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4 hours ago

Great Morning Hike! We beat the heat :) Good Times!!!

Beautiful hike!! Probably one of favorites. Good shade when it’s hot, you have to cross creeks to be sure to wear, a bit longer than 7 miles but totally worth it. Pet friendly but bring booties, there is hot sand and rocks.

5 hours ago

Would be brutal in full sun but a great hike inbetween monsoons!

6 hours ago

Amazing!!! Beautiful views and clean bathrooms!

21 hours ago

Trail was easy going, and refreshing.

Awesome trail! I did it in January, and even with a little bit of snow left, I really enjoyed crossing the river so many times, and so did my lab.

Great work out. Amazing environment! Friendly fellow hikers!

Did this over 2 days (Timberline Lodge—>elk cove, elk cove—>Timberline lodge). Would absolutely recommend this trail, but not this pace— it’s worth it to enjoy 2 nights outside. Beautiful scenery.

Bring trekking poles for the river crossings— they weren’t terrible, but they were more significant than anything I’d ever done before, and they get worse in the afternoons, when there’s more snowmelt.

Overall, this is an excellent hike— can’t wait to go back!

Beautiful, clean hike. Definitely get your permit before you go.

It may be perfect for kids but I was there at 545am and it looked like a shopping mall. Phoenix has lots of other locations unless you have kids go there.

4 days ago

I went with my 4-year-old, and we got as far as the first opportunity to walk into the river, and he planted us there for about two hours, skipping stones - or trying to...It is super beautiful, and really easy to get to. But I didn't get all the comments about four parking spots. I made sure I was in the right place. I even asked the parking attendant, whose advice to me was not to believe everything I read on the internet.

4 days ago

Beautiful easy path through canyon. When you get to sign that reads ”end of maintained path” keep going. Once above the tree line you can see Bell Rock on the horizon. The path is than a bit rugged and a little hard but will get you to the back of the canyon.

6 days ago

Top 5 in Arizona

Good workout. Nice views of the city.

Gorgeous trail! Not too difficult but still burns some calories. Great for families and dogs. Pay attention to trail markers we got off trail a few times on accident especially near the end.

9 days ago

My favorite hike so far. Very moderate steep incline for a while but after you get passed that it is easy. The views from the top are the best in Phoenix in my opinion. Very pretty, worth the hike for sure.

Pretty easy to be honest if you've hiked Camelback. Stairs pretty much the whole time besides the beginning, steep in most areas. Good hike, very pretty at top. Up and down in 1.5 hours.

trail running
10 days ago

This a wonderful trail for running and the sand makes it easier on your joint but also increases your work out load. $10 for parking

Great hike for leg day!!! It’s pretty crowded so get there early if you want a good spot close to the trail!

Fun trail, great views, gets hot fast, go early.

Good hike a little hot, get out early and get er done!!! I think it would be great to trail run this trail.

12 days ago

Beautiful hike but not as scenic as people make it seem. A fairly easy trail, the only thing that makes it mildly strenuous is the sand. Get here an hourly/45 minutes early so that you can get a spot in the parking area and $10 in cash. Reiterating what the tips tabs says: bring water shoes if you wish to hike past the end of the trail to explore some more or camp. Oh and bring hand-sanitizer, especially if you plan on using the restroom in the park before/after the hike :)

12 days ago

My 6 year old thought it was awesome and fun. We saw lizards and bunnies. Lots of great views of the mountains. (This is her first review on all trails lol) She wants to know what others think of the trail

Challenging hike with beautiful views.

I love this hike. I try to do it once a week. Just hiked Saturday, June 30 and again today July 4. I’ll be hitting it again on Saturday morning. I love getting there before sunrise and then back off by 9.

Such an amazing hike! Most definitely the hardest hike I’ve done so close to Phoenix. Watch for the spray painted blue and white dots on the rocks when you’re going up or down, or else you WILL lose your way! Having this app running while your hiking can lead you back on track, certainly helped me! It’s a bit challenging since you are literally climbing vertical rocks at some points on the trail. The views are soooooo worth it at the top!! I suggest going early in the morning, as the whole way up you’re in shade (thank goodness!) and all the way down, you have the sun on your back so be sure to use sunscreen! Got a bit burnt on the way down.

What a beautiful, challenging trail overlooking Phoenix and the surrounding mountains. The fellow hikers were some of the friendliest I’ve encountered.

Nice easy trail. First hike for my 8 year old and he liked it. Plenty of shady spots along the trial. Good intro for kids.

Did the loop on Jun 30 - July 2. The trail was awesome and was completed in 2.5 days. Start and end at the Timberline Lodge going clockwise. No parking permit needed but you need to park by the edge wall while leaving the main parking area to lodge guest. 1st day (18 miles) camp at McGee Creek; 2nd day (17 miles) camp at Heather Creek; 3rd day (6 miles) out to the car. Make sure to fill out wilderness permit at trailhead.

Loved every minute of it! So many breathtaking views! We went to the end and then went back into the water a ways, absolutely stunning.

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