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Lovely hike with beautiful views. Limited parking, so better to get there early. We didn’t think the mountain bikers were obnoxious, but it was nice to know we would encounter them along the way. Entire way there is uphill. We are averagely fit people, and it was a moderate hike for us. We’ll be coming back again!

I hike the Thomas Creek Upper trail monthly in my Mt Rose rotation. this trail has it all and with ample shade and almost constant running water, it cools on those hot Reno days. I usually go in up to the bridge and depending on weather, time of day for direct sun and traffic, I sometimes take the access road eitber up or down. it makes for a decent work out and the many dogs and horses are a plus for animal lovers. i even saw a mountain mono cyclist...incredible. you will love this moderate hike.

Great hike, fantastic views and very few other people!

*easy grade.
*great shade.
*lotsa water for the dogs.
*unpopulated on an "off" day ( NOT on sat/sun/holiday).

14 days ago

What a great trail. It starts off with a bit of a steep incline but if you can hang in there it is well worth it. When you get to a grouping of rocks on the right (I think about 1.5 miles in you will want to take a little path off the the left. It takes you to Monkey Rock and some of the best views of Lake Tahoe. My husband and I are over 60 wand managed it well but you definitely want to be in decent shape

definitely more easy than moderate. the 5 miles really just fly by because the trail is flat and there are lots of things to look at. the waterfall is beautiful! once you reach it, you can continue on to mt rose (another 5 miles total) or turn around and head back. there are a lot of people on the trail, but i wouldn't call it crowded--if you like your solitude i would recommend starting around 7 or 8am; if you like saying hi to people on the trail then start later. there was a nice breeze so we didn't notice the heat even though we got a later start.

If you stay on the main trail this is not HARD. Trail is smooth with cool rock formations. I took the BP side trail up to upper price lake.
Don't take this route unless you're advanced. The trail faded in and out, unless you got your leg's, head, topographic mapping @ peak you can get more than hurt. Lots of bear sign, one section just after multiple bear sign dangerous fall left and right. Main trail is the safest bet.

It was thundering and raining for our hike today - we enjoyed it. Saw very few other hikers, perhaps due to rain.

Love this trail. Started at 7:00 am. On the way down, there were a lot of other hikers making their way up. Next time it will be up on Mt. Rose.

26 days ago

Awesome views!

Easy trail with waterfall at end. Beautiful meadow with flowers.

A great hike for both people and dogs. We were thankful for the shade and the water.

This trail was more difficult than moderate in my opinion. It was also 6.6 miles and not 6.3. It is a gorgeous trail full of surprises. The views close to the top are breathtaking! I definitely wished I could have jumped in the pond due to the heat but the water looked pretty gross. I will be doing this trail again in fall when it cools down a bit.

Beautiful! Good mix of shade and sun. Didn’t see anyone else on the trail at all.

1 month ago

Views are amazing. Totally worth it.

A well-maintained trail with 3 different water fill-up stations. 1 at the sports park, 1 at the lower level bbq grassy area, and 1 at the regional park at the end. Great for bicyclists or avid joggers. If you go to each detour you will reach 6 miles 1 way

1 month ago

HORRIBLE! Worst idea to hike up with a 40lbs of packing. Will not return unless told otherwise

1 month ago

Nice, fairly easy hike. Minimal elevation changes. Well kept trail. Great views the first 3/4 mile or so, then more forested. Beautiful falls at the end.

This hike is perfect anytime of day due to the shade the trees provide. It is a mellow climb and beautiful. If you drive past the first parking lot and go further up the dirt road there is additional parking. Starting closer to the top allows for different views and less people.

Relaxing stroll in a scenic forested area next to a creek.

Great hike. Went on the 4th of July so it was busy but not as bad as I thought. Tons of dogs! All were very friendly and it was a great training experience for my pup. Shaded most the way until after the turn to Dry Pond. You start to go up the hill and lose the shade from the trees. Cool place to check out. The dog and kid enjoyed cooling off in the creek.

I LOVE this hike. The views are incredible, the air is clean, traffic light, perfect balance of sun & shade, climbs & walks; it's just exhilarating!
Bonus: lots of geocaches on & off the trails! =]

The trail was excellent this morning. A little smoky. The wildflowers are out in force in the top half of the hike. This is a consistently uphill hike the entire distance, but the views and ambiance from the top are outstanding. The pond itself is quite small, but the surroundings are gorgeous. I went with friends who continued on the bushwhacking scramble up to Mount Rose, but I stopped about half mile beyond the pond. The hike down is rewarding. On clear days, the views of surrounding valleys would sometimes be very good, but it was hazy.

Did this trail today, well into the Mt. Rose Wilderness and finally turned around at the Rim to Reno north loop intersection. This took about 5 hours total, from the trailhead. Unlike what others have mentioned, the trail does eventually become exposed to sun at times, and does also become more steep- as where I turned around, I was over 9000' elevation. The water is still going strongly at the water crossing sites, of which there are several, despite it being July! Once you arrive at Mt. Rose Wilderness, which was about 2 1/2 hours into the hike for me, bicycles become forbidden. I didn't pass even one other person on the upper part of the trail today. Very serene and well worth doing!

Nice and shady, right by the creek, lots and lots of trees. Good place for kids

1 month ago

Really enjoyed this hike. Even this 67 year old was able to hike it without any difficulty. It was beautiful with shade and light breezes. We will do it again!

I am giving this trail four stars for the views alone. (Before I get into the review, let’s talk about the rating system for a moment. This trail is designated as “moderate”; however, if you’re slightly out of shape you will quickly learn that it should have been labeled as “most likely to send you into cardiac arrest.” It’s steep.) This trail has a TON of mountain bikers and many of them come barreling down the trail without warning. This gets annoying pretty quickly. Now, to be fair, some of them seem to be well versed in trail etiquette, but not all.

Good out and back hike. Add Dry Pond and White’s Creek for a great loop!

6-22-18: The hike was beautiful with a lot of inclines. We ran into a bear using the trail on the way down. It, thankfully, ran away. Would hike again with bear mace.

1 month ago

The view from the top is to die for. With that said it is Hard... not moderate because it is straight up. No switchbacks so super hard on the knees on the way down. Soft dirt and loose rocks.

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