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Super-challenging hike. About half way up, it starts to feel more like rock climbing than hiking. Tricky trail to follow. Only would recommend for experienced hikers in good shape. That said, very beautiful hike. Very special place. Lots of dramatic vistas. Happy we did it.

To the nice Canadians we met...we did find the way with the help of some locals.

4 hours ago

lots of stairs but fairly quick! As someone who doesn't hike this took me about an hour and a half.

One of my favorite climbs. Love the changing terrain. Challenging but very much worth it.

This is my favorite trail in the area.

17 hours ago

not one of the prettiest trails in the Superstitions.

Went there just for the trees in October. They were nice. Maybe a couple weeks late as the leaves on the floor were getting gross. I just kept hiking up though... and eventually got rewarded with an amazing view of 3 snow capped peaks!!! I was not expecting that. I went almost to the end of Inner Basin but eventually the snow on my puppy concerned me to the point of turning around.

Far- far- far too many people though.

Do not drive this road in rain unless you have 4WD. Listen to the ranger.

1 day ago

The snow was a pleasant surprise for me.Enjoyed this hike.

Great hike yesterday and beat the rain! Too cloudy for the sunrise, but beautiful fall weather!

Lots of steps :) Worth the trip.

This trail is beautiful especially in the fall. I did the hike alone but i don’t recommend that. A few dangers to keep in mind: the fog can roll in quickly and you can lose visibility. I hiked it September 28- October 2 2018. I was 1 mile from the lodge and the fog rolled in and i lost the trail. Pretty much where the hiker that just died was found a week later. It was scary but i had a beacon in case of emergency. I ended up by palmer lift up on the glacier. It was very scary. I got lucky and the fog cleared for a second and i saw the palmer lift and then it disappeared again. I started to head that direction and back down hill when i got a brief glimpse of the lodge and then it also disappeared again. I was lucky i was in a ravine that went straight to the lodge. I was stuck up there for 6 hrs before i found my way back. I almost used my beacon but grateful i didn’t have to. I totally recommend the hike you just need to be prepared for anything. I plan to go back and see where i went wrong. I also am advocating for a sign to be added where that turn off is. Multiple hikers have gotten lost there. Good luck it was absolutely breathtaking and i feel like a badass fir completing the hike solo. Yeah me!!

Great for little kids!

3 days ago

Wonderful trail the aspen grove is amazing. Only thing is the drive up is a little harrowing. Well worth a few gray hairs getting there.

If a trail can be rated by the number of times used, Siphon Draw to the Flatiron is my nearly 200-time favorite. As I get older, however, it kicks my butt pretty hard so I use it less frequently. Start early for shade most of the way.

The road up to the trailhead/camp grounds is a bit bumpy and steep, but in my opinion, I've been on worse (fossil creek). You could get there in a car IN GOOD WEATHER CONDITIONS. The trailhead itself was AMAZING! Everywhere you look you'll get an amazing view especially during the fall season.

Began at 7am and completed clockwise loop in 1 day. Precipitation most of the day and clouds finally cleared around mile 30 for some great views. Not much runoff so river crossing were relatively dry. No GPS signal for offline map, garmin watch or inreach tracker that day around Heather and Clark creek so study that area well to avoid losing the trail.

Bumpy road up to the trailhead. Beautiful spot. Took us about 3 hours with a 5 year old and multiple stops. Fairly easy walk. Majority of aspens had turned and there was snow on the ground. Beautiful. We went on 10/9.

Awesome view at the top... pictures don’t do justice! Make sure to bring plenty of water... no fill station at the beginning and entire trail in the sun!

5 days ago

nice trail, not marked well so easy to get off the trail. beautiful view if you climb up once to get to the canyon. you can see Bell Rock by climbing.

Spent the night at the top was sweet. I do this trail about twice a month helps me stay in shape and it's a good time getting to the top.

Excellent work out

Difficult and worth it! Come prepared with lots of water and hiking shoes/boots. I wore fitness clothes (running tights and a tanktop) but am so glad I opted for hiking shoes instead of my regular sneaks. They really helped for the rock scramble at the end, and for keeping grip the whole way down.

Definitely trickier than the Echo Canyon side & more walking at the bottom cause of parking situation.

View from the top is worth the wait! It was a great hike

This was a little more challenging towards the summit. Ready to go back for more.

This is a decent hike. I did it with 3 kids under 8 and they did it easily. Had a great time at the top with a little break and some wildlife.

Went 10/6 and the aspens were still greenish yellow. On 10/7 they got snow in Lockett Meadow so who knows what will happen with the leaves.

7 days ago

Easy trail, beautiful view of you go past the end of the maintained trail to hike up the rocks!

Great hike for all. Slightly challenging towards the back end but the 360 degree views of the valley are worth every step.

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