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4 hours ago

Be prepared to pay to get into the Uintas Park. The trail itself is pretty but it's heavily used by both downhill mountain bikers and motor bikes. My dog and I just about got run over several times.

I did this loop earlier today...did a little geocaching and then because I am a glutton for punishment I hiked up to the lower falls. Both are good hikes....just different and the difficulty level is harder for the lower falls. This loop trail still gives you a workout because the first part of it is going uphill so ignore the difficulty level rated as easy and give it a try and if it's not enough then go up to the falls....I am sure that will be enough unless you are in incredible shape. have a good one all.

To preface my review, it’s important to note that I am 3 months post ACL and meniscus surgery. That being said I loved this hike, until the end. The end at the waterfall, even after the last .25-.5 mike of hard climbing over rocks, was difficult for me to manage with the knee. It is a beautiful hike that is doable for many skill sets.

easy hike, less parking lots, bad smelling restroom which you can enjoy at the beginning and the end...

Beautiful and well maintained trail with many wildflowers. There is a small creek near parts of the trail but at very few points can you actually see it. There is some shade but plan carefully to go at a good time because there are steep points where there is no cover. The lake is pretty but small. There were TONS of flies so I’d suggest bringing bug spray which works specifically against all flies and worry less about mosquitoes. Also keep an eye out for moose.

It is a steep hike, but is very short. It’s beautiful once you get up there, just watch out for the ducks and geese

Easy hike. No parking at 11 am on a Saturday, so I suggest being there earlier. Only gave it a 4 because we got lost in the trees and could not figure out the loop around the lake. Other than that, beautiful hike!

This is an easy trail for OCR racers. It’s a doable trail for the rest of us.I think I’ll add this trail for my Spartan practices.

This is a shaded hike so it's good for those hot mid-day hikes. The trail is wooded and the overlook was lovely. However, my Fitbit logged us at almost 6 mi up and back, not 4. Took about 3 hours, but I had to sit down a couple of times because I ran out of steam.

12 days ago

This is just a shorter version of the Peak trail. Even though it is shorter you will defiantly get a work out to this point. It only gets stepper at this point.

Hiked this trail last fall. Great trail to take in some colors. It is steeper than I expected, but the trails are smooth and easy to fallow.

very inclined, but beautiful and totally doable for kids.

Screw All Trails for claiming this is easy. Definitely difficult hike. Pretty, but difficult

Was nice, but no falls. My kids were mad. We also followed the wrong sign. But I had fun. Lots of biker, but they were all nice.

The views on this hike are amazing!! The hike to get to the reservoir is pretty easy and less than a mile. Just passed the reservoir, there a little trails you can take to get an amazing view of the valley!! Now the signs to the waterfall are wrong. They say it’s about 1.2 miles but it’s longer than that and the last .25-.4 miles of the waterfall hike and straight up on rocks. It was pretty tough but the views were so so worth it. The waterfall was beautiful and also had amazing views of the valley too. Definitely recommend this!!!

Easy hike, pretty lake, very busy

It says easy... I guess that’s subjective, but it is very worth the effort.

Beautiful views. Wear proper shoes!

I left my toddler's small, blue and yellow flip flops somewhere along the trail between granite trailhead and the reservoir. I uploaded a photo of the shoes in the photos. If anyone finds them, please text me at 801-653-0403!! Thank you:)

18 days ago

Great hike on a well maintained trail. Did this hike to catch the sunset and it did not disappoint. Our dog loved it too. 2 hours round trip.

Always a favorite. Took my 8 month old and he did great. Plan on passing lots of hikers and trail runners. Kid friendly and dog friendly. Fee in Millcreek Canyon ($3) to get to trailhead.

20 days ago

Love the loop around the lake!

Quick hike, beautiful views!

My mom lost her prescription sunglasses in the creek on the west side while we were crossing. She really liked them and would be willing to give a 75$ reward if anyone happens to find them. I know it’s a long shot but if you happen to find them you can email me connorkab@gmail.com

Loved this hike but it should be rated moderate based on other nearby hikes. Starts off fairly steep and rocky. My 4 year old crushed it though. Don’t feed the geese. They nearly attacked us because of people who have fed them.

The trail itself is very beautiful. There is frequent shade and plenty of foliage, the incline isn’t steep, and it wasn’t very crowded. It’s virtually all sand, and because it’s a horse trail there’s plenty of horse droppings in various stages of decomposition all over the trail, so we didn’t complete the whole trail because my 8-year-old son was too grossed out. There are several trails all parallel to each other at this site, and none of them are really marked so you either have to use GPS or make your best guess that you’re on the trail you actually wanted to be on. On the way back we somehow ended up on a narrow, fairly steep trail instead of on the gently incline we came down. I don’t think we’ll be doing this one again.

Great hike this morning!!! The dogs and I had breakfast at the top. Got the hike in before work this morning. Great way to start our day. A little over 2 hours up and back but only because my Dalmatian decided to do a walk about and I had to track her down

22 days ago

Easy, short hike with a bit of traffic. The trail isn't marked too well around the resivore, but you can make it around fine.

23 days ago

not bad for a moderate Trail better to do it in the morning when it's not so hot

very popular. lots of traffic. it's a beautiful view and worth the hike, but the trail around the lake wasn't very clearly marked... we ended up taking a wrong turn that left us 6 inches in mud. whoops!! :) I prefer less busy trails--hence the 3 stars. but it's beautiful. we did find 4 cans of beer and a pack of cigarettes along the way; we left them in the trash can at the trail head. sp watch out for stuff like that!

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