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on Dragon's Tooth Trail

11 hours ago

Good hike. Moderate trail. Some rock scrambles but makes it more of a challenge. Views up top are great on a clear to partly cloudy day.

probably have done this same trail hundreds of times the beauty of the james never gets old

It was a great little hike. It had rained two days before and it was not too flooded when we went. We were going to scope out the rock climbing and they have some good problems up with hooks all ready to go. We will for sure come back this summer to work on the problems.

Four stars because it was a little dirty but that’s kind of expected seeing as there was a ton of people there. There were kids smoking pot in the woods too. But in all it was great!

Beautiful flaming azaleas on the bald!

If you like rock climbing this is a great spot!

12 days ago

Top 5 hike in the area! This hike is 100% worth checking out if you have some time. The views at the top of the tooth is amazing and the hike up gets very interesting the last 0.5 miles. There are some small edges with about a 6 ft drop that you have to navigate to reach the top, also some embedded metal ladder rungs you have to climb so make sure you are fit enough before attempting this (really only an issue for older folks and very young children).

14 days ago

I usually add the Pipeline trail and the Canal Walk. Easy walk and I love the urban meets nature vibe.

One of my favorite go-to walks. It's beautiful in all seasons, always something different to see no matter how many times I go.

Amazing hike!
Beautiful day 12/29/18
58 degrees
Not too hard

I mean, it's Richmond, so yeah there's TONS of trash everywhere. However, deep in the parts where people are usually to lazy to walk, everything gets BEAUTIFUL! Also, there are walls to rock climb. I do this with my parents a couple of times throughout the year.

16 days ago

I really don't like going to the city, it doesn't matter what city either, I just don't like cities. However, My trip wasn't too bad this time. I really enjoyed my time on this nice little loop. My dog enjoyed it too, as he got to meet tons of new buddies along the way.

18 days ago

I rucked this trail with a 50 lbs ruck sack and it definitely trains the muscles needed for “cross-country” rucking. Lots of grades, rocks, twists and turns . Most of the flatter less rocky parts of the trail I ran so it’s great for anyone preparing for a school.

scenic driving
22 days ago

I give this a one star rating only because we were not able to access the trail. It has been a fairly warm and easy winter in this area. Little to no snow. The road was closed after weeks of no snow "Due to ice and snow". If I find myself back in the area and get the opportunity to drive along the trail I will update my rating.

Grew up on going here, I grew up not far away and my dad literally grew up across the river. It’s a beautiful place and a must see for anyone visiting Richmond! Pet friendly, handicap accessible,hiking,biking,swimming,rapids, views, historic....you have everything in one spot.

1 month ago

Definitely my favorite trail in RVA. I usually go here a lot with friends, and it’s always an easy and historic trail that never ceases to be fun.

1 month ago

We first hiked up to Clingmans Dome and from there to Andrews Bald. About 5 miles round trip. We were already tired by the time we got to the Andrews Bald trailhead from coming down all the rocks along the trail then going up up up then down then up. Lol Next time I would just start at the Andrews bald trail head from the parking lot. The scenery at the top of Andrews bald was just as beautiful as the one from the parking lot or from Clingmans Dome. But it was a beautiful hike.

Great trail, a lot of fun! The first section is relatively easy, and follows a little stream which can attract some wildlife. The last .7 or so is a bit of a rock scramble, but nothing super difficult by any means. Those with mobility issues may have some issues, but we saw small children and even a dog who seemed to handle it okay. We went mid-week in mid-to-late November and only only a handful of others on the trail, so can only speak to the few we encountered. Views at the top are spectacular, especially if you can scale the “tooth” at the end! Only downside was there were a few downed trees that you needed to work around.

Made a loop out of this hike by taken Dragon Tooth Trail, returning AT and back to Dragon Tooth Trail via Boy Scott Trail (not marked in AllTrails but visible on site map and well blazed). Roughly the same miles if we took Dragon Tooth up and back. High traffic, steep inclines, multiple switchbacks and several rock scrambles. Views at the top of summit were beautiful, end of October... leaves changing. AT trail was active and follows the ridgeline with a few overlooks... valleys on both sides. The Dragon Tooth Summit ridge was exposed, great views even if you don’t scramble to the very top. But if you need time to climb, high traffic may be unsettling. Great hike!

The first part of the trail was fairly easy. It gets a lil hairy the last .7 miles to the tooth. I did it on a Tuesday in November at 8am. Only complaint is the trail had several fallen tree and brush obstructions. But it was still manageable. And the views at the top were positively Rad.

1 month ago

Great hike with fantastic views. Lots of obstacles to go over and under as well as many rocks to climb.

this was easy for the first 1.7 miles, the last bit was a thrilling adventure. lots of climbing and lots of rocks. incredible qnd fun

2 months ago

Nice little bike ride with some urban art along the way and river views. If I wasn't on my bike, I could've added the pipeline trail which looked cool

2 months ago

A beautiful, short hike with lots of places to go explore. Many places to camp along the way.

2 months ago

Great views. Trail repairs very nice.

Nice level trail. Not to crowded during the week. Little dachshund didn't have a bit of trouble walking the loop.

Difficult hike but the view was worth the work!!

Amazing hike, best view I've seen in years, but be prepared for a little bit of rock climbing and edging against walls. Totally worth it!

Easy. Fun. Crowded.
Easy and fun hike for about 2 miles round trip. Parking at the lot is a challenge. Lots of people show up on a nice day. Lots of dogs.
I will go back.

Great dog walk

Good trail. But if is has been rainy the trail will be muddy and slippery.

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