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Hiked to the helipad on Friday. Beautiful day, a nice wind to cool things down up top and the smoke wasn’t that bad. This is not a technically hard hike but is a steady incline all the way up and we had to make a couple rest stops so you do need to be in decent shape to do this. Trail is easy to follow, does branch off here and there but all lead back to the same trail. There is one section mid way in the big rocks where you feel uncertain where the trail is, look for the tall dead tree and you will see an arrow sign on it that directs you (although you can make your own path and if you just keep going up you will come to one of the trails). We did not go to the ridge, that looked a bit beyond my ability, physically and mentally-it is steep and exposed scree slope all the way up from the helipad to the ridge. With a couple rest breaks and an hour spent up top, we did this hike in 6 hours.

Trail closed for maintenance, August 7-30. Barricaded at the trail head, don't attempt.

Nice, relatively easy scramble through the forest opens up to a rocky, loose and steep climb up to the meadow. Then the route splits into two final ascent options, I followed the route posted and went right, ended up on a steep, exposed scramble up to the very top. On the way down I took the better (safer) route down. I recommend people to take the left hand route unless you are keen for a potentially frightening scrambling experience!

A steel climb capped off by some amazing 360° views of the surrounding area. The hike has a good variety of terrain - from wooded forest to mountain top Alpine. The top of the hike gets a bit steep and rocky which makes it a but slippery, so make sure you bring good hiking boots.

Easy hike to the chalet at the base of twin falls. Lots of switchback to the top of twin falls. We did a loop out along whaleback/ isolated peak route to the ACC hut. Lots of steep climbing to hit the ridge but some beautiful views.

July 17, 2018

August 5, 2017

Very steep but very rewarding with a great view. Took us about 5 hours to complete

Good hike, gets challenging higher up but doesn't take too long to get to the peak. It is busy so you have to stop to let people past on the narrow parts but I enjoyed it :)

7 days ago

Amazing hike with several waterfalls and panoramic views. We crossed the falls and looped back down to Laughing Falls. My Strava app said it was 14.2 miles total. Very steep going up and down from Twin Falls but tons of switchbacks make it a little easier. Definitely was long and took all day but well worth it!

I loved this trail! It was just difficult for me to really make it worth it fighting through the crowd. It provided great views and I loved all the different lakes we saw. The bugs were not so great at some times, but my bug bracelets worked well. Definitely had to side step horse poop, but you are in the woods so who cares?

Was amazing trail nothing impossible to hike. Just take your time to get to the top and do not bring heavy stuff in your backpack.

I love the views once you're above the lake, and Lake Agnes to me is quintessential Rockies. I like this loop as a more challenging alternative than "just" visiting one of the tea houses.

My preference is to walk this counterclockwise, so that you can get the uphill sections done sooner, and also because I find the downhill sections at the back of the lake more approachable.

Bring cash for the tea house.

Take the time to explore around the beehive. The views are incredible.

Amazing views atop the Big Beehive, we took the trail counter clockwise and would recommend it because coming down from the beehive viewpoint towards Lake Agnes has steep cliff edges and going up that way was much safer than going down. Only hard part was going up towards the Big Beehive but it was well worth it. Definitely recommend this loop if you come to Lake Louise.

This trail was very steep, with lots of loose underfoot gravel / dirt etc. for most of it. The last push to the top through scree was particularly steep. worst part was the trip back down, very unpleasant as almost impossible to maneuver the trail without slipping and sliding. Lots of really rude fellow trekkers coming up behind at speed, letting dogs off leash and such. Looks like there are some trail improvements underway, but still not a trail we would do again. Recommend hiking shoes, poles and a good bit of water. Also do this trail early to avoid crowds.

An enjoyable hike with amazing views on top. Can be challenging near the summit as it got steeper a bit. You can see Canmore and Three Sisters Mountain on top.

Great trail. If you push right at the beginning of the trail you get to have a more challenging start with a scramble with some climbing which gets up in elevation faster. Took us 2 h to get to the top and an hour down. Great view overall

The trail is very busy, due to Lake Louise fame, so it gives some familial ambiance. It is relatively easy, except the Big Beehive ascent, and offers good views on the Lake Louise and the glaciers.

Tips: if you have time or walk fast, complete your circuit by the Beehive Circuit and the Plain of glaciers lookout which is worth the extra path (after Tea house) (shared the recording).
In total, it gave a 20km hike or so, so a good walk with many different perspectives :)

Awesome sunrise hike

14 days ago

Found this to be insanely difficult, took about 10 hours round trip. We did not use any equipment but I would recommend a helmet and poles, lots of water and food.
Also It is more like 19km
once you get past sentinel Pass the trail begins, and becomes real very quick. Also it is very cold at the top, even in 30 degree august heat.

Took 3 hours with quite a few breaks on the way up.
Super busy, recommend going earlier in the morning!

good scramble. super easy to get lost on the way down so try and bring a map. it took us 1.5 hours up and 2.5 down (we got pretty lost) overall great hike!

If you keep a reasonable pace without stopping and spend a short period at the top this hike can be completed in around 4 hours.

Cougar Creek parking is always free and open. Trail is easy to find but there are several ways up and down - just keep moving because they all meet up.

Ascent is steep but rewarding and the view is fantastic.

The descent is not as enjoyable unless you bring walking poles or you descent at a faster rate!

Very busy trail on the weekends, worth the crowd if your are from out of town. If you are a local wait until a weekday, it will be much more enjoyable!

The view is breathtaking! It takes 2-3 hours to hike this trail if you keep a steady pace and spend only a couple minutes at the top before your descent.

A good challenge due to the elevation gain, but the views from the top are also an excellent reward. Hiking shoes are a must have for this hike

Breathtaking views but very, very easy to lose the trail on the way back down. We got incredibly lost in the scree near the top and it took us hours to find our way, with the sun going down - just pay attention on the way up, and your descent will be much easier.

Absolutely beautiful views every step of the way! The drive to the base of the climb was very scenic but it had a quite curvy/bumpy road, bit rough on the car. The climb was a bit exhausting due to steepness. 3hrs up, 2hrs down for someone that doesn't do a lot of inclines, many people passed us though. 100% worth the climb. The whole way up had great views and the top makes you feel on top of the world! Wear shoes with a good grip, lots of loose stones the closer you get to the top which makes it very slippery. The evening was a nice time to go as it wasn't too busy.

Had a great time on this hike, not too busy, great views, fun to play "find the path" once you are on the scree past the tree line. I really enjoyed this one!

Very steep switchbacks makes for a difficult, but very rewarding hike. It took us about 3 hours to get to the helipad on a hot day, when we were stopping a lot with a thirsty dog (and some tired hikers haha). I would not recommend this hike for beginners or those who are not in decent physical shape. Bring lots of water!

Beautiful views of a meadow and some wildflowers along the way and we saw a mountain goat, as well.

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