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Did the hike just after sunrise on 11/3. We were the first ones out and back after a snowfall from the previous night, so we ended up losing track of the trail a lot. (Easy hike in the fresh snow powder, just hard to follow the true trail with so many side trails) The lake was completely frozen over but not yet completely snow covered. Looking forward to coming back in the summer.

14 days ago

Not a hard hike at all !

Did this hike on 10/28/18. We made it to all three lakes. There was lots of snow, but most of it was packed in so you were not sinking down with every step. Wear proper hiking shoes and gear (we did not bring hiking poles but wish we did!). It was a gorgeous hike! The best part was that we were the only ones at Lake Catherine. I think the snow scared people off! Definitely recommend this hike.

Great hike. This trail has a bit of everything. Snow, mud, rocks, wildlife...and other hikers.

Sometimes the beaten path is slightly different than the actual red-marked trail in this app. I veered off slightly and wound up backtracking twice. Pay attention to the app so you don’t veer too far.

I added the Silver Lake trail to my hike and finished at 5 miles flat. Had I not veered off I think I would have finished this hike at 4 miles.

Sandy City has notified residents that they are planning on developing a large soccer complex and dog park in the open space zoned area known as quail hollow park just east of albian junior high near 90th south and 3000 east. To pay for the park sandy is going to sell some of the land and raise taxes. Local residents are very upset by this as the land is currently a natural park full of wild life with beautiful views of the valley. Why the city would spoil one of the few remaining open spaces for housing development and a soccer field and dog park baffles many of those of us who live near the park. Besides the termendous expense of such an undertaking it seems blatantly to disregard the environmental impacts such a park would have. The city seems to be rushing through the process before the public becomes aware of the plans. Currently the area is heavily used for biking, running, and hiking trails. The area is home to deer, fox, rabbits, snakes, and all sorts of other wildlife. The park trails run along little cottonwood creek. There are three public meetings to discuss the park. monday oct 29th at alta canyon rec center, Thursday Nov 1st at Albian Middle School, and Saturday Nov 3rd at Albian middle school.

Beautiful hike! Quite snowy, but worth it! Hiked in the snow around the lake and then back down. definitely will go again!

The fall colors were gorgeous. The reservoir was really low, so it was a little muddy around the water. But the colors made the hike so worth it. There is some climbing over rocks, etc, but I think my kids would all do fine. It's not a very long nor a particularly difficult hike. (FYI, the trail isn't always clearly marked. We didn't go all the way around the reservoir.)

Fall colors are still beautiful despite the quick drop in temps this year. The lake is almost dried up though and there is a lot of mud. My kids did great on this one.

Did this hike yesterday, or attempted to, anyway. Mary and Martha were absolutely gorgeous, but the trail to Catherine was completely covered in knee deep snow right at the loop. Probably could be done with snowshoes, but we did not have any. Scenery itself was beautiful despite not making it to Catherine. Can be easy to lose the trail in all of that snow.
Regardless, bring poles and/or spikes. Trail was nearly entirely covered in snow/ice.

The beginning is hard, once you get past the initial large steps, it is very easy and pretty.

1 month ago

Hiked to the Lake early in the morning as usual but this time before the sun came up. Needed a headlamp for the first couple of miles. Even got to see three pair of eyes looking at me in the dark and was kind of eerie not knowing what was looking back at you. By the time that I arrived at the lake it was light enough to see everything. I continued up the trail to Twin Lake and think that I saw the same three deer that were blinking at me earlier.

Really easy and really pretty. :)

1 month ago

Nice area, great fall colors right now. couple of nice rock formations.

1 month ago

I wouldn't rate this trail as easy. It was for me but I hike all the time. If you don't, it'll be moderate. The map that is on this app shows the trail going past where the 4 wheeler trail ends, I don't recommend going past it tho. After you get past where that trail ends it's just bushwalking through the trees and their "trail" ends at a cow watering trough. Right where the 4 wheeler trail ends it loops up to the right, that's the best view looking back down the canyon.

I was generous rating this a 4. It's close to my house and I'll probably hike and mountain bike this trail more just because it's close to home. I wouldn't recommend driving out here to hike it if you're not from this area. There's better hikes to do out here if you're driving out here to hike.

