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1 day ago

Grueling hike! The entire hike is a scramble up the mountain. Pretty relentless. The final ascent up the boulders is intense. Bring lots of water! Most of the hike is spent in the trees. About 2.5-3hours in you are rewarded with a wonderful view of the water cascading down the mountain from the lake - take a break and take in the waterfall. Another 45 minutes in the trees and finally out for magnificent views! 30 more minutes up the boulder and finally... The lake itself! It is gorgeous!

I did from beginning of 4×4 road took me 29.2 km 7 hours elevation 1926m round trip was great. P.s. I didn't have 4×4 vehicle

2 days ago

Great hike with no major changes in elevation so easy to do for anyone, what's nice is if you wish, you can do about half of the hike and see part of the lake, but going out the full distance is definitely worth it as it is definitely the best views. Full distance took about four hours round trip.

Great hike, it was easy up until the path stopped and then it was moderate to hard from there but don’t let that discourage you; the view was amazing. took me and my girlfriend approx 3 1/2 hours. Would do it again for sure.

3 days ago

Excellent hike. Nice and steep but not too long so bearable. Definitely recommend doing it as an overnighter...set your tent and then head up to the glacier :)

3 days ago

Went on a Saturday morning. Started the hike at 7:00 am and took us about 4 hours return including about 30 minutes on the summit. Very little snow on the trail. Lots of mud last 1/4 of trail. Also lots of mosquitoes and other flying bugs. Not many people on the trail early in the morning but must have passed at least 100 people going to the summit as we returned. Better to go early morning or weekday to avoid the crowds. The rating of moderate is accurate. There are a few steeper areas that require minor scrambling that some might find difficult but the view is worth it.

A very busy hike on a holiday Monday, I would recommend going on a weekday if possible. Snow is mostly gone, just the last 15 minutes or so are in snow but it's easy to traverse.

Amazingly beautiful. Gets busy depending on the day and the season. The views from the top of the ridge are unbelievable. The ridge is a challenging hike up. The Rawson hike is moderate and enjoyable.

Rawson Lake Closed due to bears

Beautiful hike!! The hike up to Rawson Lake is a steady incline but manageable! The hike from the lake to the ridge is more difficult as it is very steep - I would strongly recommend poles. It is doable though and so worth the view! We even saw a goat on the ridge with us. I would do this hike again.

Perfect views in a sunny day. First part of trails is really easy because the path is really well maintained. The second part is a bit more rough and pretty muddy - please don`t kill your white shining sneakers there. And mosquitoes - there are the worst! Don`t make my mistake and bring your bug spray because it kinda spoils the whole fun. On the top go to the farthest cliff - best views and almost no bugs there. One more thing - keep in mind that the creek is not a trail. At some point some people kept going downstream when they were supposed to turn - watch the signs!

Pretty easy hike up until the ridge. Steep but so worth the views! We went up with my dog and she did really well. Only sketchy coming down as it was raining and really slippery. Was worried about getting my dog down but she did fine and there were many other dogs up the trail as well

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10 days ago

Amazing views, still some snow which makes the slide back down hill great fun.

Beautiful! All forest until you reach Rawson and then it’s straight up the ridge. Steep and a bit challenging but the payoff at the top is well worth it. Great view of the mountains and upper and lower Kananaskis lakes. Highly recommended

Great hike! Lots of variety. The path is still muddy but manageable. Be warned there are swarms of mosquitoes the last 1/3 of the hike. Made it uncomfortable to enjoy the beautiful view at the top.

10 days ago

Section from Upper Kananaskis Lake to Rawson Lake is in the trees, but otherwise excellent views the whole way. Portion above Rawson Lake is not an official trail - goes straight up with no switchbacks and so quite bad coming down - wouldn't recommend attempting without hiking poles. 2 hours up and same coming down due to all the gravel and risk of slipping.

12 days ago

Favourite hike in the lower mainland. Spectacular views. Baker always looking good from up there too.

This may be the best hike I’ve ever done! The hike from Upper Lake to Rawson Lake is moderate but I would rate the hike up to the ridge as hard. Hiking boots and poles would be very helpful. But it is definitely worth the view! Also be sure to bring bug spray as there are a ton of mosquitoes.

Be prepared to get muddy. Fabulous view. Patchy snow totally doable without crampons. Go in the off hours (eg early morning) to avoid massive crowds. Took us 3.5 hours including a 40 minute lunch and photo break at the top.

Visited on July 1. Some large groups visiting here. There is snow at the top, but not an issue to wear shorts, t-shirt, trail runners. the trail is quite muddy prior to the snow.

Great 360 degree views from the top of the ridge

Completed this hike on Canada Day. Easy hike to the upper lake. From the upper lake to Ridge it’s a grind but worth it for the view!
Would highly recommend poles and ankle boots from the lake to the ridge. Started to rain/snow on the descent which made it very slippery.

Great trail. Worth it for the view, but there are a ton of tourists so if you are trying to go somewhere to escape crowds, I would suggest somewhere else.

Great trail! Well maintained and easy to follow. there was only patchy snow at the top by July 2, but it was busy, at least 100 other people along the way!

Absolutely beautiful. Gorgeous hike; however, be prepared for the hike. Definitely have some sort of rain gears and good boots/ shoes with you.
Have snacks and water.
I rate this hike as hard for most of it.

Do it for the views.. When I pulled up at the Upper Kananaskis Day Use area, the view from the parking lot alone was fantastic. But it got better. The climb from Upper Kananaskis Lake to Rawson Lake is a steady with little reprieve, but the payoff at the top is worth it. Rawson Lake, when the sun came out, was magical. Calm winds meant beautiful reflections and great photos. I walked to the other end of the lake, but didn’t do the climb to Sarrail Ridge as a bear was spotted adjacent to the trail by some other hikers (July 1, 2018). So exercise caution.
Dogs: The hike to Rawson Lake would be fine for dogs as the trail is mostly dirt to that point. But I’d be concerned about their paws on the rocky path around the lake and up to the ridge.
Timing: I departed the day use area around 7:55am. My climb up was quiet and peaceful with few other hikers. The path got quite busy with tourists and families around mid-day, however, so I was glad I started earlier. I walked at a leisurely pace, stopped to take many photos, and enjoyed lunch at the lake. With all the breaks, I made it back to the car by 1:15pm.
I’ll definitely be doing this hike again. Easily one of my favourites in Kananaskis now for the views.

Nice hike, steep, sleep with a tent on wood platform. Glacier, lake and mountain are amazing!
Must do!

16 days ago

Easy family hike

Definitely should be rated hard for portion up to the ridge. Was so beautiful though and even saw a grizzly! Great day!

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