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Amazing views of Rocky Mountain National Park.

I attempted to do this trail yesterday and ran into some county workers saying it will be closed until June due to logging and pipework.

This is a nice trail with a good variety of terrain and views. Hiked it on 1/5/19. There were quite a few spots with packed snow. I had micro spikes with me but didn't need to use them. You have to watch closely for the fork that splits to Sheep Mtn (right) and Stone Mtn (left). there is no sign post and it could be easy to miss. The fork is in a clearing about a quarter mile after you cross the creek. After that the Stone Mtn trail is not as well defined and easy to follow. But with an alert eye you should have no problem staying on it. There's a boulder scramble at the summit, but nothing technical. great views if you make it up there! I clocked the round trip at 7.55 miles.

One of my favorite hikes. IPW is fantastic.

took a lot longer than anticipated.....pitch black on arrival to car . hit snow ice VERY Slippery making our descent down the primitive trail downright scary! had 2 dogs almost lost one crossing a frozen waterfall...thank God my son is super fit and was able to pull her up despite the ice and yak tracks .....it was rough and scary . we have been hiking year round and would NOT recommend the primitive trail for decent. best to hike this in summer and early fall.will not forget this hike anytime soon

This trail is a HIDDEN GEM. I don't generally like sharing amazing trails as I like to keep things I find to myself, BUT considering the fact that almost all of the reviews for Stone Mountain are FOR THE WRONG MOUNTAIN, I feel it extremely necessary to step in and give the correct information. If you follow the main summit trail to the top, you will end up on SHEEP Mountain. If you walk to the top and there's a huge summit cairn, a sitting area, and NO views, you are on SHEEP Mountain.

STONE Mountain can be reached by following the main summit trail to a faintly marked intersection about 3.5 miles in. Go LEFT for Stone, RIGHT for Sheep. The Stone trail is faint, but visible if you're looking for it. At this point, you only have 3/4 mile to the summit. Class 3 scrambling is required to get to the top, so small dogs or kids may not do well here, or anyone unable to climb a bit. Once on the top, you have 360* views of the plains, Longs Peak, and the Mummies. Absolutely worth the effort. 8.6 miles round trip, NOT 7.2 as advertised.

2 months ago

Beautiful hike. True to its name, we walked right past the falls, before realizing it was the destination.

Meadows, Aspens, cool rock formations. Not a bad hike, Its mostly down hill on the way there from the trailhead off of CR 74 so be ready to head back up on the return. Falls are becoming engulfed in ice so some cool icicles forming.

off road driving
2 months ago

PLEASE HELP! this trail looks AMAZING but I was wondering if it is an off roaring trail or do you have to hike it?? If it is an off roaring trail can you get to the top of that ridge in a off road vehicle?

Its snowshoe season!

off road driving
2 months ago

Vehicle: 2008 Rubicon with AEV 3.5” lift and 33” tires. Drove it on oct 28. Clear sunny day and the trail was in good shape. Good moderate trail for someone stepping up from the easy trails. Enjoyed the drive and had great scenery along the way with some amazing vistas of Estes Park and the Range above Beaver Meadows.

After going through the notch counter clockwise we couldn’t find the return leg of the trail 247 and ended up cutting across the only marked trail which put us back on the trail we had taken heading up hill. Has the trail changed recently?

The best in Colorado

As of 10/16 the gate was closed before the fee station which adds about 5 miles RT to any hike you plan to do. The road has some snow/ice but also has large dry stretches. Once you get near the Mitchell Lake TH you will be on snow the whole time. The trail is packed down for most of the way. I brought microspikes and snowshoes. Never put the spikes on, but snowshoes were very helpful once I got about 1/4 mile below Blue Lake. Was glad to have gaiters and waterproof boots. Beautiful hike.

Incredible experience! Dress warm and wear shoes for winter conditions. $11 FEE. This hike is full of captivating views of towering mountains and frozen lakes. 4.9/5!

Hop over to here2summitup.wordpress.com for a detailed description with pictures and videos of this hike! Follow @2_Summit_Up on Instagram to see this hike and more adventures.

Moderate to easy hike, Blue lake is gorgeous! Snow and ice on much of the trail now. Cold and windy at top, but worth the work.

Solid hike, not too hard and great views.

This was a great hike!
I tried to reach little blue lake but I could not find the trail for the life of me. After about 1mile of pushing on towards little blue lake I gave up, my dog was not happy with all the small boulders and snow causing us to fall a lot.
Otherwise I would do it again in the spring when everything is green

Awesome trail! Couple of inches of snow on the trail this morning! Time to start whipping out cross country skiis and snow shoes!

3 months ago

3 months ago

pretty enjoyable trail. Couple mostly easy beside the downhill at the back of that trail. I had a wheel up a time or two. You'll want a spotter and or armor underneath

4th gen 4runner 3in lift on 33s

Nice hike with a ton of side trails to explore if wanted.

off road driving
3 months ago

Had a Great day on Pole Hill. Not a ton of foliage but still great views. Ran in stock 2018 4 runner TRD off road. Some places where clearance was a bit of an issue but nothing I was unable to handle. Had a great spotter which made it possible. Glad I have a front skid plate.

beautiful hike with gentle terrain.

Three of us hiked up to Blue Lake, then two of us made our way up to Little Blue Lake using the directions from AllTrails... Well we sort of lost the non-existent trail for a little bit...

The map, and the descriptions takes you through a fun but quite precarious boulder field. You would need to have great mobility to make that trip... Or perhaps there was an easier route we missed when we veered off course a tad.

On the return, we found a far easier way up/down following a cut-off which I will try to show in my labeled photo (the one with all the arrows). If you take the tiny trail up, you can zig-zag your way up and across terrain that is far easier to traverse than the boulder field.

It was magnificent, and while there were a fair few people on trail at 10am on that Saturday, it was far from crowded feeling. There was only one person that adventured all the way to Little Blue Lake while we were up there, so that was as serene as can be!

One moose was spotted nearish the trail towards the trailhead.

Loved this hike! Great workout, beautiful views. We went from brainard lake, to Mitchell lake, to blue lake. We even saw a moose family along the way!

What an amazing hike! Its really easy with a bit of a strong incline right before blue lake. Super dog and kid friendly plus there is plenty of space at the lake to hang out.

Beautiful scenery, very diverse (meadows, forest, open space above tree line with amazing views, stunning lake), trail well maintained. Would highly recommend and would do it again! One thing I would like to add is that the mileage seems a bit off. I measured about 8 miles out and back.

Trail was beautiful. Had some friends from out of town so we didn’t go to Little Blue Lake, but Mitchell and Blue Lake were amazing. Lots of little lakes in between them as well. Top parking lot was full even on a Monday morning, so get there early or prepare to hike from a lower lot.

4 months ago

One of my favorite hikes in this area of Colorado, thus far. Excellent trail getting you above tree line fairly quickly. A fairly long trek across the ridge, but with fantastic views all the way. Looking south from the peak was amazing and the climb down, though a bit steep in some spots, was reasonably marked and fairly easy to follow if you have the app loaded up with a recent track. I referenced the track a few times just to be sure we were moving in the right direction. We saw a bull moose as well coming down near tree line. Would absolutely do this one again when I'm in the area.

We only saw one other person on the trail, so safe to say this is very lightly trafficked and quiet.

on American Lakes Trail

4 months ago

Hiked today and was impressed with the views...then we saw the moose on the trail. Incredible! Just hike up to Snow Lake...you won’t regret it. Maybe 15-20 people in the 10 miles we hiked.

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