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20 hours ago

Wonderful and rewarding hike. The many bugs made it hard to eat our lunch. We brought bathing suits but could not find anywhere we could safely enter the lake. Not too many hikers the day we went, though it was a Tuesday. Highly recommend.

Excellent trail! We were able to hike this after leaving Mount Baker on our way back to the Seattle airport. Rained all day in Bellingham Sunday so we needed one more hike before hearing back to hot, humid Atlanta !

It was a good hike, enjoyed it. The lake is very beautiful!

love love love this app. definitely my go to. thanks reviewers that take the time to update trail conditions and tips.

Great hike! was apprehensive to do old trail....but we made it in 3 hours and would gladly do the old trail again on the way up. Took the new trail on the way down... very well groomed but long. But was a knee saver. Well worth it and would do it again.

We found a ‘grove’ of huckleberries at the lake! The hike was beautiful, especially the boulder fields. The spur to the ridge was challenging and fun with an amazing view.

we went during the week in the evening so it wasnt very busy, only saw 2 other couples. there was so many amazing views along the way! the falls were absolutely breathtaking! we just went to the 2nd level since we ran out of daylight but definitely want to go back! id say moderate is fitting for this one:)

The views on this trail are amazing! There is a variety of scenic views and trails. I accidentally took the boulder path to the tower. Wouldn’t recommend it for beginners. It was a test of my skills for sure. The view from the tower is incredible. Took the trail back down which was 10x easier than the boulders. Love this trail. Took me a few hours but it was so beautiful I keep stopping and soaking up the scenery. IG: @markobreezy

Easy hiking. I love this place ⛰

on Pratt Lake Trail

trail running
10 days ago

Nice trail with decent elevation. Not much in the way of scenery but a few small creeks here and there. Lightly traveled, saw fresh bear scat on the trail this morning so take your bear bells / bear spray because the berries are out and the bears are eating them to prepare for the winter / hibernation. Close to the road, so you will hear cars until you're about 1/2 way up. Granite mountain is better for scenery, scrambling but this is good if you want to get some miles in on a nicely maintained trail. Parking is tough, you'll need to park on the road if you come after 9am.

11 days ago

Hiked on 9/10/18.

I'm sure it's typically busy, but I went on a Thursday morning and basically had the whole trail to myself. Multiple view points along the way and they're all beautiful. The trail is extremely well maintained. I'll definitely be coming back here again.

13 days ago

Huckleberries everywhere near Pratt Lake! We picked some and had enough for two pies. Bring a few bags to carry huckleberries back :)

Olallie lake was a gorgeous spot! Great for a swim and not too many bugs. Water was perfect and it was quiet at the top

Hiked on 8/5/2018

This is a great place to break in your trekking poles. I walk a but faster than most but I'll be the first to admit that the elevation gain on this hike is a workout for newbies.

You have three lookout points on your hike: Lower; Mid: and Upper falls. Bring some extra water if you don't carry a pack. Watch out for loose rocks on the trails.

This is a popular location so arrive early.

14 days ago

Beautiful hike with impressive views to the valley on the way up. Almost all of the hike is under heavy growth, so very pleasant and fragrant. Drastically insufficient parking, though the picnic area across the highway has a fair amount more. The lake is more impressive than I think most people expect it to be. It’s small but in a dramatic setting. Nice access to the shore for swimming. Possibly among the most rugged trails around, resembling a stream bed more than a trail for long stretches, especially the third quarter of the hike up, or so. Quite fatiguing especially on the way down, where each step is fairly calculated. Not a place for solitude, but quite lovely.

