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23 hours ago

great low key hike!

Tougher than moderate and longer too. Views are incredible.

3 days ago

About 8 miles. Took us almost 3 hours. I’d say moderate is a good description if you are in shape. We started with the upper trail and did the loop. Glad it wasn’t any hotter or we would have really suffered. Not crowded. People were nice. I would not take small children or dogs. Lots of loose rocks and narrow passages.

Really gorgeous and such an easy hike. The main path splits; left is “difficult” and goes through the rock structures, right is “easy” and goes around the rock formations with views of the river. We did both. Watch out for rattlesnakes! The wind was pretty strong but it was welcomed with how hot it was and it kept the mosquitos away. Apparently there is a lot of vandalism though, there is no longer a self pay box but you have to have a discovery pass. Keep that in mind when you come out, I happened to have one, thank goodness! We went on a Thursday evening and we were the only ones there to watch sunset. I advise going during *off* times to avoid crowds.

Nice trail! Beautiful look out!

6 days ago

This was for sure top 3 for flowers this year for me.

6 days ago

Flowers and the view here are great, also a nice easy trail to bring older family on.

Hot hike, flowers are great and geology is amazing out here.

6 days ago

Don’t be fooled by the name. I did not see one dog on Dog Mountain. It is dog friendly though, so I assume it’s a BYO situation.

The assent is hard. With a very steep incline. When the path forks go to the right of you want to really feel the burn. Better views on the left fork, but you can loop back in the opposite direction on the way down.

The peak is confused. We did go off the AT main trail to find a higher point. Views of the Gorge are pretty good. Hard trek. Recommend swimming down at Little White Salmon to freshen up on a hot day.

Tough hike with absolutely beautiful views!

Note: The Discover Pass does not work as I found out with my $5 ticket. It is $5/day or an interagency pass will work.

8 days ago

The trail was about 7.2 miles total. Some really great switchbacks, views, and different terrains. You can stay a pretty steady pace, as the trail isn’t too difficult.

Wow, this kicked my butt. Much harder than moderate! The rock scramble was pretty scary but a fun adventure. I’d totally start going up then do the whole loop. Bring extra water as I’d say half is not covered. It’s a beautiful butt kicker!

I really enjoyed this one.
I started with the upper trail, and I'm glad I did.

Nice cool shaded hike below until you start the face where you are exposed. The first mile is the toughest as far as elevation gain which doesn’t seem like it should be but it is - get past that and you will be alright :) Foliage up top was all brown and dried up so I’d recommend going earlier in the summer.

11 days ago

The upper Trail is a moderate though continuous upward climb with a beautiful full gorge view as your capstone. It was 95 degrees and the tree canopy was a delight BUT the lower trail that had just reopened (July 16) was NOT moderate. The last 2-3 miles is full-on rock in full-sun with difficult footing- this is followed by a closing loop along an asphalt road. Hot hot hot! Very little water in the waterfall. I was told by a regular user it is actually 8.2 miles. I would not do the lower trail again.

Great hike. The view at the top was a bust because of overgrowth, but still worth it!! Take your amazing view pictures at lower view points.

This is notan easy trail. it is steep going up and steep coming down. The trail is not well defined yet, so I kept vering away from "the trail." However, it was a magnificent cardio workout, and my legs got a good workout too. The views are terrific from most of the trail. I enjoyed the trail, but I would not take young children on it. And wear good hiking shoes.

18 days ago

We hiked Dog mountain last week while vacationing in Stevenson, WA. This hike is not for the faint of heart. It’s a heart pounding climb from the first step onto the trail. You need to be in good physical shape for this hike. There is ALOT of exposure near the top so if you have a fear of heights this one might not be for you. This hike was AMAZING! It is worth every bit of hard work getting to the top....the views will leave you speechless. We were there on a Friday and there were maybe a dozen people we saw along the trail. We will definitely do this hike again.

busy, lots of thistles and blackberry brambles. beautiful views

In the heat of the summer, this trail is worth hiking if you are simply looking for a leg and cardio workout. It is popular with trail runners and folks training for races because of the steady elevation gain. However, in the spring when the flowers are blooming, it's incredibly beautiful and really worth the effort. In May there are Balsamroots galore, Indian Paintbrush, Lupines, and more (plus tons of other people). My favorite time to go is late afternoon to avoid the crowds and watch the sunset. (Bring a headlamp for the end of the trail.) This trail isn't overly difficult for avid hikers, but would be really challenging if you aren't used to long uphills. Note: you don't have to pay the $5 parking fee if you have a Discover Pass.

20 days ago

Definitely a leg burner up and down. Amazing views at the top.

Loved this trail. The first half mile or so is steep switchbacks until you get to where the trail splits for difficulty to more difficulty. The. After that it is moderate with the exception of some steep switchbacks. The view up is amazing and so is the end. It’s windy up on top so bring a light jacket. We woke up at 4 am and got to the trailhead at 5. There was only one car in the parking lot. And we only got passed once by a couple. On the way down we could hear tree branches breaking so that was a little scary especially since no one else was on the trail. Once we got back down to where the trail splits we saw a couple heading up and then another couple going up as well. It’s not very busy during the early morning

22 days ago

Beautiful hike. Started on upper trail which left the waterfall for our lunch break.

closed due to bridge reconstruction

23 days ago

I'm glad I started early since it got 96 degrees later on. But then I defeated that purpose by doing Hamilton Mountain at the hottest part of the day! Cape Horn is a beautiful hike with many viewpoints of the gorge and pretty vegetation along the way. I should have read the signs at the trailhead better because I still don't know what Cape Horn is. I didn't see anything that looked like a cape. I told two people about the hike so far, and both asked, "Oh, is it at the beach?" Fair question, since it does sound like a beach feature.

23 days ago

Absolutely gorgeous! We started on the lower part of the trail which proved to be a steady climb on a single trail. Most hikers came from the other direction. Plenty of tree cover with a cool breeze. The views were outstanding. There were lots of beautiful flowers as you reach the top. Enjoyed thimbleberries most of the way. Lots of uneven, rocky steps and tree trunks.

23 days ago

Totally worth the trip

This is one of my favorite hikes. A little over grown on the lower half. I am sure that will be gone soon! Amazing views.

26 days ago

This was such an amazing hike! The Upper Trail has absolutely stunning viewpoints and the incline to get there isn't too bad. If you're feeling like you're up for a long hike, the lower trail is open now, it took 3 hours to finish the whole thing. I recommend doing the Upper Trail first because there is a small waterfall about 3/4 of the way through the hike to help cool you down.

The Lower Trail is now open.
The start from Upper Trail is steep and takes some stamina but the views are worth it. The hike to viewpoint is less than halfway around the loop. Lower Trail/2nd portion of loop starts out ok but gets tricky with lots of narrow pathway, loose rocks, and slippery ground. After walking over lava rocks in summer you want to jump in the waterfall but the waterfall itself is rather skimpy right now.
Overall, an interesting hike with varied terrain but footing on lower trail is challenging (hiking shoes suggested) and total loop is def closer to 7.5 miles, as other reviewers have stated.

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