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Hardly anybody on trails was real nice.
Terrain was good (flat) but no issues.

Went on a 90 degree day (mid day) and the heat didn’t bother me, but some black flys ruined my run.

Had bug spray on, but that didn’t seem to help.

Think would be much better during a non-Black day attack aka different time of day or different season

Nice secluded trail. Trails aren’t marked well, but it’s not hard to figure it out. We had to backtrack twice but it just added to the experience.

Quite, alone except for two cyclists, lots of spiders and one snake. Couple of places bit more challenging than “moderate”. Wonderful hike, felt like I was in a wilderness. One disturbing thing, someone used spray paint on trees to mark trail.

mountain biking
1 month ago

Excellent trail for all riders, especially beginners like myself. Great cruising sessions and rolling hills. Connects to the Big Kame trail for a little more advanced riders as well. Now with both trails open and more opening soon, even at its busiest it isn’t too bad. Riders and hikers are generally good to one another.

One of my favorite hikes in the Waterloo-Pinckney system. Blind lake is absolutely beautiful and the campsite you can reserve there provides stunning sunrises on the lake. Stunning in the fall. Just keep an eye out for mountain bikers as the hike travels along part of the Potawatomi Trail.

mountain biking
1 month ago

Perfect trail to learn and get better at mountain biking. Can get really busy mid-day, ESPECIALLY on the weekends. I always go early in the morning (8am-9am) and don't have an issue. You can hike this, but just make sure that you are aware and ready to jump out of the way when bikes come flying around. There are plenty of other trails for just hikers in the area, so I wouldn't recommend this trail first for hiking. Views of Green Lake are great and is a super fun trail to ride.

mountain biking
2 months ago

Mountain Biking

2 months ago

5-9-18 Hike. From a previous reviewer I knew going on this hike it was a mountain bike trail used by hikers. I thought that by doing this on a Wednesday morning it wouldn’t be very busy. When we arrived the parking lot was half full of cars w/bike racks. At the beginning of the trail there are signs telling you which direction to travel. 4 days out of the wk hikers traveled counter clockwise. The hike was very nice with slight elevation nothing too hard. Plenty of wildlife and beautiful flowers and scenery. Will definitely go back to take my son biking.

Well kept and scenic with some moderately challenging hills and only faint noise from nearby traffic. Be prepared for mud!

Had problems locating the start of the trail the road said it was private. Once hooked up to the trail it was beautiful. Just what I needed. There was a marathon race going on & we did step aside for the racers. Even with that going on we still had a peaceful hike. Will definitely do this again.

2 months ago

I like very much

Sent very goosebumps

Paved hiking trail. Great for bikes, strollers, or just walking. We go here at least 1x a year. Lots of wildlife, including birds, deer, snakes & frogs.

3 months ago

Starts at park entrance near soccer fields, as opposed to all the other trails that start at Stubnitz Center and are very well marked. This Outer Loop Trail is not marked and is kind of boring, loops around disc golf course. No idea why it is ranked moderate. Does take you along the river, and I did see several small groups of deer, but not a trail I’d wander again. Recommend Red Trail at Heritage Park, pick up at Stubnitz Center Markers 1-11. Runs concurrent with Orange Trail Markers 1-33 if you want a longer hike (8 miles for Orange Trail, Red Trail is 3 miles). 4/8/2018

This is a great trail, especially if you are new to mountain biking, like me.

perfect for a spring hike.

It is dog friendly. Great trail to get away from the city without driving too far.

Okay, I know that I’m spoiled by years on the AT and hiking near the Blue Ridge, but I never thought about how exciting the marshlands of NFla are compared to marshes elsewhere. No worries about alligators or wild horses or boars here. Like most of SE Michigan, this trail is flat, so I decided to call this one a walk rather than a hike despite the small pack on my back. The trail is well-maintained, though often quite muddy, and it’s cool to be among the reefs and the trees along the edge of the lake, but this is really set up better for dog walkers, day runners who want to escape the pavement, and ecologists or naturalists looking for swans, geese, and explorations of which green things grow back first after the ice melts. I’d have given the walk a 2.5-star rating, but that choice isn’t available, and my downward vote comes primarily from the fact that half the park has a view of the landfill hill only a half-mile away.

This man-made Marsh is a little know gem. Lovely wooden bridges and walkways connect to the trails. Not challenging, but a nice changes of pace.

Absolutely love this place

on DTE Green Trail

8 months ago

There were a lot of mountain bikers but I would still recommend checking this trail out.

8 months ago

Great hike. Limited markers but it was easy enough to follow the trail. There were a lot of bikers, especially compared to other trails I’ve hiked (could be related to the time of day though). The trail is quite narrow in some spots which could make it difficult as a hiker to let the bikers pass. Featured some benches along the way.

Ok single wide trail, some freeway noise on the back side. it has quite a few wood planks over muddy spots but sadly is not maintained well, with lots of fallen trees over the path. (planks got it 3 stars but not 2 - trees over path got it 3 stars but not 4)

10 months ago

This is first and foremost a mountain bike trail. As a hiker, plan on stopping frequently to allow bikers to pass. However, it's still a fun hike and the bikers are very courteous and share the trail. There's plenty to see and the winding paths and hills are unique. It's a good choice for southern Michigan. Pressed for time, we only did the Big Kame trail. If I came back again it would be on a mountain bike.

Very nice walk in the woods on a Wednesday morning. I met one couple with their dog, saw nobody else. I surprised deer a couple times, but only saw glimpses as they ran off in the woods. Some parts have lots of undergrowth, some parts have been burned clear within the last few years, not sure if the distinction is the Ann Arbor portion (Marshall) vs. county portion (Freeman Preserve). I didn't find any obvious way to get from the Freeman pedestrian entry on Ford Rd. to the Horner-McLaughlin/Goodrich trails.

Enjoyable single wide trail that is nearly all shade during the summer, mostly level with some minor changes in elevation. There is a trash can in the parking lot that seems to be ignored by many people as there is lots of trash in this beautiful area (not the trail, just the parking lot). Also the parking lot seems to be a place for people to smoke and throw their butts on the ground. Thank you to the local people for this trail.

Dead flat loop entirely on asphalt around several lagoons. Lotus colonies in lagoons are spectacular in late July and August. Good wildlife viewing, especially aquatic waterfowl such as ducks, swans, egrets, and herons. Also saw a muskrat. Asphalt trail makes it better for jogging or biking than hiking, but still a nice hike.

11 months ago

Short, nearly flat loop through mature oak/hickory/black walnut/maple forest along the Huron River. Best part of the hike is the Huron River views near the beginning. Wide gravel trail is unmarked but easy to follow. Bugs are fairly bad during the summer. The $10 daily entrance fee gets you into EVERY Detroit metropark that day, so it's fun to go Metropark hopping and see how much bang for the buck you can get!

Nearly flat trail that explores the marsh lands along the Detroit River where it empties into Lake Erie. Northern loop features some nice wooden marsh overlooks. South loop features some long boardwalks and excellent lake/river views. Good wildlife and bird viewing; I saw deer, rabbits, lots of ducks, an egret, red-winged blackbirds, and plenty of more common birds. Much of the trail is exposed to the sun, so wear a hat in the summer. Come in late July or early August to see the beautiful lotus colony in bloom. Overall, maybe the best hike in Detroit's metroparks.

mountain biking
Sunday, June 18, 2017

Gorgeous trail! Narrow dirt trail with great vegetation everywhere. Some uneven roots and loose dirt/rocks. No people! Some good elevation changes. Fantastic, wish it were longer!

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