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3 days ago

Beautiful hike. Felt like I was going through different climates at certain stages. The rope down to the falls can be iffy but once your down there its gorgeous. There was some water on the falls but not gushing.

It’s amazing.

Great warm up trail for either hiking or trail running. 2 1/2 miles on and 2 1/2 miles out of very easy and moderate trail hiking. Allow three hours to complete the hike both in and back.

Nice but weird parking in the neighborhood.

Beautiful.. now one of my favorite hikes! Great variety of views and inclines. Love the stream passing through and the views at the top right before you head down to the falls. We started early to avoid crowds and boy it was worth it, we had the falls to ourselves for a good 20-25 min!Took about 2.5 round trip. Highly recommend this hike!

One of my favorite trails in LA. Has a mix of everything green canopy with shade in areas, stream crossing, some include to pretty views with more a more arid climate and then ends at a small waterfall.

This hike was pretty neat. I was able to see some awesome breed of dogs.... it’s funny because we came on this hike by mistake trying to see the caves on the Bronson hike (something like that).

I recommend WORKOUT gear. I saw a lot of people that might have missed that memo and ended up sliding and falling. Be sure to have a shoe that has a grip to it! Take water...don’t make the mistake I made. There is horse poop everywhere (lol) soooo look where you are going.

Great little places to take photos. But this trail is connected to many other trails that will take you to the Hollywood sign.

Oh! PARKING! Keep DRIVING ALL THE WAY UP. There is parking all the way at the beginning of the trails so do not stop at the first gate!

Enjoy folks!

Amazing hike but the beginning uphill part is a lot longer than everyone below states. The whole out portion is majority uphill. Incredible views at the end made it worth it. It also averages at about 6 miles from the starting point this sets you at just FYI. We took a couple side routes to look out points that contributed to that

14 days ago

Came here on Dec 30th around 11:30am and it was easy to find parking on the residential area. Maybe it was because of the holidays that parking was easy to find. The trail was easy to find. It was a clear paved path the entire way up and down. You start off with a slight incline and keep working your way up. The incline is nothing too crazy anyone can do it, just keep at your steady pace and breathe. The trail will continue to incline and about .5 miles in flattens out. The view at the top is beautiful and coming back down you get the entire city and ocean view. Definitely would come back again!

it was fun!!

my wife and I did this with our infant and dog. the road was closed so we parked by the nursery at the bottom of the hill and made a nice 5 mile round trip. once you get to the camp site it's only half a mile to a really beautiful little spot. don't forget to be prepared to carry out your trash, there are only trash cans by the camp site!

Great hike with variations over landscapes, vegetation, and elevation. Wish to see more water falling in my next visit.

Great hike overall. Some inclines and downhills but nothing to step and unmanageable. I haven’t hiked in awhile and it was more on the moderate then easy side in that sense but for an avid hiker should be a breeze. Once you get to the streams half a mile before the waterfall it gets pretty shady but also fun navigating the trail. I’d definitely go back again!

Beautiful hike with a lot of shade from trees. Similar to Eaton Canyon but with a smaller space to hang out at the ending waterfall. Great for kids!

I came on dec 19, 2018, it was a Wednesday so not many people were around. Parking was relatively easy but I can imagine it hard during weekends (the starting point is in a fancy residential
area on a uphill road, and you can only park alone the street in certain area.)

The first 1/4 of the rout could be a little bit intense for people who haven’t worked out much, because it started uphill right away and could be steep sometimes. Fortunately, the trail was wide and no steps or obstacles, and there were a few stopping points for photos and resting.

After has its quite easy, and you would ready the midpoint (the tip). It had a great view of LA and oceans, and two benches!! (I thought that was rare.)

This is a fantastic choice because one can see mountains, skylines, and ocean all at once. Also there’s a diversity of Californian native plants and various birds chirping and hopping around. Highly recommended!

Great hike! It was a beautiful day in LA. Started early to beat the crowds and to get a good parking spot. Took my uncle visiting from Minnesota. A must for out of town guests.

Nice and easy with some really good views. Parking is kinda limited, so thankfully it wasn't too crowded on this Thursday morning in December. Trail was easy enough to follow. Lots of unleashed dogs. It's fun to think about what this place looked like in its heyday (https://www.kcet.org/shows/departures/peering-into-the-chasm-vanished-canyon-resorts-of-la)

Waterfall looked nice. Not crowded.

The gate to the road that leads to the campsite was closed, so I parked right outside of it. I hiked up and started through the Chaney trail. The trail was not packed at all, considering it was a Thursday. The hike was short, nice and easy hike, I would definitely go again!

This is by far my favorite hiking trails. Def a hidden gem! It’s hardly ever crowded. It’s a beautiful trail w/ lots of shade. There are crossings so get ready for the possibility of wet shoes. Fairly easy trail. You do need a parking pass. Leads to a waterfall.

Started this one around 8am on a brisk December morning. Not as packed as we thought it would be. Nice & easy most of the way, but you'll get a nice little workout scrambling back up the little bit of elevation that you have to take to get to the falls. Nice bit of water flowing a few weeks to a month or so after heavy rains. Didn't start to get more crowded until we were on our way back out. Lots of unleashed dogs.


fun & easy, brought my 5 month old pup and my friend brought her daughter. saw a lot of families with 4+ year old kids, so the hike is generally easy. the stream is very pretty. you do have to cross it a few times to stay on trail. there is a great water flow at the falls at the end right now. so pretty!

Most of the route are with shades. A easy/moderate. The path going down to the fall is a little narrow without fences. So be aware of it.

1 month ago

Fun, easy hike that ends in a beautiful waterfall; not too many people. I parked off the road and hiked down on the trail which was scenic but its a single track trail so watch/listen for bikers. I especially had to be careful because I had my dog on a leash. For some it may be best to park in the lot by the campground. All in all a great way to get in some exercise and enjoy the outdoors.

If you park all the way down the hill at the campsite, then walk through the site, the sign from the campsite says that the falls are only 0.5 miles away, making the whole trip from your car and to the falls and back a flat, short, hike of just a little over 1 mile. We went on a Wednesday afternoon and only ran into a few other hikers as well as had the falls to ourselves. I liked how there were pamphlets on the local birds available to take from the info board in the parking lot. We saw the last of the fall color, some squirrels, and beautiful, clear, water since it had rained a week prior. If you’d like a short hike and are okay with crossing some streams, this little hike is very beautiful and time well spent.

a lot of people

Phone read 4.00 miles in 1:00:40 with 596 ft elevation gain, and I hung out at the falls for 10-15 minutes. Extremely mild hike other than a couple water crossings and a “steep” section near the falls. Falls were great a couple days after a hard rain.

We have been doing Runyon Canyon because we live on an easy access block. Every once in a while we need change the scenery so we drive 15 minutes and do something touristy and easy for us to get off the bucket. This hike is everything that is described in the description as far as we are concerned as locals. Very enjoyable.

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