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Such a beautiful Hike. Little steep going up but really not that bad. anyone can do this Trail.

Well maintained trail .. lot of steep mountains which gives you a good workout. Pretty views too. Will do it again to get used

Trail conditions were ideal! There were only a few remaining puddles/mud patches. This was a mellow hike until the last 1/2 mile, when it turned into a steep scramble. The view up top made it so worth the climb

2 days ago

Hiked Sitton Peak yesterday. Beautiful conditions with the recent rains making the hills extra lush and green. A few muddy spots but very manageable. Pretty crowded in the parking lot and on the trail. Overall a fairly easy hike until the last half mile where it gets steep fast. Will definitely do this hike again!

We hiked this trail on May 6, 2018. Loved it! Easy and beautiful! Wished we got there earlier and could walk to the very end before the sun went down. Next time we will!

Creds: AllTrails Pro for accurate GPS real time location and mileage. 7.3 mi. 1,260’ El Gain. Went clockwise for both loops. First loop trail closed half way through, had to back track / go around (reason why mileage more then 5.7 planned).

Aside from closed section, rest of trails in great condition.

3 stars for terrible parking. Park only has slots for about 10 cars. Street parking ‘permit only’. Easy to miss. So I pay $1,000 dollars in city taxes a year to live here and people who live right next to park managed to get rid of public parking on this wide street I helped pay for. Wow. Amazing to me people buy a house next to park entrance and get upset when people park there?!?!

Beautiful hike with gorgeous views of Pacific Ocean, Catalina Island, and lots of whales.

13 days ago

Did this hike with my two dogs. Relatively easy hike except the last half mile.

Would recommend again

fun trail to hike solo or with the dog(s). Couple of things to note- not much shade and can be pretty rocky. Be sure to bring plenty of water and if an older dog consider their paws/joints. overall a lovely hike with great ocean views

Nice 10.5 mile jaunt! Nothing too intense until the last .5 miles to summit. Relatively easy compared to other SoCal peaks. Definitely coming back here, made for a nice January morning stroll.

In New Year hike wit Alex Castro, Chato and me to SItton Peak in Cleveland National Forest, a total of 10 miles and elevation gain of 2,116ft. There were no too many people likely and it was really nice. It was really cold and windy but we have a very good time (Father and Kids), for the first time a used my JetFuel portable stove we have a very hot bowl of soup and a coffee. Honestly I was surprise with the stove when I paid $200.00 I thought I was rip off but a good lunch with my son and doing what I like it pay it off already. #hikerevolution, #hikingwithdogs, #fatherandson, #Chato, #Hike, #3h, #hike

watch out for the mountain bikers. There are a lot of them. Other than that, take the left steep incline for a better workout experience!

Really like the area and overall the hike is nice and long. The parking was easy to find and lots of dogs! I took my dog and it was a nice walk for him with great views. Started to get cold and windy towards the evening so try and get out there earlier.

great trail on last step section but a lot of level sections making it boring sometimes . Best views up top and a lot of green vegetation from bottom to top.Watch that last section lots of briar and steep and narrow

Thoroughly enjoyed this short hike in San Mateo Canyon. The views are splendid, most of the trail is easy and shade covered but the last mile it gets a little tougher. Unless you’re out of shape, I wouldn’t categorize this hike as ‘hard’ by any measure. More accurately, it’s moderate with about a half mile of challenging incline. Round trip you’re looking at 5 hours. There’s no fresh water along the trail so make sure to bring plenty of water- a must for summer. Definitely worth checking out!

We tried this trail today and just after the entrance, we encountered the famous steep hill filled with slippery ice, steep enough to make you fall down and slide down. We tried to grab on to branches and rocks but failed miserably. Other two groups tried it as well and couldn't make it past the ice either. This was just the entrance and the trail is supposed to be steep in the first mile.

The trailhead is barely noticeable with a small sign and there's no parking around except on a small curve on the right side coming from Big Bear before getting to the trail. Be sure to buy the Forest Adventure pass before parking.
The terrain around was nice with snow and light hills we explored a bit, made a small snowball fight... but we couldn't go to the trail.

Conclusion: Maybe don't go in winter unless you have steel crampons and a LOT of energy. I'll try again in spring.

This was a nice and slightly easier trail than those popular peaks! Very enjoyable and not too stressful on the knees. Saw large dogs with their owners hike too! The **last mile** is pretty slippery gravel, would be very difficult in rain.

Great hike. Take Bear Ridge on the way down. You will see some aluminum wreckage just before the steep climb to the peak. This is from a USMC Cobra helicopter that crashed in 1986. Semper Fi and RIP- 2 died. Lots of shade on the first part of the hike.

We started from the Fisherman Camp parking lot. There are only room for 4 or 5 cars. We hiked the Tenaja trail all the way to the Tenaja Falls. There are water in the steams but not at the Fall. One way distance is 4.5 miles. Round trip is 9 miles. It was a beautiful hike. We took the lower trail up and the Upper trail back.

We did an early morning hike and reached the peak before sunrise...which was spectacular!

