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A great, easy trail with a gradual, gentle elevation gain and beautiful views. It is a multi-use trail shared with mountain bikers and horseback riders. If you are a hiker or walker, be prepared to yield for them. At times the trail is narrow, so passing one another can get tricky. I'd recommend forgoing the headphones so that you can hear bikers coming behind you. The day I went everyone was polite and respectful while navigating the shared trail.

Excellent inner city graveled walk/run option.

4 days ago

I wouldn't say this is a hike by any means as it's all flat. But it's a great walking trail and excellent for strollers and dogs. There's also several playgrounds around the lake so if the kids wanted to get out and play for a bit...it's an option.
Only downsize is already mentioned from other folks, but there's tons of Geese and their droppings, everywhere. Which actually sometimes would make certain spots smell.
But overall....easy walk, great views, fun location.

Awesome park to run in, especially if you are just starting out at higher altitude because its flat! I run by myself so I was happy to see many moms with kids and older women on bikes around the lake, especially for 10 am on a Monday. It looked like park services had cleaned up most of the goose poop but there are geese everywhere throughout the park. And as a minnesotan whose used to running around lakes, it made me a little sad to see such poor water quality, because there is nothing better than jumping in after a hot summer run.

mountain biking
5 days ago

excellent to get back into riding after the winter months, take it easy and enjoy the view!

Beautiful park overall, with superb views of the mountains and the Denver downtown skyline, especially at sunset! The major downside, however, is the goose poop...it’s EVERYWHERE!

7 days ago

Tons of goose poop on path. Water was green and smelled swampy.

trail running
8 days ago

It’s a well maintained trail around the lake. I like to run to Waneka lake and run as many laps as needed to reach my mileage goal for the day. Each trip around is just a little over a mile.

9 days ago

Super easy and flat. Great way to stretch your legs in town.

fantastic views from the top. nice incline to get the blood pumping. wear shoes with plenty of traction.

I love this trail- however yesterday there were a few rattlesnakes on the trail!

12 days ago

Nice trail around the lake with great city and mountain views. Downsides: disgusting goose poop everywhere and “toxic” algae in lake so no dogs or swimming.

Beautiful view of Boulder valley and there is a lot shade from tree when it is a hot sunny day. Enjoy your hiking

Grew up on this green belt. Will always be a favorite.

Great city hike!

14 days ago

This lake is beautiful with a ton of activity. Lot of people use the area for a huge variety fo activities so it is quite busy. The path is paved and of course plenty of Geese so great for a family stroll.

Our first hike here in Boulder. Nice view, saw some prairie dogs. Pretty easy, which was what we were looking for.

Nice hike. The view point over Golden is always fun to show people and makes for great pictures. The trails themselves aren’t overly difficult. During the summer we have seen 2 rattlesnakes but they warned us of their presence well before it would have become a problem. The top is flat making it fun and easy to hike and bike around. Great local trail.

Not good for hiking pretty boring scenery no cover. Pretty cute prairie dogs in the beginning

17 days ago

The lakes here are pretty and there are plenty of fowl. The surrounding traffic is quite noisy though and it is hard to escape the feeling of cars being on top of you.

Very easy trail through meadows and into an arroyo; great for dogs, children, bird-watchers, etc. Lots of mountain bikers though as this trail connects to several others, such as Dowdy Draw where dogs aren’t allowed.

it's really beautiful and not too long or difficult. really amazing view from arch and I recommend going slow because the trail itself is magic. perfect for beginners also.

This is a great trail for a family, especially with a small child. He did great throughout with only a few stops. The weather was perfect and the trail was not busy. We had to step aside a few times for bikes but everyone was ultra friendly. If you don’t live in Boulder county there is a $5 fee at the parking lot.

easy access from downtown golden, cool view (especially if you were wondering what the top of the Coors plant looks like), a few choices of up and down to mix it up if you want it steep or mellow. go to trail for quick mellow workout.

Decided to go before the sun went down and super glad I did. There wasn’t many people on the trail. It was quiet and peaceful the view is amazing and is really easy to get to.

26 days ago

Great hike with my mom and sister! We’ll be back for sure!

27 days ago

Really easy, very beautiful. Definitely a must do. Separates out into different areas so you can decide how much you want to explore.

1 month ago

really fucking busy

1 month ago

Good for kids, nice park to play after walking around the lake.

1 month ago

The paths leading to the trail (as of today) are slightly flooded. There is a spot to cross the water with logs but otherwise you have to puddle jump. If you try to bring your dog, you're gonna have a gross dog afterward.

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