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Does anyone know if this trail is open now?

20 hours ago

Amazing hike! Recommend camping overnight down by the lake to enjoy the sunset. Extremely steep!

We did the hike yesterday. it was amazing. Still snow on the top, but nothing terrible. Dont forget plastic garbage bags ;) the slide down was wonderful experience (even we had no bags) ;) and it was faster.

Beautiful lake! Hike up is a bit boring but when it opens up it’s quite pretty! This is not a difficult hike, I’d say moderate. 2 hours up, 1 down. Whoever brought their dog and then had the audacity to not clean up after it, wth is wrong with you. No dogs allowed means no dogs allowed! I left mine home for this one too. I wish people were more respectful.

Beautiful, well maintained hike! Follow along on AllTrails as it’s confusing at times. Took us 4 hours to complete (2.5 hours up and 1.5 down) so we added Rainbow Lake to extend our day. It’s mostly through the forest which is a bit boring but once it opens up it’s really pretty and the lake is gorgeous. Returning end of August for a quick dip, hopefully some of the snow on the lake will have melted by then.

A) A fantastic day hike! Beautiful! Plan to hang out at the lake and enjoy the scenery, relax, contemplate... I was mesmerized by God's creation.
B) After hanging out for a while, it's worth going the extra 2 miles or so to see the next lake. I didn't walk down to the lake, but the view from the top of the trail was breathtaking.
C) Bring TONS of mosquito repellent!!! They are ferocious on the way up. I encountered very few at the lake, thank God.

A hidden gem with everything you want in a hike. Lush forest, creeks and waterfalls, scenic mountain views, and a glacier lake (the prize at the top). It's a challenge but the reward is worth it.

2 days ago

Grueling hike! The entire hike is a scramble up the mountain. Pretty relentless. The final ascent up the boulders is intense. Bring lots of water! Most of the hike is spent in the trees. About 2.5-3hours in you are rewarded with a wonderful view of the water cascading down the mountain from the lake - take a break and take in the waterfall. Another 45 minutes in the trees and finally out for magnificent views! 30 more minutes up the boulder and finally... The lake itself! It is gorgeous!

3 days ago

Great hike with no major changes in elevation so easy to do for anyone, what's nice is if you wish, you can do about half of the hike and see part of the lake, but going out the full distance is definitely worth it as it is definitely the best views. Full distance took about four hours round trip.

4 days ago

Excellent hike. Nice and steep but not too long so bearable. Definitely recommend doing it as an overnighter...set your tent and then head up to the glacier :)

5 days ago

Views are worth it! 70-80% upwards incline through dense amazing forest with the sound of waterfall throughout, occasional view points of mountains and forest from start to finish. finishing with the Lake at the top with more mountain views defiantly recommend! Took me 3hours up and 1:30hrs on the way down.

My wife and I did the hike yesterday. it's was Amazing and very rewarding. Yes it was a hard and long hike. Would do it again but this time in 2 days. 10.25 hours and stayed 45 min at the top.

trail running
11 days ago

Amazing views, still some snow which makes the slide back down hill great fun.

12 days ago

Nice trail. Not a lot of old structures standing. The trail is the prettiest part. If you are more interested in old ghost towns, you'll be disappointed.

15 days ago

Did this hike on Saturday 29 June. It was an amazing hike, did it in 11 hours. The 7km of switchbacks are cruel!
There is still around 2 feet of snow past 1700 metres, we didn't have crampons or snow shoes but had gaiters and waterproof boots which were fine.

16 days ago

extremely beautiful hike, perfect trail , total mileage was 10.3 miles tiny bit of snow at top to lake
very easy to manage

Nice hike, steep, sleep with a tent on wood platform. Glacier, lake and mountain are amazing!
Must do!

17 days ago

Easy family hike

19 days ago

Hello all, wondering if anyone can give me some insight on the weather forecast for this hike on Monday. Looks like it’s gonna rain so I’m thinking it’ll be wet, and grey, and nothing to see once at the top. Can anyone tell me if I’m right? Am I reading the forecast correctly? Or what are you thoughts and recommendations for hiking this on Monday?

We are also planning on camping at garibaldi lake which we have reservations for.

Thanks for your help and we look forward to hearing from anyone.

Wes and Isabelle

Hike is clear. A few patches of snow at the top past the boulder field that you walk over for 30 seconds. Very minimal. Did the hike in trail runners with no issue. People were camping at the top. Marmots galore!!!

to the person below- I called the office and high note trail is still closed. looks like all trails are closed in that area except Matthew's and Pika's Traverse.

20 days ago

i will be hiking this trial Friday July 27th. full route in one day. if you are interested in hiking with me give me a shout - thulak@outlook.com

20 days ago

i will be hiking this trial Friday July 27th. full route in one day. if you are interested in hiking with me give me a shout - thulak@outlook.com

23 days ago

Hiked 23JUNE2018. Still walking on 2+’ of snow from the cable bridge to the lake, but a great hike.

Can anyone tell me if this is open yet this year? Would like to take it the first week in July.
Do u take the gondola to start the trail?
Or is there another trail that is called high note?

great trail and new outhouse mid way up. snow for the last 1.5-2 k that gets relatively deep but manageable. follow the tracks people have made in the snow. lake is still mostly frozen but edges are thawing out. really funny whiskey jack at the top so bring him some seeds!

Still lots of snow on the trail, from the cable bridge to the lake, but still a great hike.

26 days ago

The road in has recently been filled in so the potholes are easier to navigate. The hike is accuratley rated as hard, but it's well worth it when you get to the top! Definitely achievable without snow shoes now, only a few ankle deep patches left.

Easy trail, flat all way long. Although the lake is indeed pretty, there was no awesome viewpoint.

26 days ago

Everything its built up to be. One of the best hikes in BC. Bring a camera and wind and rain gear it can sock in fast and get wet and cold even in August. very busy go in the fall.

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