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if you want to make this a much better hike and not pay the high price of $6 for parking right on old stage road you'll see a small parking lot that can hold around 10 car or you can parl along side the road if full. this spot will take you too 2 great overlooks. you see on the this map the dotted line call high point road. the second overlook is were hang gliders jump from. then take escarpment trail that will take you into the park and you'll be on Indian trail. this will make your hike a 100 times better.

Hike itself is a 1/5 stars (nonstop loose rock and gravel track at steep incline for 2.4 miles)
Ruins of the old Outlook Hotel are a 9/5 stars
View from the fire tour is 5/5 stars

Total Rating: 5 Stars

Very very worth the hike up for the views and attractions.

4 days ago

Great hike - fantastic views!

very nice views at top

This was my first difficult trail and only hiked it because I couldn’t find the sign for Stewart’s ledge. At first it was easy; then it got progressively more challenging as I went along in terms of steepness and rocks. A few rock scrambles at the end, but overall well worth it!!! The views of the lake and surrounding mountains were amazing!! I would recommend this trail to hikers of all levels.

Awesome hike! This was a very well maintained trail and I would highly recommend it. While it is certainly not easy, it is still doable for beginners that are up for a challenge. The view and the hotel make it well worth it.

Really well maintained trail. Not a lot to sew until you get to the top. But the views are so worth it! Definitely recommend.

Beautiful views at the summit. There is a little climbing close to the summit but the rest of the hike is moderate.

Well maintained trail. Not much to see until you get to the hotel and all up hill. Easier after hotel and the view makes it all worth it. Moderate difficulty, difficult for beginners but doable. Definitely worth the effort. Get there early it is a small lot and it fills up by 9 or 10 on weekends.

Great view at the fire tower. Lots of annoying flies. Really cool to walk inside the abandon hotel.

So awesome. Old hotel is really cool and the lookout tower at the top...scary but gorgeous. Not to mention proximity to adorable woodstock.

Such a great hike with beautiful views from the fire tower and the overlook. The abandoned hotel was neat to walk through as well. Overall, I highly recommend it. Just be cautious of Timber Rattlesnakes while trekking along.I didn’t see any while I was there but they’ve been sited often.

This hike was one of my favorites!Loved the abandoned hotel it was right out of a horror movie, so cool! Make sure you check out the scenic overlook, the view is amazing. The hike wasn't that hard at all, it took me a little under 2 hours to get to the top.
Also check out the amazing Buddhist monastery right across from the trailhead parking! Wonderful day even with the little bit of rain.

25 days ago

Went up today (6/23/18), prepping for a Grand Teton hike. This was a good test, even though the elevation gain is modest.

Great hike. Slightly crowded when I went but it was The Weekend and a beautiful summer day. Fantastic views from the top, not a lot to look at on the way up though, but overall a very pleasant hike

mountain biking
27 days ago

These are very nice trails. Easy to moderate to bike. Easy to hike. You're not bringing an elementary aged child here to bike. For hiking, yes. Trails are well marked with signs. They are well maintained, and were built by professionals. Even have wooden bridges where things get muddy. There is biking ang hiking on both sides of the road. Parking is easy to find, and trailheads are equally as easy. Views on the drive up the mountain are very pretty, making this a trip worth taking.

Beautiful views and rich history. Loved spending time with my husband and kids here. Lots of picnic areas as well once your off the trails.

Great trail, great cardio workout. the view was amazing! Fairly busy trail. Just be careful at the top, saw 3 Timber Rattle snakes.

1 month ago

I really love this hike. I would rate it as moderate, beautiful views and trail is pretty gradual save for the few steep scrambles closer to the top

I had been hiking here before but never reviewed it. If you want to walk the biggest loop(2 miles,) follow the red trail in, pick up the blue, pick up the white, then rejoin with the red again. You can also do shorter loops with only the red or blue. The red trail heading into the other trails is essentially a little “farm road.” There are benches, it’s flat, it’s also unfortunately mostly in the hot sun. Then you get to the forest and sweet sweet shade. There are also pretty amazing views of marshland. There is a place to launch kayaks. There are wooden bridges and wooden seating. I saw a snake and a big turtle. The trails are well maintained and well marked with flares. Other than it being hot and buggy on the first stretch, this was a pleasure. Make sure and climb the observation tower!

Excellent hike. Great workout if you go at a fast pace. Good workout just for a normal hike. Remains a favorite hike. Some say an occasional snake above the hotel to the fire tower. Worth going up the fire tower.

This is one of the easier 3500 mountains, so I'm not sure why it's rated 'hard'. In fact, this was the very first 3500 my wife and I attempted when we took up hiking . We're in our 50s and, at the time, were in pretty poor physical shape. Yes, there are some steep sections where you'll need to scramble and grab hold of trees or roots, but overall this is not a difficult hike. (Difficult or, more like it, exhausting would be the Table/Peekamoose mountains hike; we wobbled back to the car for the last mile or so that day.)

We hiked Windham on a cool October day and the foliage was just beautiful. There's no cannister on this hike. You'll find the summit fairly easily as it is right in the middle of the trail and you can practically trip over it. There are some nice views at the summit. Facing north, you'll be able to make out the Adirondacks on a clear day. Beware that the short steep sections may be too difficult for dogs to navigate without help.

Near the beginning of the hike is a set of new trails around some old cranberry bogs. Make sure you have the newest Catskill trail maps from the NY/NJ Trail Conference so you can take those as well if you want to lengthen the hike.

1 month ago

This trail was recently re-opened after a closure of about a year. The park did some trail work in the down time which included re-surfacing and scaling some of the cliffs. Stairs, boardwalks and trail surface were all in good shape. Great to be back "below the cliffs".

The view is worth the struggle to get to the top. Couldn’t get into the top of the fire tower. Make sure you go tot the scenic overlook. It’s one of the best views I’ve seen in NY. It’s almost strait up from the parking lot to the hotel ruins. The last 1/2 mile isn’t that bad.

1 month ago


Fun little short hike. Cool hotel. Fire tower view was great. Saw a big fat rattlesnake. Cool day for sure.

Loved this hike, steep climb the whole way up. Well worth it for the ruins and the views from the top as well as the fire tower!

nice walk

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