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Nice short hike. Great views. Steep climb right out of the gate and continues until you reach the peak. Hiked it with an 8 & 10 year old and 2 small dogs. Definitely a challenge for little legs but well worth it.

Good challenging hike with rewarding views. My husband and I did this today. We are both 61. 5 hours up and back plus lunch at the helipad. Well worth it!

This was a beautiful hike! Made it up to the lake in about 3 hours, views were fantastic. My friend and I saw three black bears about 1km from the trailhead on the way back.

Love this hike. A steady climb up, there is quite a bit of snow on the trail. If you stay on the packed trail you should be ok. We just hiked to the lake which is still frozen but still stunning. It will start to get muddy with the melt.

Amazing indeed! Lucky to have the hot springs to all for ourselves and soak after the hike!

2 days ago

Fantastic Hike. We started around 7am and only ran into 2 other people. It was cloudy when we started, but after the first 2,000 feet or so we got above the clouds and the views were incredible. I'd say it was very challenging, but well worth it. Probably my favorite hike at Banff.

Did the loop counterclockwise (taking the direct route up and ACC trail down). At the summit it was quite windy and cold, so be prepared with jackets! Amazing view at the top- you can see a sea of mountain peaks that just stretch out beneath you. There is also a small “window” to the left of the summit which was also pretty cool. Taking the ACC route down, we walked along the ridge before dipping into the trees once more.

Terrible marking. Zero signage. Wandered around could not find the trail. To bad it didn’t work out. But tons of mosquitoes. Just awful!

Amazing views on an extremely strenuous hike.

When they rated this hike hard they meant it - over 4000 feet of elevation in about two miles beat us up (we’re practiced hikers and climbers). If you do the loop, definitely go counter clockwise as is mapped here. The upper half of the climb is essentially all extremely steep scrambling, quite a bit of loose rock, not for the faint of heart.

We did take our dog on this hike (solid hiker) and we would not recommend to others taking their dogs in future. The loose rock at the top is a bit scary and there were sections where I had to assist him up or down vertical spots (under ten feet)

That all said, unreal hike. The traverse on the ridge was extremely fun with 360 degree views. If you’re feeling perky, do this hike.

3 days ago

Hiked on 2018 July 17 with spouse, 12 year old son and Labrador Retriever. Hot and sunny. Trail was in excellent condition. Descent down to Vista Lake is steady and easy ( remember this as you come back up at the end of the day...). There is a wooden bridge at the end of Vista Lake for a break, which you should take, as it's all uphill from there. I'm 52 and I'm in relatively good shape, but the ascent up to Arnica Lake was a bit of a challenge. The trail is well marked, but fairly steep and narrow with loose footing in places. We had to stop frequently to catch our breath, which was fine because there were many spectacular lookouts along the way. You can look back and see your progress as Vista Lake and the trailhead parking lot are visible from several spots. As we finally reached a slight descent there was a dried up lake bottom which we very briefly hoped wasn't Arnica Lake ( that would have been a great cosmic joke ) but quickly realized the trail continued past this and, of course, upwards once again. The last section between the dried up lake bed and Arnica Lake seemed to be the steepest climb, but that may have simply been due to our fatigue level. Arnica Lake is quite pretty and surrounded by cliffs, however the mosquitoes were horrendous, even being saturated with repellant. We ate very quickly for this reason and started our way back to the trailhead. It took us about 3 hours to reach Arnica Lake from the trailhead and about 2:30 back with frequent stops, especially on the way in. Remember that last 1.5 km from Vista Lake back up to the parking lot? Yeah. That. We met a total of 10'other hikers all day ( Tuesday ). Stopped at Storm Mountain Lodge after for a nice cold drink. Enjoy!!

So beautiful!! Would recommend the clockwise direction and bringing lots of sunscreen because most of the hike is quite exposed

Fun hike that doesn’t take too long. Did it in 3.5 hours. Saw some Rocky Mountain sheep up top which was cool.

Amazing views... go clockwise... you won’t regret it!

Amazing hike! Such stunning views and a gorgeous ridge walk. Would recommend doing it in the clockwise direction (starting from the trail before the parking lot) just because the scramble up, in my opinion, would be harder to go down! 360 views, would definitely recommend! This took my friend and I 5 hours in total including breaks for photos, lunch at the weather station and general breaks to enjoy the view!

