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It was an interesting hike . There is a lot of forest(roots) to get through to get to the pretty sites above the tree line. It takes about 1 hr 45 min to get out of trees into meadows and above tree line which is really nice. It took about 2 hr 5min to get to the lake. But guess what? If you hike up that ridge on N side of Lake there is another Lake twice the size of the main Lake. Also, if you have time recommend the hike up to the top of the Pass which takes about 45 min from Lake. The views are amazing and the switchbacks are well maintained . You can see the winter park complex and valley as well as both lakes. If you go to the top it is about 5 hr 30 min total trip plus time you eat and relax at top. If you just go to Lake it’s about 4 hr 15 min plus how long you hang at the lake. If you aren’t going to fish or going to hike to the top, there are shorter, prettier Lake hikes like diamond lake, brained, ect....

3 days ago

Awesome trail. Did it over Labor Day and still was quite empty. Could easily be considered hard due to length and elevation gain, but its all worth it for the variety of scenery. Although I saw a few 2wd sedans along the road to the trailhead, 4wd or at least something with clearance is recommended to get there.

Great trail, lovely lake. If you are planning to camp, beware of the bear! Resident bear is GREAT at ripping your bear hang out of the trees. Bring a bear can for your food. The night I camped out, every site lost their food as the bear visited us one at a time. Shy enough to leave campers alone, but took out the entire branch our food was hanging off of and ate everything.

Amazing hike. A little tough, especially if you’re not used to the elevation, but it has everything. Starts in a forest setting, crosses a couple of creeks and opens up above tree line. Shelf Lake at the top was a real treat and very few people.

One of my favorite hikes for sure! Less crowded than Crater Lakes and so beautiful! Only saw a couple people on the trail and a few campers set up around the first lake. Make sure you hike up to the second lake and go off the trail slightly to find the third mini lake. I was jealous of the campers set up around the lake and wish I had packed my tent and stove to stay the night.

An awesome hike! Trailhead is a little hard to find because they recently moved the trailhead. Head up the trail that is connected to the parking lot and follow for about a 1/4 mile then you’ll see a sign for shelf lake. Dirt road was tricky is some spots, but manageable for most cars. This hike is also closer to 8 miles round trip.

12 days ago

This was my first time backpacking, and it was a great way to get broken in! Gradual elevation gain until the last mile to Heart Lake. Without a pack, this is a very doable day hike up and back. Beautiful views all the way. Set up camp at Heart Lake, and hiked up to Roger’s pass the next morning. Only problem I had is we didn’t stay long enough!!

15 days ago

So beautiful and worth it! Gets steep! Make sure to get a permit if you spending the night ( they sell them at ACE in Ned). Absolutely beautiful pass, dropped down to 30 at night

16 days ago

A beautiful hike that passes through aspens, moss covered rocks, woods, over streams and ends at a lake. Challenging if you're not used to hiking at altitude, but an overall great hike!

16 days ago

A mile was added to the hike when the trail head was moved 1/2 mile south of the original location. Eight miles is a more accurate number now. The South Park and Shelf Lake trail heads were combined into one very large parking lot, rather than two very small ones.

Easy hike in 4 hours sleep and shitty knees

17 days ago

Beautiful hike! The first mile, before you hit the junction for Forest Lakes and Crater Lakes, is easy. Once you hit the junction, it's a pretty steady incline all the way up. Great hike for dogs since there is a fair amount of creeks throughout the trail, and the trail is basically in the woods the entire time. The views from the first and second lakes are wonderful!

Short and sweet AMAZING hike! (This is a reverse version of Lost Lake via Hessie Trail.. lol) A lot of people, parking wars. You have a choice of taking the shuttle too but not sure exactly where the shuttle station is. No fee to get in, short but rough hike, so no flip flops, folks! You can walk around the lake, swim, or some people had a tent out. Amazing view, must go trail!! 80% shade by the way.

18 days ago

Amazing hike! Such a beautiful trail with lots of water crossings, beautiful views and 2 lakes. The first lake is pretty, however, the second hike is worth the extra 3/4 of a mile up. Amazing peak views from the top lake and the water is a beautiful clear green. The hike is great for dogs, however, be aware as moose live in the area. We say a mama and baby a mile into the hike and a large bull moose on our hike down. It took us 5 hours round trip to the second lake and back to the car with about an hour of stopping at the top lake and for watching moose.

