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11 hours ago

Up up and away. Phenomenal views of the valley throughout most of the vertical hike. With a pack it was pretty grueling, but everyone made it with 3 liters of water each. Everyone was quick to refill at the top and chug once it was ready. The dip in the river was extremely rewarding. Well worth the effort for the views. A very busy trail with a lot of day hikers, but that’s the valley so nothing out of the ordinary there.

12 hours ago

Did this trail as part of a backpacking overnight to Eagle Peak. This is a rough trail to do with packs because there is so much elevation gain in a relatively short time period, but the views are beautiful!! We started on the trail at 4pm (8pm sunset in July) and it was really nice to be in the shade for most of the way. Definitely would recommend this as an afternoon hike to avoid sun on the trail.

Parking was very difficult, as can be expected for Yosemite Valley in the summer.

Great view at the top, took the left trail then went back using the right trail.

Not for faint hearted... I felt easy while hiking from Stanford ave may be because I regularly go to gym, carry water as per body requirements. This is workout hike and not scenic one.

very difficult hike, rocks very brutal on feet, ankles, and knees! recommend hiking poles, ankles hiking boots. views are great! bring at least 2 liters of water, and snacks!

Holy incline! But holy views! Love it! Went in May and not very crowded so I enjoyed myself.

Fantastic hike with ever changing vistas. Left at about 830 AM on July 11th from Glacier Point Panoramic trailhead in summer and finished by 230 to the valley via Nevada and Vernal falls and the Mist trail. Stopped numerous times for photos and lunch at Nevada falls.

LOVED the first 6 miles during which our lizard count to other people count was 65 to 7. After Nevada falls this ratio flipped as people way outnumbered lizards and trails became very crowded. The downhill out of Nevada and the Vernal steps is a knee killer w painstaking foot placement required.

Besides the last 2 miles of knee pain and crowded trail down to the valley (which is expected in summer) this was absolutely amazing hike great vistas of Half Dome and El Capitan and numerous waterfalls..

Honestly...the view of the falls is best at the "halfway" point. The "pool" or streams at the top were refreshing but holy moley the elevation gain destroyed me at the end. I guess I had a different experience because I am 5' 11" and over 250 lbs. Coming down one of my knees started to give out so I'd recommend braces for whatever joints you have issues with (i.e knees, ankles, etc). PLEASE TRAIN FOR THIS HIKE IF YOU ARE OUT OF SHAPE, YOU WILL REGRET IT IF YOU DON'T. Also be sure to have hiking shoes if you need the extra grip (I definitely did).

PLEASE keep in mind this hike is not as gradual as the Ohlone College side and has a tiny parking lot like the description says. I am not in the best shape but a few weeks of stairs and weight lifting prepped me fine for this hike. The last portion where it gets steeper is a surprise to those coming from the Ohlone side but for this Stanford side it's a cakewalk. I'd just recommend hiking shoes/shoes with crazy good grip for that last part because some patches of dirt could cause you to slip going up or down. Like everyone else has said, bring lots of water. I'm 5' 11" and over 250 lbs so I finished a 4L Camelbak during this hike and it wasn't even that hot. Overall though I really enjoyed this hike (because I prepared for it lol) and I'd recommend starting before 7am if you go on a weekend.

I love this hike! I use this hike/workout as a benchmark to test my fit level.

Go early. Always take LOTS of water.

The hike is strenuous-not for first timers or extreme overweight.

Go early, parking can be rough. Lots of water specially with high 80’s-90’s temperatures and good sunblock. Have good grip shoes as the way down can also be rough because it can be pretty steep. Not for the wussy minded that easily give up.

Way too many people. The Hike is hard; straight up and straight back down- not particularly scenic. Lots of people bring personal speakers and blast their music as they hike, so it's really not peaceful in any way unless you go there before anyone else arrives in the morning.

