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15 hours ago

Very quick and easy hike, busy route, with a beautiful view of Echo Lake at the bluff lookout.

Great hike with kids ages
5,6 and 9

Between the waterfalls and the ridge it was an easy to rate this 5 star...awesome. Be prepared for winter conditions during the spring months. Check out my write up along with some other things to look out for.

on Diana's Baths

nature trips
2 days ago

A quick and easy walk on a clearly marked pathway leads you to the waterfalls/swimming holes, gorgeous area! Visited on a summer Sunday, it was crowded with lots of kids and dogs but still relaxing. Easy to find your own area to hangout or to dip your feet in the water.

Challenging and quite epic along the Franconia Ridge.

2 days ago

I loved this hike short on miles but don’t let that fool you it definitely packs a punch with its steep elevation. If was super fun, the lake is beautiful and don’t forget to pack something to swim in believe me it’s so beautiful you’ll definitely want to. Also the Hut is amazing 

Great Workout. Not an easy hike by any means, but the payoff with the views all along the ridgeline are amazing, and make it all worth it.

nature trips
2 days ago

Great place to go for a swim and enjoy unique scenery. The walk to the falls is very short and has some information signs on the geology of the area. A short down climb will bring you down into the gorge, where there is a shallow pool below the falls to play in. You can then follow the gorge, which resembles something you’d find in Canyonlands National Park. Definitely a wonderful place to stop after climbing Baltpate or Old Speck, or if you’re just passing through.

4 days ago

nice hike before heading home

A quintessential northeast hike. Amazing views. One of my favorite hikes I’ve ever done.

Crap was hard. Almost died.

AMAZING views with clear skies! I went up Falling Waters trail which was very steep at times. You will be walking up boulders about 90% of the way almost immediately. I would suggest descending from this trail if you do not consider yourself “in shape” or an experienced hiker. I hadn’t done more than a six mile hike in two years and this trail kick my butt!! Brindle path and Greenleaf trail offered spectacular views most of the way down. Brindle path seemed a bit more level as well for a good mile towards the beginning of the trail. All together this trail took me 10 hours to complete with PLENTY of rest time in between. If you have time, stop at the hut on Greenleaf trail! They offer free water, restrooms, large tables to sit at, and board games galore!

This was a really awesome, rewarding hike. Three of us did it together and we are all upperclassmen in high school. We completed the hike in about 5 1/2 hours with multiple breaks going up falling water and down old bridle. Highly recommended!

up falling waters , down bridle. good lemonade at the hut

7 days ago

The lake on the top is so beautiful! don't forger your swimming suit.

I love this trail. Make sure you check the weather at the top before going for it and be prepared to need a hat at the top because of the winds. Absolutely amazing views!

Really cool place. Dog friendly, walk in was easy. Arrive early to get parking is a must!

8 days ago

great hike to do in an hour

I ended up hiking up Liberty Springs trail and not Falling Waters, so I could easily bag Liberty as well as Little Haystack, Lincoln and Lafayette. Stayed at Greenleaf Hut for two chill days. This trail is a DREAM. Try to get up there on a weekday. I was up Thursday, and had the ridge to myself which was GLORIOUS. So incredibly beautiful. Friday puttered around on Lafayette and just past it (not sure the name... going North of Lafayette Summit.) The range was MOBBED with people. So if you're looking for beauty AND more solitude, go up on the off season, or during the week. So much fun and very memorable. OBP on the descent had LOTS of gorgeous viewpoints.

nature trips
9 days ago

This is such a cute place to stop and explore! We went swimming at the top of the waterfall *you have a super tiny climb to get there* and it was well worth it! There are literal divots that make perfect little pools to sit in if the water’s nice enough! You can bring pups and there’s picnic tables everywhere to east lunch and refuel! Definitely bring bug spray and a towel for once you’re done playing in the water and exploring rocks!

Awesome hike. Strenuous but worth it. Experienced but slower hiker here, took me 8 hours round trip to do the loop including stops to enjoy the various summits. Steady incline up to the ridge, then you ascend and descend each of the three peaks until a finally steady but gradual descent past the hut back to the parking lot. I did Falling Waters up and Bridle down, which I recommend as bridal is a more gradual and Falling Waters steeper. My favorite hike in New Hampshire thus far.

It is incredibly busy.... almost two lanes of traffic on all legs of the trail. I went up bridle and down falling waters and may have been the good choice on a busy day. However - falling waters is relentless on the knees and never really levels out until the end. Going down there are a lot of trees/roots in the right or down side of trail for balance. Left side was for people going up. Poles were helpful.

Windy at top and required a jacket. I should have had gloves.

I went up early at 5:30 and people were already coming down who had gone up at 1:00 am to catch sunrise or were trail running.

It is incredible for the views in the ridge.

Hike - Saturday July 7 a beautiful day

Family friendly relatively easy hike to the falls. I did this with nine people and it took about three hours including the time we spent at the falls. Gorgeous views from the top of the waterfall. We tried doing the loop portion to also check out piper falls but the path barely looked like a path so we had to head back the way we came in. I'd definitely recommend this hike to anyone of any skill level.

it is marvellous

10 days ago

Very busy but beautiful swimming hole

We went up falling waters and down old bridle. Falling waters is a beautiful path with plenty of waterfalls, plus the bonus of the water keeping you cool. Old Bridle was just rock after rock. Suggest going up falling waters to enjoy the view on the way up. Walking the ridge is just glorious and every bit worth this hike. Finished in about 5 hours and 45minutes with 10-15 minute breaks at Mt Lincoln and Mt Lafayette. Highly recommend, it’s a great workout and worth every drop of sweat. Recommend to everyone want to battle for a beautiful view.

11 days ago

Great trail with many scenic waterfall views and opportunities to get in the water in a couple spots. We have hiked the trail three or four times and would recommend it for a drier day. The trail can be very muddy after it has rained to the point where I was sinking ankle deep with each step. For those who want to follow the trail all the way to Lonesome Lake, be aware that you will need to get past a difficult river crossing. It was doable, but our dogs struggled to make the crossing and had to be carried across one at a time.

Definitely five stars for both views and difficulty. Took us 7 hours, with a few breaks. Amazing hike, even when it was hard it was so beautiful that it totally made it worth it. We started pretty early, so it was not too busy. However by the end there were quite a few groups. If you go, make sure to bring A LOT of water!

Hiked on July 3. Was very hot, all the sweat was well worth the views. Was a great hike!

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