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Such a beautiful trail!

We enjoyed Centerpoint to Goat Trail. The views were amazing. The hike out is uphill like everyone says. We were exhausted from a full day’s hike connecting other trails.

We hiked over to Sneed’s Creek, and cut through to Hemmed in Hallow. Made for a great day trip. We drank about 3 liters of water each for the whole day. It’s was overcast and misty though, we might would have needed more had it been sunny and hot. There are also man made campsites (clearings) along the way of each trail we encountered. All around a great area to spend a weekend.

on Kings River Falls Trail

2 days ago

The hiking is easy and the floating is good these days.
The pool is the best pool I have ever been in.

Easy hike more of a walk except for the stairs at the end. Beautiful falls when flowing.

3 days ago

By far one of the best trails in Arkansas. The trail is maintained and there are so many cool sights. Waterfalls if recent rain. River/creek runs beside the trail. Cave at the end. And more. Just do it!!

There was a very nice overview in the middle of the trail.

This trail had some cool rock formations along the way. I wish we could have gone into the bat caves!

Lots of uphill with rocky steps up and down

Very well maintained trail with a nice walk along the side the river to a nice waterfall with a great swimming hole under it. The river was very low but still flowing enough to get wet in the swimming hole.

Great hike for all ages, we saw kids as young as 3 walking the trail! Some more challenging portions with some good inclines, but no scrambling. Lots of features to look at including large crevasses next to the trail. Side note: all caves closed to protect bats from White Fungus Disease.

Great hiking for the family. Some drop offs but with proper guidance from parent child should be fine. Great views, no waterfall as it hasn't rained much recently, but still a really great hike. It was a quick trail but enough challenge for our kids (8 year olds) to be tired on the drive home.

14 days ago

this trail is SO fun, super gorgeous scenery. September is so perfect to go. the overlook took my breath away.

15 days ago

My wife and I hiked this trail and it was awesome. There was great scenery and a lot to see. We even saw 3 deer ran past us.

This hike started as a relatively pretty one and is probably much better suited for winter hiking but...there were SO MANY SPIDERS AND SEED TICKS today. We joked that it looked like the trail had been decorated for Halloween by how covered in spiderwebs it was and spending 3 hours batting spiders out of your face does make for an enjoyable hike.

Word of caution - this trail is well-marked but not referred to by the name of “Eagle View Loop” until you’re well into the hike. You’ll come to a fork on the “dam” structure where you have the option of taking the “Spillway Loop” or the one that heads back down into the forest (take the latter) and about halfway in, you’ll see another split for “Eagle View Loop.” This adds the extra mile or so to bring this hike to the full 5 miles but was one of the worst hiking experiences I’ve ever had - mosquito and tick infested, overgrown and damp. Just skip this part of the hike and continue toward “Lake Loop” and back toward the parking lot. Signage begins to get confusing as there are a few loops that intersect one another so you’ll want to pay close attention to the trail maps at the trailhead (Lake Lincoln parking area) and pick your route accordingly.

That being said, the trail is very doable for all skill levels and I would probably rate it much higher if I hadn’t taken the Eagle View Loop and continued on toward Lake Loop/parking area.

15 days ago

This Trail turned out to be better than expected. Great hike with some Awesome Caves.

17 days ago

I went around the loop Halloween late afternoon. I only passed one other hiker on the trail, and two in the parking lot that were just finishing when I started. Lots of up and down and some muddy spots. I would hate to see this get overused. Not much trash. Please take a trash bag and keep it that way. Good Girl Scout rule: always leave a place cleaner than you found it.

Beautiful View!! This hike was amazing and peaceful only met two other people on the trail. We started early in the morning and it was a easy hike in an not to bad on the way out either. Lots of spider webs!!

20 days ago

love this trail..get to explore inside the cave with a waterfalls...nature is just magical.

hike going to goat trail is so worth it!..take your time going back coz it be uphill mostly but you can do it.

Amazing! Starts out simple then gets a bit more interesting quickly. Make sure you check river levels- it’s cool to see no matter what level, but you can adjust your expectations. The caves and waterfall are incredible. Great icebox to hang out in and cool down.

Incredible views! Best in the state. An decent, doable hike for all ages and highly recommend. Do not recommend the upper outlook above Yellow Rock on the same trail. Adds an extra 60 minutes, and is not nearly as good a view as Yellow Rock since it’s obstructed by trees. That and you can drive to the upper outlook.

Awesome rock formations, caves, and ice box.

This is such an amazing Trail. I absolutely loved squat walking to get into the cave that had the hidden waterfall. Nature is so magical!

Some of the best views of the river! Centerpoint trail gets a little boring but Goats trail is well worth it!

Great trail. More moderate than easy in my opinion, but really enjoyed the rock formations and lake views.

Trail winds past mossy boulders and limestone bluffs thru the breezy ridge tops to a view that is beautiful year round. Trail is generally well kept, with a rough spots. The elevation change in accomplished through a series of switchbacks, which may benefit from the use of a walking stick, depending in your knees.

The waterfall is well worth the visit. Go early to beat the crowds. I was at the waterfall by 9 am then hiked some of the trails and on my way back it was busy, unless you like screaming kids and crowds then go for it. $5 park entrance fee. The trail is short but there are other trails in the park so if you can certainly hit those and spend several hours here. If you get the chance to go do so!

Amazing view! Killer hike back out due to all uphill.

1 month ago

Great trail even if its a short one! Lots of everything including caves, water falls, nice rock formations, and views of the stream and surrounding mountains.

1 month ago

Great Hike and not over crowded since we hiked during the week. Nice views of the surrounding mountains and creek.

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