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We had a great hike on this trail. It was our favorite for the trip. We are relatively amateur hikers but are all in good physical shape and had no problems. We had a diverse family group ranging in age from 7-78. We did have to stop at the cave and head back down do to some in our group getting tired but to that point it was beautiful. My husband and I plan to complete the hike on our next trip. We did not have hiking shoes (just tennis shoes) or rain gear however these would both be needed to hike all the way to the lodge at the summit. Arched Rock, Inspiration point and Alum cave were very beautiful and well worth it. The park is very crowded. I would recommend going early to avoid the crowd.

2 days ago

My boyfriend and I hiked this trail in about 4.5 hours, with several stops to checkout scenery, and of course the falls at the end! It’s incredibly beautiful. There’s so much to see all around you the entirety of the trail. Beautiful mushrooms! Interesting bug friends! At first I was confused as to why this trail was labeled as strenuous, but as I sit here typing this with aching muscles, I can assure you it is. There is a lot of uphill climbing. Especially at the end. And the trail itself has quite a bit of climbing over rocks and roots and across streams. DO NOT GIVE UP. The falls at the end are INCREDIBLE. Probably some of the coldest water I’ve ever been in. It’s so, so worth it.

we did a punt to point today. this trail is much longer than the listed 8.2 miles..... he prepared for a hard hike if u go here. the creek was super muddy today and the falls were meh... I am glad I checked this off my list. Not sure how soon I will be back. this trail kicked my butt and I just hiked my. leconte in the smokies in June. I dont advise taking small kids on this trail at all. unless u wanna carry them out.

We did this hike on October 2nd 2017. We hiked up to LeConte Lodge and eventually to LeConte peak marked by a cairn just past the LeConte shelter. We weren’t aware of Myrtle Point so we turned back after reaching the high-point. We did however back-track to Cliff Tops to get some good views. After this we did get to stop at the Lodge for some Hot Chocolate and some great views of Gatlinburg and the park outskirts from the Cafe balcony. They had some chairs too so you can relax for a bit. We were also very lucky to see a Llama train arrive with supplies for the Lodge while we were there. We found out that they do a couple trips during the week to carry supplies for the Lodge. The hosts were really nice and let most of the people there even feed and pet the llamas. Definitely made up to the fact we missed Myrtle Point.

Went today with my husband nice trail the first section creek crossing was the hardest .

A must do! Always a trip to remember. The trail has been reworked so that the rocks and ground create better footing and drainage making it a much easier hike.

This is a very scenic hike and the views from the cliff tops are amazing. We hiked up and back the same day, but you can make reservations (a year in advance) to stay at the top. The hike is strenuous and very rocky. If you have knee problems, this one hurts a bit. There are a few things for sale at the top like chocolate and T-shirt’s. I think you can buy meals as well. We spent 8 hours on the trail including the time we spent at the top. Definitely start early and pack a lunch and plenty of water.

Great hike with the family. Started at 8:00am and arrived at the lodge at 11:10am. Great views and photo moments on the descent. Hope to do it again and stay the night at the lodge.

Great trail. The section from the cave to the peak is tough but rewarding with amazing views. I recommend trekking poles to help with the steep descent.

Love this hike! Hiked it with my husband and three girls ages 7 to 13. It’s tough towards the end but worth it. We stopped at alum cave for lunch and then went on with a couple more short breaks. It took us about three hours to get up and two to get down. Drank our weight in hot chocolate and coffee at the lodge.

Great trail. Beautiful views at every turn. Hiked to lodge and then went to Cliff Tops to see the view as the view from lodge was beautifully foggy. Will come and do it again. Took me about 6 hours with some stops for snacks and views with an hour at the top.

I found this hike pretty easy! Trail was pretty well marked and we did it counterclockwise. Very beautiful rock formations. The middle section has some rock scrambling but not much. It was fun to go thru the caves and rock tunnels. My husband ended up spraining his ankle mid way thru, so we had a very slow final 2.5 miles... but even with that we finished in less than 4 hours. Probably could have finished in 3 hours. The first 1 1/2 miles and last 2 miles are fairly “flat” and easy trail.

9 days ago

Absolutely gorgeous! Easy trail, except from the parking lot to first creek crossing has some rough footing. 10 creek crossings to reach the falls, and 10 going back, of course! Some spots in the creek were ankle deep. Some were over my knees. Spectacular falls at the end. Be sure to continue the climb up above the first big fall, as there's another waterfall up above, and a perfect spot to rest. It felt 10 degrees cooler up there. Several pools of water to swim in also. Passed a handful of camp sites along the way. I definitely will hike this again, but not after a heavy rain. Could be treacherous. Also not in the winter!

