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A quick but difficult leg burner. Views at the top are well worth the workout!

Great hike on the trails. It is a beginner hike with nothing too technical along the way, but a good easy go with enough incline for those hardcore hikers who want a chill trail hike. We went counter clockwise which lands you on a gravel road along the water for about 3 km - I'm not really ever a fan of this (unless I know it's coming) it does kill the buzz of the hike a bit. Overall beautiful hike.

13 hours ago

Beautiful views after a bit of a climb through the forest. Not sure I would peg this as “easy”, maybe easy-moderate. Lots of groups with kids of all ages. Follow signs from main parking lot that lead you to trailhead that’s across the highway. Note in parking lot stated grizzly and cubs were spotted in the area (July 20th).

Loved this hike after a couple back to back hikes that didn’t go as planned it was nice to find a clear defined trail and this peak was incredible!! The start and finish are a trek in the woods but well worth for this beautiful lunch spot! We followed the counter clockwise advice much appreciated. By the time we exited the mountain a bear had been seen within the area.

Great for kids, beautiful views

Really fun, about 5-hours route from Prairie View Trail to the summit and down via Jewel Pass. I don’t consider this a beginner trail if you plan to go to the summit which includes a scramble up some slippery rocks and then a fairly steep descent down slippery rocks on the other side. (I’m obviously a beginner, haha)!

nice view at the lookout!

This was a beautiful hike. Did the challenging route clockwise instead of counterclockwise, which took three hours and 41 minutes to complete with stopping a couple times. After the lookout you get the trail pretty much to yourself which is a nice perk.

We followed the advice to do the trail counter clockwise and we are so happy we did!!!! We started the trail with our dog at 0630 and finished by 1230. We stopped three times. Once when we reached the first clearing, the second at the look out and the third on our way back by Barrier Lake. We bumped into more mountain bikers than hikers. We question the distance though, as we have done quite a few 10km+ hikes and it felt much longer than 13km. We quite enjoyed this hike.

1 day ago

Amazing views from the top and great workout. Like others have said the return part can be a bit sketchy in some areas, but taking your time coming down is safe.

My friend and I hiked this with our 3 kids (ages 9, 10 and 11) we did the round trip loop. Took about 5 hours and registered 16.8kms. Views are stunning! Minus the hail storm... will definitely be doing this hike again

Beautiful views. The trip down is a bit tough on the knees - hiking poles are a must-have.

i hiked this solo in about 3.5 hours. amazing views. a varied trail that challenged me physically on the ascent, and offered beautiful terrain and vistas. got caught in a thunderstorm at Prairie View trail after i summitted & descended a ways, but it passed over with only a bit of rain, but still a wonderful hike. recommend!

This was a beautiful hike! Made it up to the lake in about 3 hours, views were fantastic. My friend and I saw three black bears about 1km from the trailhead on the way back.

3 days ago

Beautiful trail, we had perfect weather on July 14/18. Trail is pretty popular, definitely easy as it’s got very little elevation gain, has wonderful views from most of the trail and lots of shade. It’s only moderate because it is so long, my GPS came in at about 17km. This trail took us 6 hours including lots of stops for lunch and quick breaks. It was our second hike of the year and we generally only hike a few times a year so we are not the most experienced/in shape hikers. We even saw a mama grizzly and cubs as we left the parking lot around 8pm.

Gorgeous hike! A bit moderate at the beginning then pretty easy. So many shades of green and interesting mountain ranges. Saw a huge marmot and many ground squirrels

3 days ago

We were camping at Elkwood and this was our first hike in the area. The first bit was a reminder that i'm still a little out of shape. Beautiful hike all in all. A couple nice waterfalls and a huge meadow area that is stunning. Highly recommend this for a family hike. You might want proper hiking boots and maybe even poles if you decide to go up the far scree wall at the very end... up seemed alright but down, we got to watch a lot of people who weren't properly prepared, struggle.

This trail is a little on the difficult side because of the incline (or decline) of the trail. For the majority of the trail you are going 3 feet forward, 1 foot up in elevation. it is a very rewarding hike with absolutely beautiful views. at the top, someone has left a Canadian flag and Alberta Flag - it is great.

If you are fit and acclimatized to the the elevation, you should be able to get up and back in 1'45" to 2 hours. If you are taking your time, I would count on it being a 3 hour hike.

Worth all of the effort.

on Ptarmigan Cirque

5 days ago

Good hike, started off at as a moderate incline for the first km or so, then leveled off. A second trail goes up towards a small waterfall and then higher up the mountain, but what you can view from the first flat area is itself breathtaking. Had lunch beside the stream with a small "waterfall" on the rocks, not much shade in the flat meadow area, but beautiful views to enjoy there.

The parking lot had washrooms.

6 days ago

This hike is easy and short. It took us one hour to reach the top of this hill from the Mesa Butte Equestrian centre, but the views were surprisingly nice. It is a calm area and you are treated to rolling foothills for miles in all directions. There is a picnic table and fire pit in a forested area at the top, perfect for the whole family to spend an evening together.

We went counterclockwise (up Prairie View to the lookout, then continued down Jewell Pass). Glad we did it this way as it was nice to get the steeper incline done first and then end with the relatively flat walk along the lake back over the dam. We registered 17 km start to finish.

on Ptarmigan Cirque

7 days ago

7 days ago

Breathtaking views at the end of the trail. It has 12 stop for total 6km.From stop 1 after crossing the highway 40 to stop 3 the trail has mild to moderate slope. After that really flat trail offering nice view of meadows with wild flower beds surrounding. Its great experience for kids, we hiked with 8 and 12 years old kids. They enjoyed snow balling at one stop where we found remnants of snow dump.Make a stop at the small water fall to feel the water.

Yup yyyyytt

7 days ago

Steep in the trees but then levels off to beautiful views

Incredible hike. Would recommend counterclockwise from the base as there's a steady incline and a few switchbacks on the way up (we chose to get that out of the way during the first part of the hike) then a steep hill and then you're at the glorious lookout which is totally worth the hard trek up. Steep rock down the other side of Jewell pass then smooth sailing from there. Nice waterfall to take in on the way down too. Took our golden retriever and she did really well (a few stops for water). All in all took us about 4 hours with the water stops and about 20 mins for lunch at the summit.

Great hike. No flat spots at all, straight incline from the first step! The was amazing. arrived on top at 9pm the sun was setting and it was well worth it.

It was awesome! Had little of everything, wildlife , waterfalls, mountains and a beautiful lake. Had a wonderful 4 hour hike with my wife and daughter.

Great views! Fairly easy hike with a little bit of everything.

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