Loved this hike! We live at sea level and did this right after getting off the plane in SLC, so the elevation was a bit tough in the beginning. We took it slow and steady until we felt better and would definitely recommend! It was a little crowded around the first lake, but thinned out a lot after that. Absolutely breathtaking views with a very cool mix of snow and fall foliage. Saw a deer, wood pecker, several chipmunks, and moose poo but sadly no moose. :-)

Went on a Friday morning while vacationing right after the first snowfall. We are from central Florida, and it was worth every lungful of oxygen we struggled to get as we made the climb. One of the best hikes I’ve ever been on.

Went on a weekday after work, after it had rained enough to dampen the trail a little bit. There were only a handful of people on the whole trail, but lots of wildlife...~15 deer and 1 porcupine! The fall colors are still there and the lakes were beautiful.
Steady up and down, no real flat sections.

Fairly busy trail that takes you to 3 small lakes. The trailhead wasn’t that clear on the map provided with this app, so we just drove in the general direction and followed everyone else hoping they were heading to Lake Mary. Start by the big sign that says Thank You for riding Brighton and you’ll see just up ahead a wooden sign that confirmed we were on the right trail. Plenty of parking here. Be prepared with water. There plenty of elevation gain but I wouldn’t say any of it is too steep for too long. If your not a serious hiker, take your time, pace yourself with the slowest of the group and stop and rest. It’s worth the extra climb up to Catherine. It was my favorite of the 3. We had young kids in our group and we did the loop in 5 hours with probably an hour total of relaxing at Mary and Catherine, eating lunch and just hanging out. People had hammocks along the trail but I did see a group being told to take them down by a youngish girl, not quite sure who she was or what authority she had, or did I see anywhere stating rules against hanging them. Looked like a nice way to enjoy the peace of the mountains though.

This trail is a zoo up to Lake Mary, crowded and not super pretty with a view of the dam until you get up to Lake Mary. Lake Mary is a pretty lake. As is typical, once you get past 0.5 miles all of the crowds go away. After that it was beautiful, nice view down to Martha and then beautiful at Catherine. This is an easy hike overall. Fall colors are amazing. Oh and it hailed last night. Walk down and sunset colors were amazing. 5 for the natural beauty, 2 for the crowds to Mary.

Really nice hike...saw a bunch of deer around sunset when we went...saw a few people on the way there and back but didn’t feel crowded at all.

went early morning hardly no one around and saw lots of wild life. It got very busy around 9am.

Great hike, easy to moderate. With the weather being so dry for so long, not much of a lake. Did run into a deer and moose along the way, it was a lot of fun. Next time we will hike on to Twin Lakes.

Sooo incredible. Perfect temps, great scenery, pretty easy hike too. Took the whole fam and kids had no trouble making the hike carrying their own packs. Their ages range from 7 to 12. Also had some fun little trails for us to explore in the morning around the lake too.

2 months ago

Not busy. Pretty rocky in spots. Stay to the right on the board walk to find trail head. Lots of shade. Enjoyable, relatively easy hike

2 months ago

Hiked in Sept. and the colors were dazzling. Trail to lower mine was easy. I took a small trail just off the “road” for the first .5 mile for some variety. I then added distance and difficulty by extending the trail to the saddle at the end of the canyon.

2 months ago

Our first hike as a young family in the Wasatch Range, and we loved it! Perfect for folks looking for an easier hike. My wife and I were able to take our 5-month old on the entire trek using a Bjorn baby carrier without any trouble. She loved the mountain air!

Beautiful hike. The entire way there is just so much to see. The mountains themselves are exquisite. We saw deer and moose off the trail. On the way to Catherine you pass lake Mary. Made a mental note to come back and camp overnight at Lake Mary. It would be an easy backpacking trip in and out.

We hiked up and camped at Lake Catherine. It took us about 1.5 hours. Great spot with a relatively short hike (about 2 miles up). The trail was pleasant. The views of Lake Catherine, Mary, and Mary were so nice. We went up the first week of September and the leaves were just starting to turn.

Super trail with occasional wooden bridges. Both a hikers and mountain bikers trail. I walked with two dogs so had to stop for bikers frequently. Very pretty with a few great view locations. There are a few “watering” spots for dogs along the way.
One final note. Please, if you’re walking or biking with your dog, pick up the poop and bags! I was embarrassed as a dog owner to see the messes included poop collection bags left behind.

Been on many hard hikes and wanted an easier one. Loved this trail. Was not strenuous at all. Saw a moose just chilling in the middle of the trail. Such beautiful scenery and well worth the small effort this takes to get to the lakes. The lakes were absolutely breath taking.

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