Wonderful views of the whole valley a very good scenic hike. The trail it self is hard if you don’t like climbing stairs this trail is not for but if you power thru it it is worth the soreness. Start the hike early to avoid the heat not much shade from the sun and bring plenty of water no stops for water. Ended up finishing up at Yosemite point

I’ll admit it: I kind of hate this hike. It’s crowded, exposed, and it’s not particularly interesting. The view from the top is pretty in certain regards, but you are looking at a lot of development. You don’t really feel like you’re out in nature. But I do this hike because it’s tough and it’s a good training hike for other harder things. It’s my go-to when I’m trying to get in better shape (or get a sense of what shape I’m in). For that, I recommend it. Climbing half dome? Train w this hike. (Go up and down it 2x in a row; if you can do that you’re ready). But if you just want a pretty hike where you’re hiking w friends or a loved one, or you’re looking to feel like you’re actually in nature, skip this one.

I took this trail successfully around 8 years ago. I spent 2 hours to climb to the top of mission peak in a very cold winter morning, even a lot of frost and icy on the ground. I spent one and half hours from top to trail entrance. Good view and very good memory. Hope in the near future I can have my second run again!

More than 200 floors! That's what my device said. Yes, this is hard to strenuous. It was not the latter for me coz I started the trek in the early morning 4 AM and ended by 10 AM. People starting after the sunrise will have to face the sun while climbing up. The falls were powerful given it was spring and there was a lot of ice left on the top. The wind is too too cold and you instantly cool down when you reach the top. Please carry a thermal jacket for just the summit. Carry plenty of water and snacks. My recommendation is this : Go to Yosemite early morning on Saturday and reach there before 8 AM. Stand in the queue of Camp 4 if you dnt have reservation and get a place. Setup your tent and start to hike at around 10. Reach the base camp by 4 or 5 PM. Rest of the entire night and head back to home the next day. This has always worked for me during the weekend getaway including peak hours.

Beautiful views. Weather changes in a blink of an eye and more and more mist as you’re getting closer to the waterfalls

This trail was quite the experience. It was difficult but I loved the challenge. The views were amazing and worth every step.

Crowded with lots of hikes. Better done any time but late summer because the lake can be stinky...

Dramatic views; and some good, steep, little inclines. Made it without too many skids, even tho it was pretty dry. Tho I have to say, paved Wildcat Creek Trail is an anti-climactic ending. An otherwise great hike.

Long hike! Great trail. Amazing views! Definitely swim in the upper falls pools. Take the Yosemite point trail for a view of the north dome and a great panoramic it’s an extra 40 minutes round trip.

Strenuous but worth the breathtaking views!

Great hike. Didn’t take as long as I expected. Take lots of water because several of the switchbacks are in the sun. I went 7 and made it up in 3 hours and I am not a super fast hiker. Extended my hike on to Yosemite Point. Worth every step.

Awesome views but bring good shoes because the path is filled with slippery rocks (very early to slip or roll an ankle)! Also would recommend an early hike and getting back down to the floor before the trail gets to warm.

What an incredible hike. We took the mist trail down since it was our first time in Yosemite. The whole loop took about 8.5 hours. Going up to glacier point somehow wasn’t that bad, but we were literally dying on the ascent on panorama. Do not underestimate it. 2/3rds or so up the way on the ascent on panorama don’t miss a little turnoff to panorama point. We had lunch here and it was incredible.
We are not experienced hikers but are in good physical shape but managed the hike fine. Although afterwards our bodies were pretty much devastated. Great great day.

Out of all the times I've been and hiked to Yosemite, this trail was the most spectacular view wise. Multiple angles of the park from the high sierra to the valley had me blown away. Even with it being 90+ degrees, this hike was worth it from beginning to end. Will never forget my experience and encourage everyone to do this hike.

A challenging trail. We went to the outer trail and it was hard to find the trail. Thank goodness I have the all trail app to find my way

Bring water, bring food. Leave at the crack of dawn or else the sun will bear down on you by 11. Squirrels are fatter on top than on the trail... don’t feed them.

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