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7 days ago

Lovely fairly easy

Beautiful views and creeks along the way (I went just after heavy rain). Some tough uphill grades.

This hike is amazing! It’s a tough hike but my sister and I did it in three hours. Make sure you bring water and supplies. This isn’t easy and is long .

If parking is full, head back east on Route 7 to the big Snickers Gap parking area at Route 601. Take the trail towards Bears Den, but turn north at the intersection with the AT and follow the white blazes to (carefully!) cross the highway and continue to Raven Rocks.

Twelve of us stopped here on our way back from Seneca Rocks to Yough Lake. We’d already hiked all day, so we were pretty spent. That being said, this was definitely a walk, not a hike. It was almost completely stairs, and remember that you have to come back up after going down. I agree with the many reviewers who call this moderate, not easy. We had changed out of hiking shoes and into flip flops, and for some, that was a mistake. There were two viewing platforms along the boardwalk, and the falls were beautiful. I now understand why they’re on every postcard and magnet in every WV gift shop.

28 days ago

We recommend starting at the Jones Run Trailhead and extending your hike to a portion of the Doyles River Trail to see both the upper and lower falls there. Return to Skyline Drive using the Brown's Gap Road trail (a very gentle climb compared to the Jones Run trail) and connect back to the Jones Run Trailhead using a portion of the AT.
This loop is a little over 6 miles.
This is one of the best hikes we have done in a long time. There were very few people on the trail (we passed 5 in 5 hours) and the recent heavy rains had made all of the falls spectacular. We even saw a bear (very close!) on the Brown's Gap Road/Trail. Not too buggy.

1 month ago

Tons of falls and trail. A nice 6.5 in out. Great woodland views. Water all along the mileage.

1 month ago

Trails well maintained but upper trails to the view of the cliffs still closed because its private property. Fortunately I got to hike it and nice pics before it closed.

This is a perfect place to build your kids’ hike stamina. We are avid hikers and it’s important to us that our kids enjoy hiking as a family. We build our kids up to longer and more strenuous hikes over time, but generally follow the principle that kids should be able to hike 1 mile for every year of age. We just hiked this trail again today and our 23 month old hiked the entire green circuit (3.25 miles). Our kids (7, 4 & nearly 2) really enjoy this hike and it’s nice that there’s a great place to stop and play in the water and picnic lunch roughly at the halfway point. It’s also a boone that it’s not as popular as SNP hikes as far as foot traffic.

1 month ago

The falls were amazing! There is another viewpoint, although not as close, at Gentle Trail (very short, easy walk on opposite side) that features a 'storybook forest' for kids.

on Blackwater Falls

1 month ago

It seemed very busy all day (Saturday), so we stopped at 1830. It emptied out by then with over half the parking spaces remaining. If stairs don’t bother you, it is easy- a walk and not a hike. Take your camera for many photo opportunities along the boardwalk!

1 month ago

The falls are so pretty. I have been here multiple times. The falls are different every time. I have seen them frozen over in December, and roaring after a healthy rainfall.

Did the full loop on the AT, it's about 6.5miles. Went clockwise to get the AT finished first. Went after a few days of rain so all the falls we're beautiful. You do have to cross some steams and wet areas, best to wear good traction shoes.

Started a little late in the day and hauled butt and got back before dark. Took exactly 3 hours. Now I know why they call it the roller coaster! Make sure you bring water and a snack. Awesome hike!!

nature trips
1 month ago

The falls are beautiful! I come here every year with my family and little dog and we love it. The stairs can be a workout but aren't too bad. The falls are well worth it.

Experienced hiker review: Visited this trail for the first time on 7-28. Read reviews before going. Took approximately 70 minutes one way to reach the overlook. Agree with other reviews that this trail is VERY rocky. So much so that I found it difficult to get a decent workout. The terrain is what makes this trail "hard," not the climb itself. There are two steep inclines; one rockier than the other. Arrived at 8:45am and the parking lot was already packed. Passed a lot of people of all ages and a lot of unleashed dogs. If you prefer more privacy, arrive between 6-7am (DST). If you don't mind the rockiness, it's a good quick hike before going to check out a winery or restaurant. If you are looking for a rapid trail workout, I would look elsewhere.

