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4 hours ago

My husband and I completed this trail on August 20, 2018. We chose this trail because it was short and flat, and therefore perfect to hike in my knee brace.

This trail is decent for a quick walk, but nothing spectacular.... no water features, no wildlife. It might be a nice hike for seniors or young children (except there is a pretty steep downhill section of about 100 feet, so be careful). Had some good views of the Wasatch Front.

This trail could be better marked. It intersects with several other trails, so we had to check the app several times to make sure we were on the right path.

Such a fun hike with little kids. The bridge is awesome.

Amazing views of salt lake city

It’s a beautiful overlook. Steeper than you think but short. There’s street parking at the trailhead.

7 days ago

This is such an easy hike. Even though it’s short the payoff is incredible. If you need a short break from...anything...this is an excellent option.

one of my favorite go-to hikes. do this a couple times a week.

Other reviewer is correct..pic of lake for this trail is not correct so don't go just to see a lake.... don't think there is one there. There is a river, some small bridges that cross it, and you get to do a hike that spreads the elevation change(1300+ ft) out across a longer distance so it makes it easier which is pretty cool. I think I actually liked two other things the most...the old broken down stone chapel(I think that's what it is)at the end and the metal contraption thing that everybody has pictures of on here that is powered by water. Despite watching it for 10 straight minutes I have no idea what the heck it's purpose was....but it was fascinating!! Oh..and as a geocacher I need to point out that I found one out there. Have a good one and enjoy the hike if you go!!!! Oh....watch out for the mountain bikers as they come down the trail....they were all really nice and said thanks when I stopped and got to the side, but if some of them hit me going as fast as they were there might not be anything left of me....it looked really fun.....I have gotta try it some day if I can.

A bit short, but the view is fantastic.

12 days ago

It has breathtaking views. It is uphill, but it's not too steep. You can hold a conversation while walking but feel it a litttle in your legs. At the end when the trail ends in order to get a better view of the water, it is no longer wheelchair friendly, and you have to step over logs and rocks to be closer to the water. I loved it!!

Took the family around 1000 on a Saturday morning. Trail was perfect for my kids, ages 7-13. Decent wildlife, with some birds and lizards. Trail would be great for running - we did see ppl doing this and biking. Easy to get to the trailhead, and the kids had fun playing on the little rock wall at the park before and after our hike. The suspension bridge was very cool. We had fun looking at the valley as we hiked, there are a lot of fancy homes just below the trail which were fun to gawk at.

17 days ago

Took the kids on this quick hike. The bridge Is super cool! All kids did great from 5 year old to 9 year old.

This is a really fun quick adventure with kids.

so this is the very first hike i did and by my self!! now, this wasnt horrible...when i read easy, i thought the terrain would just be flat basically, but it wasnt...it is a little steep...at first theirs some stair like way that is as if you were going on a kinda steep staircase basically...i didnt make it to even the reserve because apparently their was still an hr to it, and i had already been walking for 40 min....i did ask an 'older' couple, probably in their late 40s or early 50s...and they said they took 2 hrs to get to the reserve and 2hrs to get back down....i still recommend it even if you just want to walk a bit like i did

on Mill B South Trail

21 days ago

Perfect little getaway; also a good place to walk around the ol’ parentals.

22 days ago

Our family loves Lisa Falls, but it is very disappointing that people have tagged the rocks. Very disgraceful!

We went earlier in the morning & only passed a few people. Great hike for my 7-year old son & 14-year old dog.

Not bad hike to gain some elevation to watch the sunrise

This hike was gorgeous and comfortable. It starts out a bit steeper than I expected, but soon levels out with pockets of shade along the way. We left around 9:20 a.m. and it wasn’t too heavily trafficked and the temperature was perfect! Highly recommend- doable with children and dogs.

Great hike, although I did see a rattle snake as I was heading up, I’m assuming it’s because it’s been so hot lately, I would recommend doing it earlier in the day.

Love this trail, beautiful all the way to the final destination, many places to stop and explore. One thing to be cautious of is bikers!! There are so many.

Great easy hike. Go early if you want shade. We started off around 9:30 am and still had a decent amount of shade along the way and it wasn't too warm. The hike is a gradual incline and not too slippery along the way. The bridge is a great break in the hike.

This is a great hike! I would grade it as more moderate than easy especially for kids and adults that are shorter. There are a lot of high, steep steps in the beginning going up. The lake and the view at the top are beautiful!

Great for kids. My 3 year old made it up with no problem.

25 days ago

pretty great hike.. the entire family loved it

probably do e this one 100 times by now. recommendations: hike October-April. WAY too hot in the summer. Rattlesnake sightings also present during summer months

28 days ago

Great trail! Paved, shady and the cool air from the mountain run off make this a great stroll. I took my 4 yr old and 2 yr old. It was very easy and with the trail being so short it didn’t matter how long my kids would doddle or stop along the way. They loved seeing the butterflies and mountains and throwing rocks into the water. It’s a perfect outing for young kids and will tired them out without tiring the adult(s). The parking lot is small so you may have to park along side the road. If you go past the pavement just a little bit that waterfall is worth it. And if your adventurous and don’t have kids with you you could go even farther up in the rocks. There’s also restrooms at the trail head so that’s a nice bonus.

Great hike. Short, took us about an hour. It was raining so super muddy. Hard to find the trail around the lake, possibly due to the rain and mud. Lots of ducks! Fun and easy- a bit of an incline going up but nothing difficult. And fun going down! Great views of the valley.

Fun little hike, short and sweet! Rock trail so ankle support shoes recommended.
Downside to the hike is when you make it to the falls there is inappropriate graffiti all over the rocks.

Super Easy with young kids.

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