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Breath-taking views at several points along the way. Was a bit of a steep scramble at the end but worth it. The overwhelming quiet was what struck me the most.

on Gray Back Peak Trail

4 days ago

Pretty hike with very good views from the top (particularly given the short length of the trail), appropriately rated as moderate. My GPS tracked closer to 4 miles though.

Easy trail for sure. Good portion of it shaded. Great for kids or for trail running. Well marked trail with nice views. Good place to take out of Townes not used to the elevation.

6 days ago

amazing! a perfect example of why I moved here in the first place!! Gorgeous!

This was a great 5.5 miles venture, 2.3 miles was the upper loop. There was a couple other out and back trails, not included in the 5.5 miles. Took two moderately active people an hour and 45 minutes. Saw a coyote.

8 days ago

This is a constant climb to the lake. Beautiful views of Lake City, aspen groves, and the Mountain View’s are beautiful. But the climb is up 99% of the time...so beware!!! If you’re not in the mood for a 4 mile ascent, this is probably not the trail for you.

Nice little hike on my lunch break. I would recommend it. Love the blue seat at the top.

I enjoyed this hike a lot, but I went with several kids who were 13 or younger who really struggled. This trail is fairly straight up and getting to the top isn’t the most rewarding of peaks/views. However, what I did love it about it were the trees, that my dog could be off leash, and that it wasn’t so crowded as many of the trails are. I would definitely do it again, but probably not with kids given it was so steep.

First off, I'm a flat-lander from Iowa. and I'm a solid hiker with a lot of miles behind me, and this trail is tough. My son and I tackled it today and it is tough. The view is spectacular! but the hike is tough. but well worth the effort.

13 days ago

Easy to use and enjoy. The whole family (ranging from 3 to 37) enjoyed the mostly flat trail. The wooden bridges are a nice inclusion with the maintained trail. It's not a strenuous hike but is a good way to take in the lake when not fishing. The path gives plenty of room so you aren't interfering with those that are fishing but never too far from the water. The kids look forward to doing the hike each time we camp up there.

Great easy trail with scenic views. Some nice shade along the way

17 days ago

Definitely rated correctly as HARD. Don’t bring your little kids up here... for them it’s gonna be a day of scrapes, bandages, and tears — and that’s if it’s a good day. Trail tip: about half way up, when it’s getting gnarly and steep and slippery, every fork in the road where you have a question Do I go right or left?... stay LEFT. You’re welcome for that tip. When the going gets brutal, you want to be following the stream.
Total round trip time for us was 4 hours.
And: bring your trekking poles, your boots with the most rugged tread on them, and biking gloves for the scramble downhill.

Great trail, very scenic. The service road going to the top nearly killed me

The first leg of this trail up to and along the reservoir (roughly 1.5 miles) had excellent views and a nice wide small gravel road that was ideal for my family. My wife and I took this trail and backpacked our 2 and 4 year olds and it was a good workout. That said, please be very careful and aware of the turn back toward the reservoir on the ice cave creek section. It is not marked and we missed it and ended up off course on Swank Trail then had to back track, and on the recommendation of a hiker cut over to the Sundance valley trail which was a very steep climb and descent back to the reservoir with a kid on your back! Our 3.8 turned into 6.6. It was a very nice trail, but be aware of the turn back and would not recommend the Sundance valley section with kids.

I would rate this more on the easy side -a pleasant walk. Nice views from the top.

Nice wander through the forest for a morning hike.

22 days ago

An extreme blast. I had so much fun. I’m 49 and went with my 17 y/o daughter. She kicked my butt!!! It was definitely hard and challenging for me but very beautiful and enjoyable. Lots of boulders. But I won’t say anymore about the trail so I don’t spoil the excitement for others. The view at the top was breathtaking. I hope everyone enjoys it as much as I did. Blessed.

off road driving
26 days ago

Great trail, lots of nice views.

26 days ago

Everything you want on a hike. It is rocky so for me poles helped. Overall great hike. Only saw two people as I was getting off the trail to leave.

Amazing trail! I really enjoyed it. It definitely is a challenge and very steep but it’s not miserable coming down! I highly recommend!

1 month ago

Very awesome trail, but, as others have said, also extremely challenging. This is not a trail for beginners!! It took me, an acclimated & active 21 year old, two hours of pretty intense climbing to get to the top. The view is absolutely worth it! There were parts where I had to slide down on my butt when descending. It gets very slick in some spots, so I highly suggest hiking poles! There were also parts where I had to carry my dog up/down due to the steepness. As always, watch for bears & mountain lions! A fellow hiker told us he was about 20 yards away from a massive black bear on the trail the same time we were there. It’s really easy to get off trail, too. Keep left & look for blue/brown marks for reassurance. There aren’t many marks, but there were enough for us to know we were still on the trail.

This is an amazing hike!! Views from the top are beautiful. If you bring your dogs please be aware it is difficult for them, as far as steep and rocky!

Only went in the first mile or so. Steep so very challenging Parking is sketchy. We overnight camped on the first flat area in which was very nice with a great view.

One of my favorite hikes! This morning I trekked up Spruce Mountain, then down the steep, rocky service road to the Greenland Trail. Doing this nice 5-6 mile loop allows you such varied terrain: stunning overlooks from up high down through serene scrub oak and pine forest to beautiful prairie and meadows below. Lovely!

1 month ago

Beautiful little hike, about 5.5 miles. Went today at about 8 AM and there was very little traffic on the trail. Came down about 1030 and there was a few more people coming up but not crowded at all. Horses, bikes, and hikers all had plenty of room from what I saw. I felt the trail itself was easy, but for those who aren't experienced the first 1.5 miles could probably be a little more tiring.

1 month ago

My home lake... a nice gentle walk around the lake... beautiful scenery!!

Easy; no shade.

1 month ago

Wel groomed trail. Dog loved it. Lake very beautiful. Not sure how you get around all of the lake but it was very nice to hike. Rained a bit on us which was also refreshing.

1 month ago

water looks gross!

This used to be one of my favorite hikes in the C Springs area. But now they have drained the reservoir. I called and spoke with Natural Resources office at the AFA and there are no plans to fix the dam and refill it. He said it was decided it was too expensive. So sad.

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