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Nice one through the woods. Quite easy as well, the trail is well maintained.

trail running
1 day ago

What a beautiful trek ! Steep all the long way with some relaxing meters flat.
The view at the top is amazing !
I made it running and walking in 3h30.
Good memories

One of my favourite views so far, easy hike until you get to the end. Bring poles, otherwise getting down ya a struggle!

Took me and a little dog 2 hrs to the top and then 1.5 hrs back to the bottom. Only saw one stream on the way up so bring your own water for the dog. Lots of roots for the second half of the hike so bring good footwear. Not too much room at the top to enjoy the view as compared to say, Quarry Rock. No bugs right now but was windy and chilly.

Awesome trail. Even on a cloudy day the trail was great. Took me two hours to go up, without any stop and three hours to go down, taking my time picking up mushrooms and berries. A bit hard to find the Howe Sound Crest trail at first but once you've find it, it's very easy to find your way to the top. (Tip: Follow Howe sound EAST trail). I highly recommend this one !

you would need a good ground clearance and 4wd

Be careful with the GPS! The link took me to a very dangerous steep and rocky forest service road the bisects the actual trail! Never made the hike as I was almost didnt make it up the road in my non-4x4 4 cyclinder engine :(

8 days ago

Absolutely amazing hike- one of my favourites! The hike up to the top of the ridge is quite steep, but very worth it. Views from the top are spectacular! Try and arrive early, as the parking lot fills up quickly. Completed the hike in approx 5 hours, with a 45 min break at the top.

Absolutely stunning. Ridge hike is challenging and very steep, you may need to slide on your butt in a few parts on your way down! However , so worth it to see the views at the top ❤️


A moderate hike with so much beautiful views, especially in September.
I did it yesterday, 9th of September.

did it yesterday with the rest of Hike Alberta crew (I admit that's how I found out about this gem also!). agree on comments, it's hard up the ridge (not moderate). Had my 3 yo boxer, we were fine (used to hiking up and down mountains together), but I caution others if doing it with their dogs - you need to be used to steep climbs and descends attached to your dog before you do this one!.. spectacular view at top..

Very nice hike. Good to get there early on the weekend.
Plan a good 5 to 6 hrs. Sarrail Ridge part is steep but manageable. Get's quite slick if a bit of rain. Views from the top a worth the effort. Highly recommend this one.

Great hike - absolutely beautiful - both Rawson lake and the views from the Sarrail Ridge. As other people said, not sure who rated Sarrail part as moderate - it is a very steep climb, good shoes are a must, and hiking poles would really help (I wish I had them). I would not try the Sarrail part when it rains - would be too slippery. On a dry day it's totally worth the effort but be prepared for a steep climb. Very popular on weekend.

Would give it 5 stars for beauty and 1 star for moderate trail as it was certainly not moderate for me. It was an absolute beautiful hike aside from the life altering scramble to the top of the mountain. When my daughter and I did finally reach the top (she first as she was in far better shape than I) we were greeted by an eagle or two and said hello to a mountain goat. Had lunch at the top in blissful peace as we started out early. I apologized to many little trees on the way back down the mountain as the path was loose and was afraid I wasnt gonna make it in one piece. Would have been better ascending via helicopter. How in gods name did this get rated as moderate i'll never know. Again I say the views were spectacular and was worth it even though my legs are still shaking several hours later.

Love this hike. Beautiful lake views and fantastic rewards. Go early, by 10 am it’s hard to get down off the ridge when there are throngs on people trying to get up. No bear sightings. Didn’t have poles, me and the dog were the first people up that day.

16 days ago

This is one of my favorite shorter hikes. The views are pretty standard for most of the climb, but the panoramic views at the top are gorgeous.

on Cheam Peak

17 days ago

Some easy off-roading (during summer time I guess). Need a 4x4 truck with high clearance. Nice views everywhere when no wildfires. Will definitely return.

Great hike with spectacular views at the top! If anyone finds black Oakley Jupiter Squared, please let me know. Lost them on the trail. Thanks!

great trail. like Grassi lake on steroids

18 days ago

Great hike, just as hard coming down as going up. Rocky and slippery. Awesome views.

Stunning views on the top

20 days ago

a LOT of uphill. But well worth the climb! Luckily it's not ALL that steep. The hike to the Main lake was well worth it. Sat on the dock & ate lunch & thought about how nice it would be next time to go up the Taylor/Black Tusk trail.

Great views from the top! Take your time going up to Sarrail Ridge as there are some loose rocks and trickier terrain. Would not recommend the Sarrail Ridge part to inexperienced or unfit hikers as it is not nearly as easy as the Rawson Lake portion. Feels great to get to the top :) can be a bit windy up there.

My dog made it up to Sarrail Ridge but I don’t think most dogs would make it (he’s little and I gave him a boost in a few areas).

On a Monday at 9am there were a ton of cars. The hike is not difficult. All switchbacks but doable. I completed it in 3hrs and 40min. Took a 40 min break at the lake to enjoy it. Mind you I ran part of the trail.

Think it would of been worth it to go to panorama if I didn't have somewhere to be.

The lake is drop dead gorgeous. Everything about this hike is easily accessible.

Gorgeous trail and views the entire way. Hiked today and while it was a bit busy at first, the crowd thinned out as I moved along. Very rocky downward climb at first but it levels out for quite a bit giving you lots of amazing views of Cheakamus Lake. You do climb quite a bit toward the end. It’s worth it. Not to be missed!!!

Hiked this when it was smoky, so views at the top were pretty blurred but still just beautiful! Honestly didn't think we were gonna finish it because the last section to the ridge was extremely steep. It had also rained the prior day, so the ground was moist which made some rocks not secure in the dirt. There is most definitely scrambling involved, and one of the rocks came loose under one of my feet and I was literally hanging on for life; thank god my boyfriend was with me to pull me up.
That being said, the hike to Rawson lake is pretty easy, and I would personally rate to the ridge as difficult/ challenging because of the steepness and the scrambling involved. However, makes the summit to the ridge that much more enjoyable!
We went very early on a Saturday morning (7:45am start), there with only one other couple. Was sure to stick close to them with it being bear country (bring bear spray). On our way down, there were MANY people coming up, many with just running sneakers or converse sneakers.. As with any trail, I would say to use caution and your judgement and don't go alone. Hiking boots and poles would 100% come in handy. Also took us 5.5 hours with picture and snack breaks.

26 days ago

All up hill there, but the lake is fairy tale fantastic!

Love this hike!

Great little hike, one of the best views I’ve ever seen!

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