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Trail was closed today. Hiked this before with my dog and she loved being off leash with the cows. Special dog tag for voice control needed for off leash capability.

One of the most beautiful views of the mountains from the Range. Waneka is a good little walking trail for people of all interests.

Love these paths. They branch off at multiple spots so lots of areas to explore. You can get views of the creek, large trees & views of the mountains from these paths.

trail running
11 days ago

Beautiful glassy lake. Quite a few people there on a Sunday afternoon, including families participating in a professional photo shoot.

Great for going on a walk or run! Has views of downtown and the mountains.

on McKay Lake Trail

17 days ago

Hiked it today with our dog starting from the Applewood side. Street parking only so we parked a couple blocks down from the east trailhead. Good rocky incline that's not too difficult then everything flattens out on top of the mesa. Wide open trail up top, nice and easy hike.

20 days ago

We did the short ~2 or 2.5 mile loop.
It was ok. Easy for out of towners but not much to see unless you do the longer loops. Part of the forest was being thinned intentionally by the park service. Equipment and sights of the road took away from the experience. It is a gravel/rock path and very exposed to the sun in midday so bring sunscreen, hat, plenty of water anyway.

Cows grazing freely which was interesting. Mountain bikers to be cautious of and let pass. Dogs on leash.

$5 parking for non Boulder residents or you can get the $25 year pass online ahead of time.

20 days ago

Pretty basic/boring/easy hike. The only excitement on this hike were the cows....

29 days ago

Nice easy walk/run/bike trail

Love this hike. Breathtaking views valley

Hello! Oh man.. where are my dog people to help a sistah out? This trail in its entirety is NOT DOG FRIENDLY. I hope All Trails can change to "some parts of the trail are accessible for dogs." I only saw one review with any robust mentioning of dogs and what you can't access here.

The Spring Loop goes north and south, and the south part of the loop does not allow dogs. There are several places in this area that do not allow dogs. I heard from another hiker that this was due to bears...but not sure what would stop them from moving to the other side. My friend and I had to do another part of the trail.. still pretty, but was an out and back instead of a loop. That was disappointing. The sign on the trailhead says no dogs on the south side and on one other part, but All Trails made me think we could do a loop by the above description. Not true! It says you will get fined, and yes, there were rangers out.

Here are the good parts:
FEE: $5 for non Boulder County residents
TERRAIN: Pretty smooth... a few gravelly areas, but mainly nice!
VIEWS: The lush fall colors were in effect. Pretty meadows and some forest areas.

Here are the bad parts (sorry bikers..)
BIKING: Tons of bikers! Beware. I wouldn't wear headphones. NO. Too many trail runners and bikers. At one point coming back down, we got stuck in a spot because there were so many bikers/runners that we tried to pull over for. Most were nice, but they DID NOT use bells of any sort to warn people. I was surprised I couldn't hear the bikers behind me until they were right up on us.

SINGLE FILE TRAIL IN SOME AREAS: some areas are wide open and so nice, but some parts are single file and hard to get off to the side for the fast-rushing bikers.

OVERALL: I was much happier as we moved on into the mountain...less peeps and just gorgeous fall colors. There is hardly any shade, so it is more of a fall hike. Tons of people and the issue with no dogs on the south made for a different hike than expected. I liked the North Loop part very much and liked down to the Fowler part of the trail. Very well marked. Beware though- lots of people and lots of bikers make for a bit of a "look behind your shoulder all the time" effect.

Pretty views but so rocky, and the large number of inconsiderate people riding bikes ruined it for me. I’ll try a hiking only trail next time.

nature trips
1 month ago

Very relaxing

very nice trail just very crowded and parking costs 3.00 every two hours or so, starts all uphill then kinda eases towards the end

This trail is a very pretty, quiet walk around a beautiful lake. The day I went there were a lot of gnats. The trail was very dog friendly.

1 month ago

The lake is beautiful with lots of birds and great views as you walk around. Great for the family.

This is NOT A lightly trafficked trail. There were throngs of people. I suppose it’s nice if you’re a local, but I would not drive out of my way to come here again. If I hadn’t driven two and a half hours already, I’d have left when we had to drive away from the park and find side-street parking in a neighborhood.

Because it’s one of the few mountain bike trails, I avoid it and let them have it to themselves. Much better hiking trails about a mile into the Eldorado canyon.

1 month ago

Love it

1 month ago

Great park, but super busy almost all the time. Lots of geese and geese poop - frustrating walking a dog who loves to eat it! Be sure to stay in the pedestrian lane, bikers will let you know (not always nicely) if you're in the wrong lane.

Nice elevation-

I read a tip that sunrises were amazing here but sunsets were just as awesome. The sunset did not disappoint. I came with a dog I’m watching and she was much more excited than I was to enjoy the beauty of the lake. We arrived around 6:45pm knowing that sunset was at 7:30. The views were beautiful. There were a lot of people there and plenty with dogs of their own. It was still lovely to enjoy. We set out to walk the entire lake. I let Abby waddle into the water a bit. Golden retrievers are tough to keep out of water. So she got a little taste. She saw plenty of geese, ducks, and birds to keep her excited and wanting to barrow through the walk. We saw people fishing, jogging, cycling, strolling, picnicing, rowing and taking photos. At the end of the walk as dusk was transitioning to dark, it became windy and light rain came down. But we made it to the car just in time. 2.6 miles of flat paved east trail.

2 months ago

Nice easy walk for starters.

mountain biking
2 months ago

One of my favorite trails for trail running. Not super difficult but a nice workout. Pretty views!

Was a good easy hike to get some steps in. Ok views which is why I have it 3 stars.

All uphill, very crowded, pay for parking

Really nice walk around a very pretty park. The best part, if you like this sort of thing, was looking at all the amazing homes around the park! It was a beautiful morning!

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