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Windy and cooler up at the top, great photo op

Hiked from the Valley floor up to Glacier Point to the falls and into Half Dome Village. About a 16 mile hike. The views were spectacular. Hiked on 9/16/18.

Great hike even if it’s dried up. Did it with my son on our father son getaway. We left at 7:15 and glad we did. It does get hot towards the top but there are a couple great water holes on top to get in. Slippery when coming down wear the right boots. Believe it or not we saw someone doing it bare foot. 3-4 bottles of water are good. We saw a mountain lion and bear so watch for them. It’s a GREAT hike. Enjoy

This is one of the most beautiful and epic hikes that I have ever completed. My daughter and I completed this hike on June 19, 2018. The waterfall was gorgeous and still flowing this time of year. This hike is definitely a challenge but is totally worth it. We didn’t have trekking poles and that was a mistake. Poles will definitely make the descent a little easier on the feet and knees. My Fitbit showed the round trip mileage for this trail at 12 miles.

beautiful hike

Very good hike to prepare you for any hard hikes you have planned!!
I’ve used it to prepare me for Half Dome and Sedona.
I enjoy the hike at least once a week in the Horse Heaven Trail, it is less congested with people.

Too crowded

Accept it as your first challenge

Epic views
Dried up falls in September
Slippery rocks so wear good hiking shoes/boots
Hiking/trekking pole highly recommended
No bathrooms
From camp 4 to overlook FitBit clocked in 6 miles (12 miles round trip)
Use bug spray!
This hike will make you the stairMASTER!
Worth every step.

My wife and I did this loop in 7 hours and 53 minutes yesterday, I recorded 15.68 miles according to my GPS. It is an awesome hike and totally worth the sore muscles you will have after. A few tips would be to start early (on the trail before 7am), use trekking poles, lots of water (we brought 3-4liters each), stop at glacier point to refill water, and wear good gripping trail running shoes or hiking boots.
The last stretch going down the granite steps at mist trail is a killer on your body and can be dangerous if you loose focus.
I highly recommend this loop if your looking for a very hard but rewarding experience at Yosemite. We had 1 day in yosimite out of our week long CA vacation and this was a hike you will feel like you made the most of 1 day.

17 days ago

Spectacular views from the top - not much to see on the way up except enjoying the serene walk and the waterfall midway. The top views make the hike worth it. A must do hike to see the whole valley and get a top down view of half dome.

17 days ago

Absolutely worth every muscle ache and every screaming moment. The views are absolutely incredible and worth the time and energy investment.

Bring lots of water and food. A hiking stick will significantly help on the way down. I’m a moderate hiker and my butt ate dirt a few times.

It is a great place for trail running, could be crowded mornings and evenings

Go during the spring when the waterfalls are massive! Can be a very crowded hike on the weekends

24 days ago

I’ve done this trail several times. Every time I think “I’m good, I never need to do that again” just because it’s brutal. But then time goes by and I forget the pain and remember the views and the payoff and I end up doing it again. It’s switchbacks in the sun, up, up, up. But then it’s like you’re in heaven looking down on one the most sweeping breathtaking views ever. There’s not really anywhere to filter water until you get to the top, so take plenty. Buckle down and go for it, it’s worth it.

This was really hard. The views of the bay were pretty cool, but the views while hiking were kind of dull. Just a lot of dry grass and cows. The trail is well maintained. Watch out for cow dung and bees!

very difficult!

Great hike, good views.. would be better if it for the smoke :-(

typical fire road trail hike. quite steep and little to no shade.

Extremely difficult for beginners but beautiful and breathtaking views of the Fall

good hike if your looking for a workout. go as early as possible to beat the crowds. At a maderate pace finished on just over an hour.

The best hiking experiences ever! Took 5 hours total (2.5 to get to the top, .5 hours exploring the top and having a snack and 2 hours for the return). Included 10 minutes when trail was blocked to remove a falling boulder.

Nice but exausting

Loved the scenery! I would highly suggest bringing a full CamelBak and wearing very comfortably padded trail shoes. This was a very challenging incline and I regretted not bringing my trekking poles. The decent (going clockwise) was very hard on my toes. For dog people, bring a separate supply of water and a collapsible bowl. My in-shape, 28 lb dog drank down two water bottles easily. Eventually I had to pour from my own water supply but we had a blast! Also, good luck with parking! PS - parking tickets are $63

5 Stars for it’s difficulty yet manageable to complete. Incredible workout especially it’s long inclines....keeps your heart rate elevated.

Hiked the loop clockwise at sunrise. There were already a ton of people by 6am, and the parking lot was full. The clockwise loop ascends a wide, dirt road, which near the summit turns into a rocky and uneven trail. The descent takes the Horse Heaven trail, which is narrow, steep and uneven. The morning light and the fog layer made for a pretty cool view of the bay. Took about an hour to hike up and another hour to make the steep descent.

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