Read a lot of reviews mentioning how tough the hike is beforehand and pretty sure it is! The views om the top tho are totally worth it. Took the new trail up and down, around 3.5 hrs up and 2 hrs down. I'm pretty sure I was one of the slower people on the trail so if you're a regular hiker then should be around 2.5 hrs up. Couldn't see Mt Rainier today but even then the views make up for it. The last one mile on rocks is tough, be prepared for it. Would definitely recommend it if you're up for a challenge

14 days ago

Magnificent old growth, gnarly beauties all along the trail, peekaboo waterfalls and many rivulet crossings even this dry season
Must go round the lake to appreciate the grand scale of Pilchuck backdrop with ice caves, giant talus boulders, and views across the lake
Sturdy shoes needed to traverse rugged, rocky stretches

14 days ago

Challenging Hike. Extremely Rewarding.

My Friends texted me saying they wanted to go hiking, so naturally I thought hell yeah!

Personally, I was not expecting this hike to be so brutal. :')

By the time I reached the top I was crawling on my hands, all the muscles in my legs were shutting down from how tense they were.

I'd highly recommend taking breaks.

In conclusion, one of my most memorable hikes. You will run into amazing people who all share an affinity for nature and being outdoors. Bring trinkets, stickers that you can place on/in the Mailbox.

14 days ago

Easy hike. You do gain some elevation the last mile or so but then it flattens out and goes downhill. There was old bear skat when I went but saw no bears. Pretty easy hike for me. When you start you walk through the woods then come to an opening then go back into the woods then cross a dirt road then go back into the woods. When you get close to the lake you will know because there are some openings where the trail gets rocky. The area where you camp is gorgeous and so green. The lake is amazing Too and my dog loved swimming in it.

Toughest one that I have hiked in this area so far. We did the old trail up and new trail down. 2.5 going up and little less going back down. Old trail is boring, it goes on forever 5+ miles but definitely beats your leg muscles. Next time I am just doing old trail up and down. I hiked couple of days ago and my calf muscles can still feel the pain, totally worth it though. I want to do this once a year at a minimum. The views up top are amazing. Wish I had spent more time at the top. Next time.

Beautiful hike Sept 2. We got an early start and it was not too crowded. Met lots of people coming up on our way down. The early start was well worth it.

This is a long, steep,hard hike. Your legs will burn so bad, it’s great :) Views at the top are really the only ones you will worth capturing. The new trail is easier but longer so most will spend a good amount of their day on the mountain. The parking lots fill fast and street parking fills as well. On the plus side there are no bugs. If you’re training this is a great hike to go up the old trail and run down the new trail, then repeat. I post photos of my hiking adventures on instagram under “adventuringKR”.

15 days ago

Hiked on Labor Day Weekend Sunday 2018/09/02. Enjoyed the hike. Pretty good work out. Descent Water Falls View. Trail path is neat and well marked. Has parking lot. Requires Discovery pass. It took 1 hour 40 minutes to Lower falls and come back. Missed going to Middle Falls and Upper Falls because of time constraints. I would definitely go there again.

Great view of at Middle Falls.
Busy place:(

15 days ago

Two hours to the top, an hour coming down. Gorgeous views. Hike is very gradual going up- it’s a great hike all around! Can be slippery. Shoes with good grip necessary.

15 days ago

Overall an easy hike, watch out for some rocky areas. Trail conditions are good, great view of the lake at the end.

15 days ago

Great trail! It was challenging but not overbearing. Trail conditions were great, no obstructions, and not heavily trafficked. It was steep for about 2.5 miles, then there were some rocky areas. Fantastic view and the lake was gorgeous.

Amazing hike! Took the new trail up and old trail down extremely worth it!

Nice trail and lovely fall. Got stung by a bee for the first time. Also great trail to get to Wallace Lake.

16 days ago

Was cloudy when we started our hike but did get some nice patches of sun. I personally love scenic hikes , which this does not have much of . We started the trail in a counterclockwise direction and were mostly hiking under a canopy of trees . This particular route we took had a trail closure which was not posted . The trail closed was the intersection of Preston trail and west tiger loop. Luckily we had Alltrails to get us in the right direction. We ended up taking west tiger to K3 to finish our loop which was steep down hill with slight switchbacks . It was great exercise and practice. We had the trail to ourselves for the most part. A tree came down about 50 yards from where we were which was cool to witness yet eerie at the same time .

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