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Hiked this trail with my husband and two dogs this weekend. This was the first trail we’ve ever taken them on and the path is really even gravel. I think what makes this trail other than the views is the extremely friendly volunteers at the top.

quite boring, same from top to bottom your walking in a washed out dirt road with gravel & stones I rate it eases but bad on your knees won't be back

great hike. not too hard at all. nothing exciting on the trail, just a gravel trail that goes up. once you get to the top the views are beautiful from both the tower and the rock ledge. nothing too crazy but the views are definitely amazing

awesome light hike with a very rewarding view at the fire tower and the overlook just past the fire tower. not to mention the hotel ruins which are very very cool! Bathrooms are at the top as well

Great for a lunch trip - My goal was to go to summit without stopping, did it in just under 90 minutes and I would say it was a moderate pace for first 2 miles then slow (steep) for the last mile. Gorgeous views and multiple vantage points of the lake to explore at the top.

Really great day hike. First two miles or so we’re pretty tame. Last mile kicked it up to the summit. Brought our 2 yr old German Shepherd and she loved it. Some pretty serious scaling up towards the top. She did better than I did...

9 days ago

I’ve hiked buck several times. It’s a great hike, closer than most for me, but it’s always very crowded, more than most I’m assuming because of proximity, with people that have little trail etiquette and more trash in the area. This would be a good mountain for more education on etiquette to be available. I now will typically only hike it in the off season very early in the AM.

My favorite hike. Uphill 99% of the way. Great ruins to explore, the view from the scenic overlook is amazing. The fire tower is not to be missed .
a lot of the trail is washed out from all of the rain this year, but still ok to hike.
Dog friendly. Lots of dogs on the trail.

16 days ago

Uphill hike, across from amazing Buddhist temple, cool ruins to explore near the top, and AMAZING view at the top and from the fire tower.

16 days ago

Attended on an overcast Saturday,August 11, 2018 — Small parking lot, but you can find parking along the road. There’s a sign in book for day hikes and overnights. It super dog friendly, and I assume a lot of the locals use it as a workout. The hike will challenge you—saw a few who gave up and turned back. The hike is moderate but a good workout when looking to burn some calories. A lot of elevation—the view at top is sweet. Bring lunch—opportunity for a nice picnic up there—worth it.

16 days ago

A bit rough getting to the top, but well worth it! Make sure to continue on past the first summit for a spectacular second summit!

Gorgeous this time of year (early September)! Lush landscape, well marked and varied terrain. Was a bit too busy with mountain bikers, but well worth a visit.

First mile of the hike was beautiful along a stream - be mindful that you don’t accidentally end up taking the wrong trail (much more steep!). Would recommend it to anyone in the area; beautiful drive in too!

Hiked to Firetower yesterday. It was very cloudy so couldn’t see anything. I want to come here again during the fall season.

Simple hike. Lots of mushrooms - white, brown and orange and plenty of shade en route.

Bear sighting at the trailhead entrance. 09/1/2018 3 pm. It was unexpected and the bear was 30-40 m away from us. Spotted us and ran away. Very fit and lean bear. I wish I had my phone out to take a picture before he disappeared.

18 days ago

It was a nice but busy day at the trailhead since it was Labor Day weekend. There was no parking in the lot and the trail was busy. When we were hiking up a lot of people was coming down as we started a little later. We shared the summit with 2 other groups as we ate snacks and took pictures. This hike never gets old.

Although I would classify this trail as an ankle and knee-buster, I wouldn’t call it as hard. As others have described, the ascent is very gradual. However, the majority of the trail is composed of exposed rocks and roots and this nearly burned my knees out. I have been hiking on 6-9 mile trails out west this summer and this one was by far the worst on my joints. If you like to hike with poles, I’d highly recommend bringing them! Mine saved me on the way down and helped me keep my balance throughout.

Very pleasant, quiet. Trails are well marked. Lots of chipmunks!

This was a moderately easy trail. While it is all up hill you walk the access road all the way. Bonus is the hotel ruins. The view from the tower and the overlook are amazing. A great hike!

20 days ago

2 mile hike at a constant incline. The payoffs are the awesome remains of an Old Hotel and Fire House as well great views and Fire Tower at the Summit.

Don't take the constant incline lightly... brings lots of water and take a number of breaks.

Great views at the top of the fire tower of the Northeast Catskills and Hudson River, however the walk up is unchanging and along gravel the full way. The hotel ruins are worth stopping in. This trail is perfect for a quick jaunt - it took us about 2hrs total. There is more sun exposure than other Catskills trails, so be prepared.

24 days ago

stunning views, worth the incline.

Worth the hike! The views were awesome and so were the carvings. The rogue trail under the rocks was narrow, but offered a up close look at the underneath of the overhangs. It has rained a lot lately, so the trails were slippery at times, but manageable.

Absolutely worth it...beautiful view from the top.

Like others have acknowledged, the trail itself wasn’t exciting- wide, gravel, rocky, etc. In reference to difficulty, I didn’t think it was too bad and warrants a moderate rating due to the elevation but there was nothing tricky about the hike. The path is an old road so you can’t get lost and there are no obstacles to deal with. I’m am not in the best shape and this was only my wife’s fourth hike and we did it. Our 11 year old son and 18 month old dog had no issue with the hike. We stopped 4 times on the trail on the way and still completed it in under 3 hours. The parking lot was full at 8:45 am, luckily we got the last spot. There were cars waiting to take our spot when we were done. Very popular trail, saw lots of dogs and kids (6-13). We didn’t see any rattlesnakes but the couple who arrived at the summit about 5 minutes prior to us saw two slither away into the woods. The rattlesnake habitat starts at the hotel and continues to the summit. Warning signs remind you of your surroundings and to be aware. I spoke to the guys running the state park we stayed at and they said that they haven’t heard of anyone getting bit. Forest Ranger was hiking up when we were on our way down. I wouldn’t let the fear of a snake encounter stop you. Just make sure kids and dogs don’t wonder. The view and hotel were great!

Quite boring. Nice views once you get to the top. Did it once and won’t be coming back.

1 month ago

Just hiked up and back today. Very pretty vista at the top (both the false and actual summit). Well worth the effort (moderately difficult). Relatively crowded, but a very pleasant experience nonetheless.

1 month ago

I really enjoyed this hike. my niece, 6 year old dog, and I hiked this in about an hour and a half. The hike was alittle strenuous on your calves going up, but once you got to the hotel it was worth it, from there the watchtower and overlook cliff is only .30 :).

Great view from the fire tower. Quick and easy hike but enjoyable.

1 month ago

Always a great hike that's close to home

Nice hike path is clear and safe all the way up as far as hiking through rocks and such. Great views had a great time.

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