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3 hours ago

We hiked the trail this morning to all 3 lakes. The trail to the middle lake is the steepest but there are lots of places to step off and take a break. if you make it to the middle lake definitely push on and go to the 3rd. Make sure you take a camera as the views are stunning.

5 hours ago

Grueling hike! The entire hike is a scramble up the mountain. Pretty relentless. The final ascent up the boulders is intense. Bring lots of water! Most of the hike is spent in the trees. About 2.5-3hours in you are rewarded with a wonderful view of the water cascading down the mountain from the lake - take a break and take in the waterfall. Another 45 minutes in the trees and finally out for magnificent views! 30 more minutes up the boulder and finally... The lake itself! It is gorgeous!

on Diez Vistas Trail

16 hours ago

Great hike with really cool viewpoints! The first three or four viewpoints are the best, but a couple of the viewpoints after that aren't really great because foliage covers them from the trail. The first part is intense uphill switchbacks for about three kms, then it is a nice slow downhill for the rest. Hike took a total of four hours, not very busy either for starting at 10:00 but it was a cloudier day and it was definitely getting really busy by the time we finished.

Great hike, it was easy up until the path stopped and then it was moderate to hard from there but don’t let that discourage you; the view was amazing. took me and my girlfriend approx 3 1/2 hours. Would do it again for sure.

Black flies were brutal, still some snow up there but doable in runners - bring an extra pair of socks! Bring more water than you think you’ll need, it was a hot summer day when we did it. Waterfalls were gorgeous, view was amazing.

1 day ago

Amazing view from the top! I didn't summit as I didn't have the gear for climbing up all that snow, but it was an amazing view of Pitt Lake and the surrounding mountains (even Mt Baker in Washington) from the emergency shelter and campsite.

This hike kicked my ass. I would absolutely not recommend it if you're afraid of heights as there is quite a bit of scrambling to the top. Also, bringing a dog is a really terrible idea in my opinion, though I did see a couple people with them. It's a miracle the dog made it down in one piece.

1 day ago

Excellent hike. Nice and steep but not too long so bearable. Definitely recommend doing it as an overnighter...set your tent and then head up to the glacier :)

1 day ago

Please don’t miss this hike. Get there early, be ready for a strenuous first half of the hike. Incredible beauty will be your payoff! Take the time to hike through the campground and up to the second waterfall. It’s heaven!! Pack water and lots of bug spray. Enjoy!

1 day ago

First part of trail was quite steep with loose rocks so can be somewhat slippery going downhill on the return trip. No snow left on trail but some parts are muddy. It was a cloudy, rainy day and we didn’t think we would have a view but we were lucky because the clouds parted as we reached the bluff. Nice hike with a beautiful view. There was a raven and a couple of chipmunks on the bluff waiting for food. Took us about 3 hours return.

Went on a Saturday morning. Started the hike at 7:00 am and took us about 4 hours return including about 30 minutes on the summit. Very little snow on the trail. Lots of mud last 1/4 of trail. Also lots of mosquitoes and other flying bugs. Not many people on the trail early in the morning but must have passed at least 100 people going to the summit as we returned. Better to go early morning or weekday to avoid the crowds. The rating of moderate is accurate. There are a few steeper areas that require minor scrambling that some might find difficult but the view is worth it.

One of the most beautiful places I’ve been!

Crowded but unbelievably beautiful. Pack bug spray!

Awesome hike! The actual start point is once you have crossed the floating bridge (that is where you see the sign) It’s definitely more than a moderate hike in my opinion, very challenging In some areas and a has quite a rocky terrain, so wear good shoes. I would definitely do it again.

A very busy hike on a holiday Monday, I would recommend going on a weekday if possible. Snow is mostly gone, just the last 15 minutes or so are in snow but it's easy to traverse.

3 days ago

July 12

I consider myself an intermediate biker and this was quite challenging for me. I’m on the smaller side at 5’ so one regular step for you might be two for me. Anyways this hike took me about four hours with plenty of breaks in between and 20 min at the top. Panoramic views are amazing and visibility was great today.

There were quite a bit of bugs so you’ll be happy to bring some repellent with you. Saw rangers putting up trail signs today. Still a lot of patches of snow. Some slushy some hard packed. Slid down some slopes instead of actual walking. You can hear the snow melting. Hiking boots will be nice if you don’t want your feet wet.

The last section that requires chains and ropes. The ropes look a bit sketchy and on the thin side. I was a little weary about one that was tied off to a branch that had some sway when pulled on but I wish they had something sturdier. Steep climb. Very dangerous to lose your footing there.

Very worth it for the views. Gorgeous. Quiet.
Next time I’ll be bringing poles. :)

3 days ago

Amazing. Since drugs are not aloud. Haha

4 days ago

This is one of the most beautiful and rewarding hikes I’ve ever done. The views are amazing! Make sure you hike all 3 lakes. It’s steep in some areas, but it’s worth it!

5 days ago

It’s so beautiful and worth the hike once you get up to the third lake. I wish I can do more to go up to the glacier so I can see the three lakes from the top.

6 days ago

My favourite local day hike - a few of the vistas have disappeared due to tree growth (I strongly suspect) but the main viewpoint overlooking Indian Arm, out to SFU, Vancouver etc. is great. I like to hike up, eat some lunch at the main viewpoint, and head back the way I came rather than do it as a loop. Normally I like loops, but on this one its not a good enough second half to bother.

Perfect views in a sunny day. First part of trails is really easy because the path is really well maintained. The second part is a bit more rough and pretty muddy - please don`t kill your white shining sneakers there. And mosquitoes - there are the worst! Don`t make my mistake and bring your bug spray because it kinda spoils the whole fun. On the top go to the farthest cliff - best views and almost no bugs there. One more thing - keep in mind that the creek is not a trail. At some point some people kept going downstream when they were supposed to turn - watch the signs!

My wife and I did the hike yesterday. it's was Amazing and very rewarding. Yes it was a hard and long hike. Would do it again but this time in 2 days. 10.25 hours and stayed 45 min at the top.

One star since dogs are not allowed!!!!

Great hike! Lots of variety. The path is still muddy but manageable. Be warned there are swarms of mosquitoes the last 1/3 of the hike. Made it uncomfortable to enjoy the beautiful view at the top.

8 days ago

Very steep terrain but the reward is spectacular! Totally worth it!

Beautiful views BUT too early in the year. I did it last week (last week of June) and there is still too much snow. Up until the Lions is okay, but after that steep snow gullies and snow bridges need proper snow hiking gear (ice pick, crampons, etc).
Also, this is not really a loop...you can leave a car at Porteau Cove and then come back to start the hike from Cypress Mountain, it's 28km one way and hard, not moderate.

11 days ago

Great hike! We went past the 3rd lake up into the glacier. It was definitely worth going the extra mile, you can see all 3 lakes in a line from up there

Be prepared to get muddy. Fabulous view. Patchy snow totally doable without crampons. Go in the off hours (eg early morning) to avoid massive crowds. Took us 3.5 hours including a 40 minute lunch and photo break at the top.

12 days ago

Did this hike on Saturday 29 June. It was an amazing hike, did it in 11 hours. The 7km of switchbacks are cruel!
There is still around 2 feet of snow past 1700 metres, we didn't have crampons or snow shoes but had gaiters and waterproof boots which were fine.

12 days ago

One of the most incredible hike I’ve been in BC . Amazing view and great to enjoy the day there.

Visited on July 1. Some large groups visiting here. There is snow at the top, but not an issue to wear shorts, t-shirt, trail runners. the trail is quite muddy prior to the snow.

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