3 days ago

Beautiful views once at the top & the glacier is stunning. The hike itself not so much. An easy path through the forest brings you into the uphill challenging section of the trail. Scree, rock and more of the same. Ore than moderate, this is especially challenging on the downhill. Poles are a must.

Rated hard.. it mean it. Not for average joe Doe.!! Make sure you are physically fit for this hike.

4 days ago

SO worth it, but long and deceptive! Starts out as an easy forest walk to the grassy saddle, turns into a moderately scrambley hike to the springs and/or up the rocky stream bed, then becomes real hard hell to summit. Start early so you have time to soak in the springs on the way down. Don't take the scree/3rd/furthest/west-most/stream bed path all the way up, it's steeper than Sarrail, looser than Yam and will add an unpleasant hour, instead take first/alternate/outlier/ridge traverse path up.

An amazing hike. Definitely recommend doing the loop in a clockwise direction. The scramble up is challenging but coming down that section would scare me! Both my gps and my partners gps came up with this being a 12.5!km hike.

Busy therefore not ideal for me. Pretty views but not very interesting to hike. All flat. All hill. All rocks. Then repeat in reverse order.

Fantastic trail! Beautiful views and varied terrain. Watch for bears - we saw some.

6 days ago

The views from this hike were exceptional. Definitely do the circuit clockwise (going up to Cory Pass first rather than Edith Pass) as Cory Pass is very steep and would be challenging to descend. The trail up to Cory Pass was a bit hard to follow at points and had a lot of side trails branching off so it was tough to tell what was the correct route. Once you reach the ridge it's easier to follow though. At the pass you can follow a trail up to Mt. Edith (which I did not but it looked like scrambling was required near the top). Descending into Gargoyle Valley after Cory Pass was beautiful and once you exit the valley it's pretty easy hiking through forest. Vastly different from the other side of Mt. Edith though with lots of different vegetation. Overall a physically challenging and sometimes hard to follow but very rewarding hike!

6 days ago

A fantastic hike! Yes, we did proceed despite the large signage suggesting not to hike this trail but we had to see the views! Carry bear spray and make noise! Unfortunately, we saw no wildlife whatsoever ☹️.

It is pretty much uphill all the way. A little over an hour in, we saw the rocks in the form of an arrow pointing us left. Don’t miss it! Rainfall made it a bit slick on the muddy trail and scramble to the South Summit. Took us about 2 hours. The views are amazing!!!! We descended from there but if you wish, you can go further to the North Summit and go down from there as the trail loops back.


The trail was not easy to follow. We used the app maps.me and could find it really quick. Beautiful view when you arrive near the glacier. The first part to the waterfall is easy, the second part to the glacier is a good moderate one.

Trail is dry and in good condition. Very nice view at top. It took us 5.5 hours to finish it. Just watch your steps close to mountain top, nothing difficult for the rest of the hike.

9 days ago

Excellent hike with gorgeous views!

I really loved this hike! Continuous uphill off the bat through forest and along the side of the mountain with great views behind of the lakes. Opens up at the pass and that's where the wind really starts. This is nothing compared to the wind at the top. Seriously, bring a windbreaker, hat and gloves, my fingers were numb after a few minutes at the top.
The trail from the pass opens up and becomes rocky and there are some small cliff bands to get over but nothing crazy (I'm pretty new to hiking and had no problem). Follow the inukshuks almost to the top. Gorgeous views all the way up and the best at the top. The wind almost knocked me off my feet a few times and made the last push to the summit a challenge on already tired leg. Nevertheless it was well worth every step. We even crossed paths with some big horn sheep on the way down.

Amazingly beautiful. Gets busy depending on the day and the season. The views from the top of the ridge are unbelievable. The ridge is a challenging hike up. The Rawson hike is moderate and enjoyable.

Rawson Lake Closed due to bears

Beautiful hike!! The hike up to Rawson Lake is a steady incline but manageable! The hike from the lake to the ridge is more difficult as it is very steep - I would strongly recommend poles. It is doable though and so worth the view! We even saw a goat on the ridge with us. I would do this hike again.

Great hike, very enjoyable during July. Weather was fair & the sky was clear. The views at the top are well worth it. *** I lost my jade necklace somewhere on the trail. It’s in the shape of a Silver Fern and is very special to me. If by some chance you find it please message me on Facebook: Carter Clark - I work at Cam Clark Ford. Thanks!!

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