Trailhead- don't forget to display your Adventure Pass for $5 or buy an annual pass at Big 5 for $30 and add a 2nd car pass for $5 and split the cost with a friend for only $17.50 if you hike a lot like me this is the best decision; the Bear Canyon Trailhead is located to the right of the candy store

Trail- it was in surprisingly good shape even with all the recent rains and it is pretty wide and well marked until the last half of a mile to the peak; there are times when the trail has a connecting trail and you just want to opt to the right each time...this happens at 1.0 miles in, again at the 2 mile mark, and then at about 3.2 miles you get to a spot that I think is called "4 Corners" and you take a sharp right to leave the Bear Canyon trail to use the Sitton Peak Trail; the trail for the most part is moderately steep at times with some breaks of flat areas or decline and only gets hard once you have done 4.5 miles where you will need to take a narrow trail that will be on your right and this part is pretty steep at times where you will be using your arms to balance and support yourself and this part is difficult for about .4 miles until you reach the peak...just take this part slowly and you will be rewarded at the peak

Peak- you will be rewarded with beautiful views to the west and east especially...we arrived shortly after 6 am since we started a little after 4am! It was a spectacular sunrise and we probably spent close to 45 mins at the top eating, drinking mimosas (we fancy hikers), and taking an abundance of pictures; there is a sign at the top with the name/elevation

Details/Recommendations: my recording calculated it as 4.9 to the peak and 9.8 miles RT; it took us a little over 2 hrs to the top and about 1 hr 45 mins down with us spending about 45-60 mins at the top so I would say give yourself around 5 hrs give or take an hour to complete this; hiking poles might be helpful for the difficult half mile near the peak but can be done without; of course have hiking shoes, some water (1-2L), and some snacks, this hike is moderately difficult and anyone who hikes somewhat regularly or exercises a bit will be able to do this...because of the nearly 10 miles total young children might get fatigued

Beautiful drive up to trail. Perfect weather for a December hike up Bear Canyon Loop with pleanty of parking at the San Juan Trail across from the candy store you will see trail head. At the beginning of the trail recommend that you sign in & out of the book book.

It rained a few days prior I recommend you wait a few days after a rain. Very minimal mudd on the trail. Enjoy this is a good one!

 We started about 11am to beat the cold. Mostly up hill and has some nice view nice and greenery. More cooler areas as you get some elevation. I would rate it as slightly above moderate. Incline was manageable at a nice relaxed pace. Some narrow rocky areas, but generally maintained & easy to follow. Some strenuous narrow areas. I would have liked to see more written trail markers. 

Take a map & mark you trail up it is easy the vere off recommend trail. Take pleanty of water & snacks. 

Some very rutted trails. Amazing workout. Moderately trafficked hike. It actually locked in to 10mile hike down to Tenaja Tuck Trail is generally flat mostly down hill on the way down to Ortega Hwy. Careful on taking this route it will end up, to hwy with minimal trail back to parking area. Wasn't our initial plan. I recommend you stay on trail. With an experienced hiker to navigate your way down. Trail head is best, cause you run into some some private property areas. 

This is a hike I will do again. A fun hike with scenic views!

A great hike with some nice views, it actually clocks in at 7miles round trip. Advice: Hike in the morning to avoid the head (88F on our hike), Sign into the book at the start of the trail and sign off on coming down, bring 1.5L water per person, be sure to take Bear Ridge trail back, has the best views!

Great views from the summit. The hike is relatively easy, rather than as rated to be hard. The 1/10th mile section to the top is steep - and slippery when muddy. Take your time and pick your path carefully. Trekking poles are a great benefit for ascents and descents. Note that that section would be much more challenging, IMO, if you are hiking with small children or small dogs. If you have to carry either in your arms, and navigate the ascent/descent, then the risk of losing one's footing would increase significantly.

Love this trail. Lower trail is overgrown and a little hard to follow, but upper trail was great!

Great views. Not crowded and dog friendly.

This was the second time I've done this trail and it's great. I wouldnt say it's extremely difficult like some others. If you're even remotely in decent shape, it's moderate to hard. I will admit there's the last bit before the peak that goes straight uphill and kicks your ass....You know when you're a teenager and that one kid goes "I'm gonna take the shortcut" and runs straight up hill. That's what that part feels like. Not long but right when you scream out "when will this end?!" you're at the peak. The view is amazing and if you get a clear enough day you can see straight to Malibu. Of course the fires are currently happening so visibility wasn't the best but Long Beach was still visible.

The rest of the hike is definitely moderate, just a little long. My recording has gotten 9.6 miles both times I've done this hike. Bring lots of water, a lunch for the top and sign the trail log. The candy store at the bottom is a great spot to pick up an adventure pass or last minute things, $10 minimum if you're using a card.

Last thing is to make sure you know which way at each junction. There's several four or five way junctions and the last little trail off to the peak could be easy to miss. I took screenshots of another hikers play by play directions.

We took a wrong turn and turned it into an 8.2 miler...but still I think 6.8 is short. I think it’s more like 7.5.
Great hike. Very easy until the last mile which is a very steep uphill climb on a fire road. Beautiful view from the top.
For me, even though it’s longer, it seemed easier than the Gray’s Peak trail.

Great short hike in a quiet setting. Paved narrow road all the way to the trailhead. I took the lower creek trail in. Creek is mostly dry and I lost the trail in a couple of spots and had to brush bash and boulder scramble. I took the upper trail on the return trip of the loop, easy to follow and open. I did not see anyone else the entire day on a Friday so it's a good solo get away with moderate elevation gain and loss.

We do this hike often...we take the main Burma Trail Road and offskirt on the many different trails along the way to give ourselves a different hike each time...they all lead back to the main path at some point or another. We end at Portuguese Bend and turn around and it ends up being about 5 miles more or less. Really great workout with a lot of ups and downs. Dog-friendly although you will come across horses on this trail so make sure your pup is okay with that. Not much shade at all so bring a lot of water! Really gorgeous views. We love coming here in the springtime when the wild flowers are CRAZY beautiful! If you go in the summer, go early as it gets really warm. Check El Cerro Park for parking first, otherwise you’ll have to find a spot on the road. There are portajohns within the first quarter mile or so.

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