20 days ago

You will need an AWD or 4WD vehicle to get to the trailhead. I saw a couple of people try to make it up in their Honda Civic and that was not working out for them.

My GPS tracked the hike closer to 8 miles rather than the 6.8 miles listed. We did go off trail a few times for pictures and the views, but nothing that should have added up to a mile or more. It took us about 1 hour and 30 minutes to get to the lake. Not sure why this hike is rated moderate, it was hard!

Sooo beautiful and calming. One of my favorites so far!

This was a great hike! I’m fairly positive it was more around 5 miles but we didn’t mind. It’s out in the open with no trees so make sure you wear sunscreen and bring lots of water! Elevation will get ya if you aren’t used to it.

We did a night hike under a full moon. It was pretty though, but the trail was pretty well maintained and there are a good number of campsites once you get closer to the lakes.

Beautiful trail but not easy, well worth it though!

26 days ago

Did this hike on a Sunday morning and it was great! Steady climb but not bad and well worth the lake views. Some decent wildflowers around the lakes... would definitely recommend it!

26 days ago

It was a bit tough to find the trail head, but the hike was awesome.

This was a great hike!! Highly recommend it! Beware of sun because it is wide open with no shade. Trail head is not clearly marked from the road. Although, South Park 600 and Mt. Bierstadt trails both begin at the top of Guanella Pass. There are outhouses located at both trail heads. They were very clean and lots of toilet paper. Second Lake is worth the extra steps. Total is about 4.9 miles round trip.

27 days ago

Beautiful forest trail with lots of creek intersections. It is pretty steady uphill after the first mile and a half or so. Good workout! When you reach the first lake, you can continue on to the second lake by following the trail up for an extra 3/4 of a mile. Definitely worth it! The upper lake has a beautiful blue/green hue and is crystal clear. On a Saturday at 11:30, us and another couple were the only people up there. There’s plenty of parking in the lot but we didn’t pass many people on the trail at all. With the extra haul to the upper lake, this ran closer to 9ish miles for us.

A busy trailhead with a significant crowd until the split with Crater Lakes. The last push from Heart Lake to the top of the pass is steep but rewarding. From there, you can saddle north or south along the ridge to enjoy views down on Winter Park. Passed a young bull moose in the woods on the way down—keep your eyes open—he was in an unusual and unexpected spot for a moose.

Awesome huge view hike.

1 month ago

Pretty moderate hike, low traffic despite how the parking lot looks and great for dogs! Make sure you head up to the 2nd lake, as the trail map on here ends at the first one and that's where the real views are!

1 month ago

a really cool hike. went out on a sunday and i considered it as lightly trafficked. has everything you want in a trail. Forests at the beginning, streams towards the top, rocks in the middle, wildflowers, and a beautifully lake at the top. Definitely recommend. be careful driving to the trailhead if you dont have a high clearance vehicle.

One of my favorite hikes in Colorado! Great for an overnight backpacking trip. We arrived to Roger Lake and were pretty tired. We set up camp, where there were many other campers, much more than we expected. You can hear people talking around the lake, but it didn’t take away from the beauty. The wildflowers were just gorgeous and the lake was great for fishing! Hiked up to Roger Pass the next morning which offered amazing views!! Highly recommend.

Nice hike with not too many people on a Friday in summer, but be aware that Jasper Lake (a reservoir) gets drained this time of year (like Lake Isabelle up in Brainard Lake Rec Area). We found a nearly empty lake when we arrived, but had planned on continuing to Devil's Thumb Lake anyway, which was quite nice.

The hike, while a little long, is pretty moderate throughout with a bit of rockiness in many areas, so watch your footing. It is in and out of the trees, so a good mix of sun and shade, and no issues with exposure/dropoffs.

Overall, I recorded round-trip stats of 13 mi/2,600' elevation gain from the 2WD TH to the end of Devil's Thumb Lake.

Loved this hike! Beautiful as the trail ascends through the forest. Two steep parts, one about1-2 miles in and the ascent to the lake. A small and bigger waterfall and a few stream crossings, love the water! I have two dogs and needed water in addition to my 3 liter camelback. The lake is beautiful and quiet. My dogs loved it too!

I gave it four stars instead of five because I didn’t see many flowers. I’m relatively new to hiking and would say it was a moderate hike with a steady climb but not too steep. Our dog loved the little streams and the lake. Very open - no shade so it was warm at times.

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