Did this hike with the husband and 9y/o son. It was tough and worth it! Wear boots! My hiking poles were a life saver! It’s very rocky! Definitely get there early we got there at 7am and there were already two cars in the lot by the time we came back down (4 hours later) it was getting crowded.
The view at the top is beautiful - you will cross over the Virginia/W. Virginia line on your way up which was neat! We saw some incredible wildlife and amazing sites! We will do it again in the fall for sure. Enjoy!

2 months ago

Blackwater falls state park is so fun! Most of the roads are paved and it is easy to navigate. The campground had nice hot showers and was very spacious. I would get there early and reserve your spot as it fills up quickly! The falls are beautiful as well with rhododendrons everywhere. We also tried paddle boarding on the lake and the petting zoo. I highly recommend!

Definitely a fun and challenging trail to get back into hiking with. While almost all of the trail was rocks it still wasn't too difficult in regular running shoes but I definitely recommend trekking poles or better footwear.

The whole hike took the two of us about 4 hours and some change, that's with detours off trail, exploring, and enjoying the scenery.

I definitely felt that the view was lackluster. However there is a small path to the right where if you are careful and experienced enough you can actually climb down to the base of the cliffside and see a very large and interesting "cave-like" cutout that's eroded away.

The trail was relatively well marked. There were a couple spots that we had to question whether we were pushing forward in the correct direction. We also were hiking this trail through a huge rain storm so it was fairly flooded in areas.

Lots of incline/decline both ways and very rocky. Trekking poles are very useful. Make sure to bring enough water on hot days. The view is worth it.

We set out to hike this to the spruce knob summit but were discouraged by the overgrown beginning of the trail. This was early July and the growth was as tall as me and we stepped in a huge mud puddle right past the gate. The map we were given at the spruce knob lake campground had the only trailhead at the summit going down. If you are willing to do some serious bushwhacking I’m sure it’s worth it. If we had come earlier in the season or closer to fall I’m sure it would be fine but mid summer it was like no one had hiked this trail in years!

2 months ago

It was a good hike. The falls were not that impressive the day I went because it hadn't rained in a while but other hikers I spoke to that day said when it's been raining, the falls are great.

The native bleeding heart are in bloom right now and gorgeous along the trail! Not too hard just long & a bit hard to follow like others have said.

VOF ruined this trail. First, the closure at the top which, let’s be real, was the only worthwhile part of this trail. Otherwise it’s just a walk on the woods. It was supposed to be temporary, it has been closed for several years now and “rangers” are indicating its permanent.
Also, even if you wanted to walk the other boring trails, they now close the mountain in the winter, sometimes during the week during other seasons, and don’t post or update websites.
Please take the management of this area away from VOF!

I would definitely do this hike again. There are a few things that you might want to know, and some of the other reviews back me up on these:
Get there early, especially on weekends. We got there at 6:30 am and there were already a two cars there.
I recommend not parking in the back of the parking lot, just because it gets crowded in the small space soon.
Since the elevation rises and drops, the temperature varies kind of quickly. Also, it isn’t just up one way and down another, like the elevation chart shows. It was challenging because the steepness was intense at points.
It’s completely under trees, except for the overlook.
There are many rocks on the trail, so trail boots help; I don’t have any, I wear tennis shoes, and I could feel the ridges of the rocks through my shoes.
I rated it 4 stars only because the overlook was pretty, but not exactly breathtaking (I’m spoiled on overlooks). However, the trail is challenging, fun, and I would definitely do it again.

Stick with it to the end. It is worth the trek

2 months ago

This is more of a short easy walk than a hike. Regardless, the waterfall is very beautiful. I would post pictures but it have been well covered by others previous to me. I read in the West Virginia visitor's guide that these falls are the most photographed place in all of West Virginia. Although the falls were out of the way from any large cities (thankfully), the entire park was clean and it is definitely worth visiting when in West Virginia.

2 months ago

This is a must see for any WV visitor. As mentioned in other reviews, I would call this a short, but moderate hike due to the stairs leading down to the falls. Hike this after some major rainfall for an unbelievable, powerful, waterfall experience. Note that there is handicap access from the other side of the park. The view is a little farther away, but still spectacular.

Beautiful falls! Fairly easy just lots of stairs.

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