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I was the only person Tues @ 6 AM. My GPS shows I walked about 3.5mi, in about 1.5hrs. The trail is a bit steep but not too challenging (for a moderately fit 25y/o, female) and well maintained.
There is no big view overlook but this trail makes for a lovely walk in the forest without having to drive too far from the city.

Trailhead is closed for reconstruction through July 30th, 2018.

We hiked this trail mid-day on a very hot afternoon in July. This Trail offered very minimal shade. It is obviously not maintained. It has literally zero signage. The trails are very confusing. There is no obvious begin or end to this hike. We were lost many times on spur trails and unmarked trails. The trail was a good workout but I will not be back, Ever! Please, don't waste your time.

I like this one because it's only about 20 minutes from my apartment, and it's enough to get a really good workout in the woods. Well marked trail, lush forested area... a fine place to walk it off! As a bounus - it connects to other trails all over the mountain, so you can cover a LOT of ground depending on how much time you've got to explore.

Beautiful hike, very peaceful. No running water in the summer time though! Or at least this year.

Parked at the south trailhead for "Stevens Creek" off of Stevens Creek Road. Hiked a little under a mile to "Big Rock" and enjoyed the views of the Palouse to the South and Spokane Valley to the North. From where the Stevens Creek Trail meets the Iller Creek Loop at the top I recommend going down on the East (right) loop, as it is more exposed and steep, and then up on the West (left) loop, as it is shaded and less steep. Iller Creek Trailhead to the North off of Dishman Mica is also an access point for the entire area. Good trail for dogs, there is a creek along the west loop.

Great hike with beautiful views in all directions. A portion of the trail goes through the forest along a creek and makes it for a nice cool—down. The rocks are obviously amazing. Bring lots of water as it gets hot this time of the year! Very dog friendly. We will be back!

Very quite the morning after Fourth of July. Beautiful woods to wander through. Dog loved it.

12 days ago

Great views. Varied landscape. Clean, marked trails. Definitely will revisit this one.

Loved it!

18 days ago

This is a great loop trail. We have done this several times. It's an easy walk along the river. The Knothead incline can kick your butt if you aren't used to doing any uphill trails. When Spring arrived we were in awe of all the beautiful wildflowers - the yellow aquatic iris are amazing...and wildlife we see when walking along the Spokane River. We have seen a moose, Deer with fawn, beaver, wild turkey with 3 chicks....

trail running
18 days ago

A bit of an asskicker of a trail run but really great training. My log came out to 9 but I had a goal of 9 that day so ran a bit extra on the highway to get there. All in all I will be doing this one as a trail run again.

Decent hike for kids. Took 8 and 6 year old on it. Would do it again.

Gorgeous views and a very enjoyable hike. Be sure to pack plenty of water, I went through almost three liters backpacking in the direct afternoon sun.

22 days ago


needs better trail markers

Had a great hike today. Currently bit muddy, and slippery. A kid and a pet were with us.
The trail is steep at places.
There is no view from top, if you are expecting it. But the wilderness is a wonderful experience.

Great trail run. Perfect amount of hills and views and grass and trees.

Not much significant to look at, but nice complexity and challenge.

The area was nice with some good rock formations to play on but the trails were confusing and easy to get lost on which we did. We ran into the end of the park boundaries two or three times to find back yards and houses. It had a couple of small ponds and if you stayed in the park it was a nice area but still confusing. Give yourself at least three hours on the trails.

my best friend and I took our kids here 2 days ago. we had a great time on the hike and we found the waterfall. unfortunately a dog jumped from the above cliff and almost landed on my daughter and the owners were somewhere but a stranger came down and got the dog and took it up to the owners. it was an upsetting trip and we will never go back. BE CAREFUL!

I love this Trail. It is a lot of up and down and it goes into wide-open territory so there's little shade from the Sun after the first part. But as beautiful views of the South Hill and the rest of Spokane. Very little traffic on this Trail. I was able to find my way easily as I stayed on the app all trails and my little blue. Show me exactly where I was. Definitely will be one I will do more often.

Beautiful hike!

1 month ago

This was a really nice hike with a good variety in incline and landscape. The first part of the trail is along the river and we came across a huge field of wild yellow irises! Great photo opportunity. There's a tiny little bit of climbing over some rocks in the beginning but otherwise it's a clear trail which eventually meets a road you have to cross. Signage is clear and the trail is easy to follow. Around the third mile you start making your way up the hill for a beautiful view of Spokane river. There's a nice stop with rocks where you can sit and take in the view, but if you keep going a little further and venture off the trail just a bit (you'll reach the highest peak - go left off the trail) you'll get an even better view. But WATCH out for mosquitoes. We did this in the afternoon arriving at 2 pm. A couple hours in, the mosquitoes came out at full force. My lucky husband was fine but I'm basically mosquito food and I'm miserable today with over two dozen bites! They were really bad here. Will come back and do this in the morning...with bug spray. We only ran into one other couple the entire 7 mile hike! It was nice and quiet.

Despite lacking a vista at the peak, this hike is absolutely gorgeous and is lush with streams and ferns. I took Trailhead Direct from Mount Baker to Margaret’s Way, and then just walked to the trailhead across the road, so it’s convenient to get to without a car. Lots of different options if you decide to extend your hike, and lots runners, children, and people with dogs.

Great main trail, although I found about 5 ticks on my fur baby about 30 min into our hike. (Frontline clearly doesn’t work) and one crawling on me. Also most of the trails on this map are no longer there.

Fun, easy to reach, great for dog walking. Easy enough for my 9yo to trek around with me.

It was a hot day last summer and it was pretty Woodsy.. nothing too crazy cool

2 months ago

Excellent hike. One of my favorites. 6.5 mile loop.

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