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Great trail, but difficult for older and beginners. Enjoyed it!!!

4 days ago

Absolutely gorgeous! Easy trail, except from the parking lot to first creek crossing has some rough footing. 10 creek crossings to reach the falls, and 10 going back, of course! Some spots in the creek were ankle deep. Some were over my knees. Spectacular falls at the end. Be sure to continue the climb up above the first big fall, as there's another waterfall up above, and a perfect spot to rest. It felt 10 degrees cooler up there. Several pools of water to swim in also. Passed a handful of camp sites along the way. I definitely will hike this again, but not after a heavy rain. Could be treacherous. Also not in the winter!

I did lower half of the trail it was challenging but fun. I got lost few times and water was little higher then I expected.

6 days ago

Hike was super easy and absolutely gorgeous. It is heavily trafficked and marked well. It’s about 1.0 mile to the over look and there are several drop offs. We saw a rattle snake baking in the sun and got some amazing pictures.

My son and I did the Collins Gulf trail on a beautiful July weekend and spent overnight at Sawmill Camp backcountry camp. Instead of the loop we did down and back on this trail with full packs. This is a great variation of rock hopping, switchbacks and slight elevation forest trail. The elevation change was almost 1100’ over approximately 5.2 miles, most of which is in the front end from the trailhead parking lot. So down was not bad but back a different story.

This is a strenuous hike as plotted. I would recommend doing the loop rather than down and back if you do as a two day. Gulf trail down and rim trail back.

had time for about half, fairly easy up hill, ran water off the trail pretty well considering the rain at the time. convenient to do along with other activities.

Love love love the CT!

Perfect place for endless photos. Great place to bring the kids and enjoy the cool water.

Moderate hike average hikers and children can complete. Be careful to stay on the correct path, there are several forks to other trails. There is a dam and small swimming hole at the bottom with campsites.

so pretty!! not very hard at all and the view is so worth it.

12 days ago

Took the Tennessee Trail head on June 2.
This trail is a lot harder and longer than the Alabama Trail Head. Total trip was 9.3 miles with an elevation gain of 1750 FT. My total in motion time was 4.25 hours. Average pace was 27:16/m.
A couple areas on the trail it took a little to find the blaze. It could be marked a little better but you can tell this trail is not heavily traveled. I only saw 2 people on the Tennessee Trail before reaching and after leaving the main trail down by the creek bed.
You meet up with it at the first water crossing.
Found a beautiful living spring. This is a tough trail so be ready for it. Pace yourself. It is beautiful. You do get to see the vista of the gorge from the rim on part of the hike. It is not marked on the app so you will look like you are way off the trail.

13 days ago

Great hike! a bit tricky at the first creek crossing, but other than that it's an excellent trail. you're definitely gonna get soaked.

What a trail! Definitely not easy but wasn’t too difficult. Once you get to the first waterfall, be sure to climb over and see the end of the trail with a cave at the end. We were so impressed and will definitely be back to hike it again!

15 days ago

Great trail with some of the best waterfalls and Creek views in North GA. Wet hike with 10 creek crossing so prepare to get wet from the waist down. Can be difficult to find the trails when you cross the river so look for the green blazes. “When in doubt, look across the river.” Waterfall at the end is worth the effort to get there.

18 days ago

A lil steep but definitely worth it...I already wanna go back lol

Wonderful hike for family and pets. there are a few creek crossings and wonderful views of the creek's many waterfalls. I have hiked this several times. The beginning path is pebbled with stones, so wear good walking shoes (I always wear reef shoes and wore them the first time. This was a mistake as I felt every single one of those stones. lol). It is shaded by the canopy of trees most of the way. It is a very enjoyable hike with few people on it. The last time I went I did not see a soul.

Had to cross the creek so many times. There are snakes but absolutely beautiful waterfalls and swimming areas the water is cold which is nice when you are hot!

I did this trail a couple weeks ago starting at the Alabama trailhead. It was fairly dry and I only had to worry about wet boots trying to cross into the amphitheater. There was no waterfall at the actual bowl of the gorge. There was still plenty of water to cool off in, though. It was 3.5mile downhill hike and 3.5 miles uphill. It doesn’t seem difficult going in, but man-oh-man, will it test you going out. Its a good workout. I’ve done harder inclines. I would rate this as a moderate/strenuous hike and very well marked. Happy Trails!

This is a nice, tough day hike. The trail is a great alternative to the busy stone door side of the park. I completed this on a beautiful Sunday in June, and I only saw two other hikers. Long sections include hopping over wet rocks, so it is slower hike.

Wanted a trail not too far from Chattanooga with some water. Had an afternoon to kill and couldn't resist the temptation of a waterfall! Started at Heiss Rd around 2pm on a Sunday and finished around 8 (small gravel pull-off on the side of the road). A group was leaving as I started and only ran into 1 other person. The trails are blazed but no signage for miles and no indication of some of the loops/side trails. Study the map first. 2 beautiful shallow pools with cascades to cool off in within the first 0.5 mi. Loads of rhododendron and wild blueberries. I hiked to Imodium Falls - coming back was tough I won't lie! The elevation changes are dramatic. Not many overlooks, just beautiful woods. Loved hiking with the sound of Possum Creek in the background. Campsite looked pretty basic and a little walk to get down to the water. Heavy rain had washed out the trail in a lot of places and growth was crowding the trail (wear pants if you don't want things brushing up on your legs). Hiking against the backdrop of the giant stone walls was refreshing. And Imodium Falls is paradise! I'll be back for longer next time.

Fiery Gizzard trail from Sycamore Falls to Ravens Point closed till August 1st.

Very worthwhile trail. Loved the challenge!


1 month ago

A pot of gold at the end of the rainbow... or in this case a refreshing spring-fed pool awaits anyone willing to tackle this 3.3 challenge.

There were a couple of neat features including a small cave and a natural spring.

Bring your A-game for the 1.5 hr. hike back to the top!

had a great time at stonedoor love it easy trails great views me and my dog Hercules will be back love the people very nice and just want to say thank u to the lady at the ranger station for witching Hercules for me so I could us the restroom very sweet

1 month ago

Super solid trail! I wouldn't say that this is the most difficult trail, it's kinda just what you make of it. The rock formations at the end are definitely where things can get technical. Took us about 3 hours round trip and we went faster through it than I would have liked as we were pressed for time.

Unfortunately the waterfall at the end was dry when we went, guess we'll have to come back!

This time it was after rain. Slick rock field to start. Water flowing across places it normally doesn't. Good times. Saved a couple of hopefuls from making a mistake. They'd never done the trail, and had started at 2 for a clockwise hike. Boulders last. In the dark. Wet.

If this is your first time on the trail, don't start after noon, and please, take the boulder field first. That part's bad enough when you can see. Also, some of the stable looking stuff moves, so, yeah.

1 month ago

One of my favorite places in the entire world. This one isn't too strenuous if you stick to the trail, or you can hop around the rocks near the creek bed if you feel so inclined (although it can fill very quickly if the weather directs it, so be careful). Either way, this should be a staple in Ocoee-area hiking.

A must do trail on South Cumberland area. A relatively easy out and back trail. Great overlooks of Laurel Gulf. The outcroppings provide great photo opportunities or just a place to chill for a few minutes. The highlight of the trail is the end when you get to the stone door.

1 month ago

Fun hike with lots of Creek time due to all the crossings. Well marked trail as you cross the creek.

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