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Beautiful area! The Center wasn’t open on the day we went but there were maps.

6 days ago

This was a really nice hike for my wife and myself. It was a little muddy in places due to rain yesterday. We really enjoyed the beautiful views!

Trail closed 01/13/19.

Great variety on this trail.

Love It relaxing

18 days ago

Great hike, and young ages can do it too. When you get to the top, there’s a nice view of Irvine, and the ocean. It’s quite green despite the fires, but you can see where the damage is. Either way, next time I plan to mtb when I’m on this trail.

I had a great time on this trail with my daughter. I'm 64 with bad knees and I am a novice. I was more than 60 when we did a easy hike in Malibu that was hard for me. This time I used Montem trekking poles and it made all the difference! The balance the poles provided also gave me much more confidence.

The trail is pretty. It is not flat and there are a few very rocky places. There is a gradual uphill over the first 1.5 miles. The last half mile or so was steep for me and very rocky. I did get to the end of the trail. My daughter did go through the Red Rock to the top. This is beyond the official end of the trail. Of course that is only the first half! Going back that last half mile is now a steep (at least to me) downhill but with the poles for balance it was doable. We did it including a couple of short breaks in about 3 hours.

Things to consider: today and last few weeks have been dry. There were only 2 creeks with an inch of water. However there are numerous areas where there are creek beds. After a big rain this might not be so much fun. There are signs about mountain lions. Historically there have been incidents. Today all we saw were hikers and bikers and all were very friendly.

Getting to the Parking Lot Google or Waze the Ralph's on Portola Pkwy. The trail lot is literally attached to the Ralph's parking lot. Only$3 and it takes credit cards.

We took a scenic route quite by accident because Google seemed to be honing in on the end of the trail.

I might just take my husband and do it again!

Nice views, and great trail for exercising. Took some great pictures and videos.

21 days ago

I would have given this trail more then 1 star however the recent fires have destroyed the trail. it used to be beautiful. lots of colorful flowers, wildlife, u could see the canyons clear across. now it's just burnt. the trail seems to have disappeared. it's pretty much unrecognizable now. the one nice thing to see was random new growth here and there. if u walk to the right more towards the houses u will see all the damage to the houses and how it jumped one house and got the house next to it. so sad.

this is such a cute easy little trail for youngsters. lots of plants, trees and random stuff to see while walking around. it does tend to get warm but luckily theres plenty of spots to take a break in the shade.

Great app! Easy to use.

Saw a few commons...

Costa Hummingbird
Turkey Vulture
Red-Tailed Hawk
Cooper’s Hawk
Scrub Jay
California Towhee
Yellow Rumped Warbler
Northern Mockingbird
Northern Flicker
American Crow
Lots of Acorn Woodpeckers

New to me was the Hutton’s Vireo

1 month ago

Beautiful scenery. I’d definitely be back for some more amazing views. We went on a Tuesday morning and there wasn’t much activity which was lovely; however, I wouldn’t encourage anyone to hike alone. We didn’t see any wildlife but we did see dog, and possibly bobcat and coyotes paw prints. Surely this hike is easy to complete, but enough to sweat a little.

Get trail, not strenuous, there some good inclines you can take for better workout. Great oceanview from the flagpole.

...another favorite...clean, with the option of walking along the ocean, if you want to get your feet wet and keep cool.

Easy trail, but enjoyable. Lots of shade

1 month ago

Nice hike, pretty, good amount if shade. Pretty crowded on a Sunday.

Beautiful Oceanside trail

1 month ago

Very nice trail but the recent fire and drought have left this area in rough shape. I really enjoyed the rolling nature of this loop as it broke up the trail into a handful of short climbs that are just enough to get a little burn in your legs. I don't recommend doing g this hike solo as there a re definite signs of coyotes and mountain lions in the area. The recent fire has left no tree cover and there is only 1 shared area on the entire loop so best not to do this in the heat of the day. overall I enjoyed it and plan on doing it more often before or after work. plan on this hike taking about 1.5 hours to complete.

Very easy hike to the most stunning rock formations in OC!
The trail was nice and shaded all the way.
Very well maintained.
Lots of big groups that hike there on the weekends and bikers.

This trail is very nice. Quiet, not busy in November (though very dry, as with most of our poor state). Has several very steep and narrow areas so my sister with a double bob stroller did struggle. Good for kids but definitely tiring for younger ones.

Docked a star for banning dogs. This would be an excellent dog trail. This park has posted mountain lion warnings and has somewhat isolated areas, and the idea of walkers not being able to take their dogs for security purposes against man and beast is super lame.

easy beginners hike. the red rock is really beautiful!

Moderate 4-mile hike with amazing views at the top!

Nice tree cover and close to home. Wouldn’t have known about it without the AllTrails app!

It was very nice trail. I was impressed with the red rock itself. I had a very nice day.

Trail works well in conjunction with a loop around the reservoir as well. With two loops around the reservoir included, it totals 5.2 miles

Great trail for mountain biking. The climb is nothing too bad and once you hit the decent, you'll thank yourself for deciding to put in the effort at the climb. Very good. Definitely recommend for everyone.

I love this trail, usually. This time I took my 5 year old grand daughter because this trail is semi-easy, has stairs & is well kept, but the brush was a little overgrown so it blocked partial pathways, & after about a mile into the Wren trail, it was blocked off & nobody was allowed to cross the tape. Very disappointing. But, normally, this is a great trail with many different adjoining trails that include, streams, trees, inclines, wildlife, lizards, mostly, shade & stairs. It has a few semi-challenging hills, but not too bad. It's a nice hike for parents with children. No dogs allowed on trails.

Obviously a popular place to go! Quite a few people sharing the trail on the way in but drops off the further you go in and becomes more secluded. 0 shade so make sure to bring proper sun protection. The hike back up through Rattlesnake Trail is the best part. Some "mini scrambling" and cool places to rest for 5 mins and enjoy the view. Not my favorite hike in the area but still worth the outing :).

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