle around 6:30 and arrived to full parking lot- still found a spot though and had a great great hike. we did the loop back which is very steep and only relatively maintained..but AWESOME with hardly any people. download the map and use your GPS to find your way it's pretty obvious. the one kinda tricky part was at the boulder field- stick to the right of it heading towards the creek. By the time we got back down there were cars for a mile down the road and the main trail seemed packed.

I am not in the best shape and this trail definitely was hard for me. It took me 2.5 hours to get up and approx the same to get down. The trail is up hill all the time. The first 1.5 mile is less steep and then the rest of the trail is steeper mostly. Only the last 0.4 or so mile is downhill to the lake. Based on my tracker the trail to the lake Mason is about 7 miles round trip, there and back. Discovery Pass is NOT valid on this trail. I got a ticket! You can buy a pass online for $5 in advance and display a print out.

It’s very crowded. We arrived at 9:30am and took the last spot at the parking lot - just lucky. Lots of cars were parked on the side of the road already, which is very narrow. The only way to turn around with all the cars parked on the side is to drive all the way to the parking lot. The last 3.2 miles of the road is not paved, watch out for pot wholes. But you don’t need a 4x4. My one wheel drive hunchback made it OK-ish.

The trail is in great condition and there are some nice view points of Mt Rainier. There was one or two spots only where we had to go through boulders, the rest of the trail is just dirt path. It’s OK for dogs and there were plenty of them.

Use the restroom at the trail head, it’s not an easy trail to find a private spot lol.

The lake was beautiful, makes a good compensation for the work out. BUT it was very crowded and some people don’t understand that you didn’t just climbed 3.5 miles to the lake to hear them sing and play the guitar or have a loud conversation with family members who sit 10 fit away.

There was a couple of people swimming in the lake, the water was pretty chilly though. Lots of bugs, especially in the shade, take your repellent.

Enjoy the great outdoors!!! Cheers!

kinda hard but so worth it!

We came down from BC to do this over the weekend! Got a late start (6:45) - we took upper Elliot trail on the way up and it took us 2hr15min. Got there just in time to watch the sunset behind the lake and find a spot for our tent before dark. It was busy but no problem finding a place to camp. We took lower Elliot on the way down and it was nice walking by the creek (1hr 45 min).
We didn’t see the bear !

8 days ago

In the beginning, it was flat. But then, you hit the John Wayne trail, and it's all uphill from there. There are certain parts where it feels like you are scaling the mountain. The trail is about a foot wide until you reach a fire road, where the width switches from super wide to about a foot. The path is very over grown, as it felt like sometimes we were making our own trail. Granted, we never encountered anyone else on the trail either. The hike took very experienced cross country runners 4 hours; and honestly it wasn't totally worth it. Yes, it is very pretty, but it is so difficult that the payout was not all that rewarding. Also, the trail is about 6.7 miles, not 5.9 (just warning). Very sketchy and not likely to do again.

8 days ago

Amazing trail, my best so far in the PNW. Be careful of sketchy snow bridges. Bring a GPS with you or near the top you will follow false bootpack and miss the trail. This resulted in required Class IV maneuvers to get to the top.
Incredible waterfalls!

9 days ago

Easy [for me] hike. 2 miles from the car to the trailhead, then another 4.35 to the lake. Tons of switchbacks to get to the top. Up top, you’ll lose the trail b/c of the snow coverage if you’re unfamiliar of where to go - I recommend downloading a map for offline use. Look for NPS pink/red tape for direction marking. Skip stopping at Virgin Lake, walk around the edge and find the trail down to Blanca. Expect semi-steep descent, no scrambling. Bring plenty of water - can refill at the lake if need be. The falls off to the side provide fresh water that will suffice. Great photo shots from the first set of rocks you’ll see from up top. Trail to the bottom is over to the left.

Side note - you’ll need a park pass for your car. No worries if you don’t have one - if you happen to get ticketed (like we did) it’s only a $5 fine (the cost of the pass)

9 days ago

Well first off, you don’t start off from the trail head. You have to park outside of the entry gate that takes you up to the trail head - road is washed out, yet is accessible for hiking up to trail head/parking lot. It adds about another 2 miles to the already 6.3 mile hike(round trip). We saw some vehicles halfway up- were locked inside; since gate was closed. Don’t know how long they were there for. The hike was tough like others mentioned. We went up 7/2/18, still lots of snow, trekking poles helped. Only made it to Virgin Lake, which was a short distance from Blanca Lake....was getting late; both where still frozen. Trail has ribbon makers to help guide, once you get to the snow parts- at least I believe that’s what they were there for. Helps to have a good GPS app on phone. Foot prints in snow helped too, from others. Come mid/late August, I believe snow should melt - it was a colder winter....don’t know how long it will stick around. Over all, the hike was hard, lots of switchbacks and roots on trail heading up. If you like a challenge, go for it!

9 days ago

Great hike! We didn’t see the bear. We climbed up to the top and went swimming in the lake. Seven chipmunks came and visited us and ran all around. We took upper Elliot up and lower Elliot down. I thought both trails were super cool and would recommend doing both.

10 days ago

Not my favorite hike in the area, climbing the rocks at the end was fun & the view is pretty but I prefer others.

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