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Beautiful hike through dense, lush forest. The lakes are a lovely ending. The hike was enough to get the blood flowing, but certainly not strenuous.

19 hours ago

This is a moderate intensity 3 to 5 hour trail depending on how rigorous vs. leisurely you want to be. I've hikded this trail in both directions. Ascending via Amphitheater is a steeper incline, and more gradual descent via Ranger and Gregory Canyon, compared to vice versa. I recommend this route if you're looking for a more challenging climb that's gentler on the knees coming down. There is plenty of shade and some open spaces. The view from the summit is beautiful.

21 hours ago

Great trail with many great views of cascading waterfalls down a small mountain stream with a spectacular finish at Ouzell Falls. Copeland Falls was also better than expected. Ouzel Falls offers as good of a view as there is in RMNP in my opinion. We took the extra time to hike to the top of Ouzel Falls and it was well worth it. Great views of the aspens changing colors and sounds of running water as the trail follows a mountain stream throughout the hike. Also came across a full grown moose on the return trek. The trail took us just under 3 hrs including a 30+ minute detour to the top of Ouzel Falls. Highly recommended and easy enough for the entire family to enjoy.

I'm guessing the hard rating is based on the minor scrambling required to get to the upper lakes. Overall a great hike with 4 gorgeous lakes. Saw some people braving the cold water and had wished I packed some extra clothes to jump in as well. Even though there's a decent amount of traffic on the trail, it didn't feel overly crowded and everyone I encountered was friendly and courteous.

Like many of the other reviewers, I underestimated the difficulty. The good news is I downloaded the tracks so I had them available. Scrub oak was everywhere and I’ve got lots of scrapes but it was worth it. Beautiful views, several lizards and two prairie rattlesnakes were my reward.

Note to self: get better boots

No goats ... no sheep.

Great trail. Not hard until you start up to the upper lake. I would note that there are two trails up to the upper lake. If you go between the lakes and up, it’s pretty steep and you will end up climbing a lot of boulders. You will not follow the trail on all trails. You’ll end up to the left of the trail but will still reach the lake. You have to go around the lower big lake a bit to reach the actual trail (the one you find on all trails). It’s steep (maybe not as bad as the other way). Both trails have been travels a bunch so marked.

Trail was pretty but not sure I would do it again. Long dirt rocky road to get to the trail. Don’t not necessarily need a high clearance vehicle or 4wd. HUGE parking lot so you don’t have to worry about getting a spot. Probably holds 50 cars.

3 days ago

Beautiful drive from Lyons.
$25 NP entrance fee. Consider buying annual np pass if you will use any other np.

The river is gorgeous the entire way up.
Take the Copeland falls upper and lower loop as it’s inviting and parallels the main trail so adds no distance to route.
Total elevation gain is measured at 870 feet From 8500 at trailhead to 9300 at falls but printed map said 270 feet gain. Typo? In any case was a pleasurable ascent.
Took us exactly 3 hours total at leisurely pace.
Trail crosses the Cascades waterfalls and then Ouzel falls. To see the falls up close, take the unofficial trail to the left , just before the bridge where the sign says “ouzel falls”. It’s just a few hundred feet of exploring to see the falls from Best viewpoint.
Must get there early. By noon we had to wait 20 minutes for a spot to free up.

Take a picnic lunch, Tevas and a bathing suit and take the day to savor the swimming holes. But be smart where you swim so you don’t get swept away!

Beautiful hike worth the climb to the upper
Lake. Great hike to break for lunch at the halfway point.

Travel about 7 miles on the East Portal Inlet/Tolland dirt road out of Rollinsville, CO to the Moffat Tunnel. The road is a bit rough in spots, but easily traveled with a 2WD vehicle. This is a cool tunnel that cuts through the Continental Divide for about 6 miles and ends up on the other side in Winter Park. Once you make it up to the two lakes, by climbing up the steep talus and dirt trail to the upper Crater Lake, you get a beautiful view of this section of the Divide and the lake which has a deep green tint reflecting the peaks above. We saw quite a few marmots in the talus field on the way back down to the lower Crater Lakes and a beautiful panoramic view of that area below and the surrounding mountains. Take your time with this easy scramble because of the scree and loose rock. Our retrievers made the up and down just fine. We camped at the east lake and filtered water from there. It’s crowded for the hike up from the trailhead, but most are day hikers. The Saturday night we camped, there were probably about 3-4 other groups camping overnight along with us in other camp areas. You can pick your own campsite, but it’s encouraged to use a place already camped before obviously. The trail is rated as Hard, but I would say that would be for the upper lake trek where it’s much steeper, but a fun scramble, than the hike up to the two lower Crater Lakes. I really enjoyed this trail especially since you don’t need a permit for an overnight. At this time of year several of the streams were dry under the bridge crossings, but there still is a waterfall, and another good running stream on the way up besides the lake for water. The aspens were changing colors making for a beautiful hike. I’ll do this one again!