It’s a really beautiful trail! It’s mostly wooded, flows a creek for the first half, and a ridge for the second. We took it slow with our packs full of gear for an overnight in the backcountry. I took us about 5 hours to get up with plenty of breaks, and 3 hours to get down. Without a pack, it would be doable for most people.

I did lower half of the trail it was challenging but fun. I got lost few times and water was little higher then I expected.

My stepdaughter and I hiked this trail on April 5 and we had a great time. We spent 4.5 hours in hiking time only, and had a nice rest while enjoying the view and the hot chocolate at the top. (Bring some cash). There were still some icy patches on the way up, but they were melted by the time we went down. It's worth watching your step in the icy spots! Overall, the hike was not as hard as I expected. it is popular and busy, but we enjoyed visiting with the various hikers we met. Highly recommended. The views are stunning.

Date: 7.8.18
In: 8:18 AM
Out: 4:01 PM

We started the trail as soon as we arrived at the park and there were already a lot of cars at the lot from overnighters and early birds. The hike was scenic, picturesque, and has all the payoffs you would want in a trail. Even though we made it up there in 3 hours and would have made it back down in another 2 hours but we decided to wait the clouds to clear for some pictures so it ended up being a much longer hike than anticipated. Thank goodness for our wait because just as soon as we were about to pack up and leave, we got some nice break in the clouds and were able to take quite a few photos!

The only thing I could say that was a disappointment was the atmosphere at Le Conte Lodge. Prior to coming, I had looked them up and was excited to experience the hospitality that people raved about on almost all review sites. Alas, we did not get to experience the same courtesy afforded to other guests. While they were not rude, it was definitely standoffish. It was a sharp contrast to the friendly, kind, and courteous hikers that we encountered on the trail.

No matter though because we had so much fun and will definitely make this trail on our must do list whenever we visit the Smokies!

If you want a challenge, this is your trail! I hiked it for the first time and I am definitely coming back!

Nice little hike for in-shape Norwegians, probably better when the rivers are larger. Start early - it gets hot in the afternoon making the ascent in the end warm!

We made this hike to the cave this past weekend. It was a great hike for the whole family.

There are lodges and food 5 miles up, the actually peak extends further so the round trip will be closer to 11-12 miles or even more depending on how many of the side trails you explore.

11 days ago

When this site says hard, it means hard! Very rocky and steep inclines. However, it is very worth it! .2 miles into the trail there is a junction for Martha's Pretty Point. If you have the time take this hike!

Great hike, beautiful falls.
Come prepared...you will definitely get some exercise!

my favorite trail in the Smoky mountains.

Love love love the CT!

12 days ago

Nice little hike ❤️

Absolutely beautiful! Well worth the trip!

13 days ago

Ok so my family was very active in hiking while stationed in the central valley of California (there was nothing else to do there) But over the past several years we haven't gone as much as we would like with all the travels and duty stations and such. So glad we retired in TN where trails are abundant!

Anyway we decided to do this trail about a month ago, 2 kids ages 9 and 12, my mom (57) and myself (36). We only made it to the cable crossing campsite because we did not start till 5pm, but we made it out before dark.
Yesterday we decided to do it again, but the whole this this time. We made it all the way to the base of Virgin Falls and back in 5.5 hours, a total of 9 miles. We stopped at Big Laurel and went down to the falls/cave to get wet since it was quite hot! We also took a dip at Virgin and at a nice blue hole spot between the cable crossing and Big Laurel. We veered off to see the Caney Fork River campsite which is very nice! The hike is hard for an out of shape momma, my 12 year old son did rather well, but my 9 year old daughter was quite tired and her feet hurt by the end of this trek. Bring plenty of water or water purification means!! We did both, we brought 2 bottles of water per person and life straws and we were out by the end of the trail. Wear good hiking shoes or boots as there are many rocks and slick spots along the trail. Steep rugged terrain. I would only recommend for experienced hikers. All in all it was a great day, I am sore in my leg muscles and joints today but def worth it to do this trail!!

This was a great hike! The weather was not exactly ideal.
Encountered fog, freezing rain, high winds.
No view from the top though but would definitely do this hike again.

Fairly decent hike. Only went to the cave and back, but worth every step. Elevation change wasnt bad

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