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Really amazing trail! I hiked it solo on 9/16/18. I was afraid of bears but did have spray. Just like everyone has posted, it is a moderately rocky trail so watch your step, almost no flat portions but no exposed slabs or anything like like, worth the hike!!!! Note, the rocks were a bit slippery because it had rained the night before. Make sure to wear hiking shoes. The trail took me under 2 hours to summit and a bit over an hour to descend. I am from CT and am used to hiking steep trails in the White Mountains but I am not used to the elevation. Bring water, a snack, and take your time.

5 days ago

This was our big hike near the end of the season and it didn’t disappoint. We had been to Hyalite Lake before, so we didn’t need to stop at the beautiful waterfalls or take a ton of pics. The weather was perfect - sunny and 34 to 70 degrees. A light rain the night before knocked some of the trail dust down. Near the saddle before the peak, the wind became quite strong. Views of the Spanish Peaks, Lone Mountain, Paradise Valley, Absaroka Mountains and Bridger Mountains were breathtaking. We were surprised the peak was grassy and fairly flat. We would’ve had our lunch there if not for the wind. Trail runners appear to really like this trail but we mid-fifties hikers took about 8 1/2 hours for the entire trip, including a break by the lake. A woman heading up the trail mentioned seeing a young black bear, so don’t forget bear spray. Bring at least two liters of water per person.

Multi-purpose trail and lots of people out using it. If you are looking for an easy stroll and a double track for a group of people, this is a nice option.

Hard but definitely worth it. The last creek crossing is a bit unnerving but the logs are rather steady. The views are spectacular! The wild flowers are everywhere, the creek and various falls are picturesque, all culminating in the two lakes at the top. However basically the whole hike is very steep once you pass Pine Creek Falls which makes both up and down tiring. But for those who are willing to put in the work, you will be glad you came! Also, if you can, bring a camera. And I was able to camp to the right of the smaller lake near the more western stream that comes from the western part of the falls coming from the top of the lakes. As I had to carry all my gear for the night and I didn't have polls and I am a fairly small person, it took me 4 1/2 hours to get to the top and 3 1/2 hours to get down, but that was going slow, carrying a lot of weight and trying to be careful. The trail is well trafficed but not crowded, so yes you'll see people but you can still enjoy the lonliness of the woods. All together definitely worth it!

The lake is freezing but I recommend jumping in anyway.

6 days ago

Stunning views for the duration of this trail.

7 days ago

We absolutely loved this hike. The elevation change was a challenge but the views and lakes were well worth it. What a great hike!

8 days ago

I made it to the trailhead in a full-size sedan (Kia) without 4wd. The road is very rocky but I got there driving less than 5mph while using the entire road to maneuver around rocks and ditches. The trail to the lake is a pretty gradual climb, but the trail to the good lakes is very steep and poorly marked. It is worth the effort to get to them, but make sure that you pay attention to the trail you took.
This trail is pretty secluded so also make sure that you bring everything you may need in case of an emergency, namely a camera :)

Less busy trail. The portal creek road is challenging, best to have 4x4 or AWD with high clearance. Worth the drive and hike. Bring water, bear spray and your fly rod.

Busy trail. Best to head up early and on the weekday. Bring your fly rod, water and bear spray. Worth the rocky hike.

Loved this hike. I’m a beginner hiker so this was a bit difficult but it was beautiful and worth it. There are not very many flat spots so it continuously goes uphill but the lake at the top is breath taking!

Great hike and beautiful hidden lakes, very tranquil Road is rough getting up to the trailhead, recommend a 4x4 or rental car.

Great hike, my son even made it and he’s only 5. Beautiful spot.

12 days ago

Beautiful. Do it.

Great trail! I have four littles (ages 2-7) and it was PERFECT for them! We walked right along the creek and even found a few spots you could get done to the water. The kids had a blast walking across ‘the plank’ to get to the ‘rock island’ (water was about an inch or so deep!

Will definitely be back!

19 days ago

great views at first falls and as you hit switchbacks above 7000 feet. At the top, first small lakes are beautiful. Pine Creek Lake is behind last saddle. it is larger and shoreline is large boulders and rock. nice spot for lunch before descent.

Nice running trail.

20 days ago

Did this hike on the 4th of July, very rewarding! Narrow so if taking young kids I would plan to pack them

This trail was a good half day trip! It was a truly magical place! There are a number of lakes up there and they are all connected! There are also some great vantage points on the way up

20 days ago

This is a very good hike. We had just gotten off the plane when we hiked it so it seemed harder than it really is. I loved how there were lookout points along the way that you could stop at and just take in the view. The changes in terrain were also very cool. Of course the finale at the top was amazing. The view and the rock formations up there are definitely worth sticking it out.

20 days ago

once you get past pine Creek falls it's switchbacks and uphill hiking the rest of the way. It was definitely a workout and I had to take multiple breaks along the way.

21 days ago

Such a stunning view at the top! It’s absolutely worth the trip up!

A little rocky but is is worth the view

Its truly 5 miles even.... great views, great hike.....

Our main reason for hiking this trail was to find the shortest route to Mystic Lake, thinking it was only ten miles. But we somehow clocked 14 miles because we actually hiked to where the lake currently was, not the northern most point where it might reach during very high water. And the elevation change is deceptive because there is a lot of up and down - 160 flights of stairs according to my Apple Watch. Even in mid-August, the trail was very muddy in many areas and had a few slippery creek or low-point crossings. So, it was a tough hike with the mud and hills, but the lake is very pretty. Wildflowers were essentially done.

on Pine Creek Lake

28 days ago

It was a full day hike up and back. We enjoyed all the different incredible vistas on the way up and on the way back down. Hiking poles were key. Several waterfall views. Smoke in the valley hindered the long distance view, but the lake was spectacular, and worth the trip up.

29 days ago

NOT 7.7 miles. If you go to parking lot (3 miles from well-marked road sign) it's 2.5 hiking miles to the pass. High clearance vehicle needed, takes most of one hour from Bozeman until parking area.

we thought it was a fine trail! muddy and icey a bit still but not so difficult that you can't look around and enjoy the fauna. no animals but tons of butterflies!

30 days ago

It says 18.2 miles, but tracked 19.6 on the Garmin GPS watch. We also cut off almost a mile and took the steep
route from the M to the bottom. Excellent hike but it is definitely long and difficult. Including breaks for food and water/general rest, 10.5 hours from start to finish. Worth doing for sure! Hiked North to South. Baldy to the bottom is definitely a long brutal downhill.

1 month ago

8/11/2018. Stayed at the Garnet Mountain lookout cabin for the weekend. It was a little Smokey but the 360 views were amazing. Highly recommend!

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