One of my favorite hikes! It’s been said before, but the last mile or so is difficult if you take the steep route. We had to take quite a few breaks along that stretch.


We hiked this to flattop mountain on a day hike. A little longer then we expected and then further got delayed by having a bull moose on the trail who would run at us when we tried to pass, ended up waiting 30 minutes for him to move on. Lots of wildlife 2 bull moose, elk, mule deer, beautiful views and lots of water. 22 miles total for us in 10 hours. Not to bad

Good route, good views from top & a few other places, good weather today, good hike.

Awesome trail. There and back with a few side trails to diversify. They call the trail 'primitive' as there are some overgrown spots and steep trackside drop offs. We took the main trail out and hit Chave and Gaskill side trails on the way back. Clocked in about 21 miles and 8 miles at a brisk hike rate with a few snack stops.

Great hike. Heavily used. Plenty of camp spots around lower crater lake. Highly recommend walking up the short but steep trail to upper crater lake.

Love this hike! Got kinda steep but very doable in 2 hours. The lakes are gorgeous. When the Creek is high there are stunning waterfalls

on Beaver Brook Trail

13 days ago

Varied terrain and deep enough in the canyons to block the traffic noise and visual pollution.

14 days ago

It was a nice hike. Some of the trees and vegetation are beginning to change colors. I would rate it more on the easy side than moderate. Although the last .9 mile does become steeper and there are steps to climb. But that is the most difficult part of the hike. You get to see Copeland lower and upper falls on the way to Ouzel falls. So it's a nice treat to see all three falls. It cost $25 per vehicle to enter. I got there about 1 pm on Sunday and there was plenty of parking. There were a lot of cars parked in the road. So get there early or later for parking. I think the cost was $12 per pedestrian and adds 2 miles in each direction. From the trailhead to Ouzel falls is 2.7 miles.

16 days ago

Great trail. Definitely a bit of a struggle for someone who is a little out of shape like me, but it was well worth it. Beautiful trail with several places to see cascades.

Beautiful hike. Pretty steep going up and tons of elder people on this trail. Some of them seemed upset about the dogs

Challenging! A lot of stair stepping, but worth the view. Bring extra water and pay attention to the map as it is easy to wander off course.

The trail is well-maintained without having to dodge any fallen limbs. It's impeccably clean and with plenty of landscape variety to keep it interesting.

Gentle tourist warning here. Don't be fooled -- it's tough, especially the last 1 mile to Crater Lakes after the turn off from the main trail. Sites like All Trails are good to level-set expectations. Too many people see "hike" and think it's like walking in Kansas. On my way down I saw people in flip flops without any water heading up --- on a warm day. I could almost hear the rescue chopper warming up!

I camped just one night on the lower lakes. Caught two fish. The place is quiet, beautiful and perfectly Colorado.

Nice hike with spectacular views of mountain range at the top. Moderate hike, moderate traffic on Saturday morning around 10. Lots of trails crossing so had to pay attention to the map.

the path walking is so beautiful! I feel sad that unfortunately I didn't find the hike trail, as I see that so many here did find. Hope in the future someone will post pictures that shows the begin of the trail to hike and make give some specific directions. Anyway, it is totally worth to visit this place! I loved it.

22 days ago

Great hike, shaded, follows creek, lots of water features with 40ft waterfall at end. You cannot see the falls from the trail. Go left before bridge to get close. Even a few wildflowers late in season. Trailhead parking half full @7am but full later. Glacial boulders, campsites. 6 miles roundtrip.

22 days ago

Great altitude acclimation hike. Arrived 11am; had to park in farthest lot which added 1 mile each way on hike. Falls were beautiful with head on view only if you take a left with mini scramble immediately before the bridge(recommend this route). Trail definitely not a hike for solitude but enjoyed conversing with others at base of falls.
Easy/moderate but only if in good condition. Plenty of shade on easily navigated trail

Great hike, especially for a day trip since it's just under 6 miles!! Parking and crowds really weren't that bad (we hit the trail Saturday morning around 8:30). It's a long climb up stairs for the first third, lightly rolling trail for the second third, and all downhill for the last part. We didn't stop for brunch on the way back, but would highly recommend doing so since Boulder's right there. Be sure to check the maps as there are a lot of optional turns you could take!

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