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A little late but we went June 2017.A great hike and really refreshing after getting to the channels on a hot day.

Nice trail, beautiful day especially for January.Well maintained swinging bridge to start it off,plan on going back.

15 days ago

New Year’s Day 2019 first day hike great hike falls worth the hike

Great trail good workout heart pumping uphill

Such a unique hike! The trail leading to the channels is very straight forward and easy to follow. It is pretty much all uphill there and downhill on the way back. The channels themself feel like something out of a fantasy novel! BE SURE TO REMEMBER WHERE YOU CAME FROM! You can easily get lost down in the channels while exploring the amazing rock formations. I recommend following the lead of Hansel and Gretel and leave a trail of nuts or candy so you know how to find your way out, but be sure to clean up after yourself! You don’t want to end up alone trying to find your way out for almost an hour. If you find yourself in the area and have a few hours check this out!

Great hike. Challenging towards the top. Very steep in some areas however took my wife and 7 yr old and we loved it.

Awesome trail! Challenging but not super difficult.
Be careful... the trail is washed out in a few spots creating some hazardous stretches.
One of the best creeks I have ever seen. The bridges were a pleasant surprise.

One of the best hikes in SWVA. Go when the leaves are down and you'll get long range views the entire hike.

The hike was great, you do have to cross the creek several times (no problem for us), the trail is well marked (yellow paint on the trees), and so worth the hike. The water stays super cold even in the heat of summer and is so unbelievably clear. It's absolutely gorgeous! You won't regret the hiking adventure to get there.

I love this hike. It is moderate. The views are stunning. The Channels are like a mystical maze. Great for dogs and children if you want to bring them along.

went 7/10/18 Tuesday to Devils bathtub and it was so much fun! For being about a mile and a half hike(the left trail) it felt like forever but really only took an hour. The was was so clear and clean. Water was freezing to swim but so worth it! It wasn’t too busy, a few groups but not overly crowded. Definitely would go back!

23 days ago

Great hike anytime of the year. The trail follows the creek the majority of the time adding to the beauty of the trail. I have hiked to Laurel Falls countless times both from the Hampton and Dennis Cove trail heads. I can't say that one path is better than the other. Both have their unique beauty in the journey. The Dennis Cove approach is about half the distance. If I am short on time I usually take that route. The "Death Stairs", as some hikers call them, will give you a workout. The Hampton approach is longer but an easy hike for the experienced hiker. I would take caution if the water level is high. There is a section on the Hampton approach that narrowly follows along the creek. I have never had problems there, but it is good practice to be cautious and ready to turn around if water levels are covering the trail. Some beginners may find this trail challenging with one large climb and the narrow portion of the trail right next to the creek is a bit technical hiking over the rocks. For experienced hikers though, this is very easy. No matter what your experience level it is very enjoyable and may become one of your favorite hikes!

Super cool trail! It was a little more uphill than I anticipated, but it was a fun family hike on Christmas! The mini waterfall and bridge were worth the hike!

This is a challenging trail. It has a very steep and rocky climb. The trail is well marked and has nice views, including a peak overlook.

Fun first hike with my Sister

This is a very pretty trail. Pretty steep, but dog and kid friendly.

Went hiking here a couple months back and was not disappointed! The road to the entrance is a little rough but I didn’t have any problems in my Jeep Cherokee. We went right after it had rained so the creeks were very swift and reached my mid thigh. I would recommend not going when it has rained a lot. Also, definitely bring extra shoes/clothes! Overall, it was a great hike and I would definitely go back.

awesome hike well worth it!

beautiful scenery through most of the hike.

2 months ago

Loved it! It’s steep but it’s a great hike. I probably wouldn’t take little kids or a stroller. Dogs seem to like it.

2 months ago

The road/driveway to the trail head is so badly washed out that we nearly bottomed out in our Subaru Outback, even with very careful maneuvering. Please know that there is a stream at the start of the trail that must be crossed, no bridge, no rope. It was impassable for us due to high, fast water.

awesome hiked it 11/11/18 little rough in places but was a great day

Awesome day with the family! The reward was well worth the hike.

2 months ago

Great hike...good workout and amazing view!!

2 months ago

simple hike of the highway

absolutely beautiful in the fall. make sure to check out the small offshoot to your left when the firetower first shows up on your right. gorgeous views.

3 months ago

Great hike trail could use some TLC

Great views, loved the channels. We made it a 4 hour trip to the channels and back with children. The hike is a little longer than I was figuring, but I would do again. I recommend bringing a wide angle camera lens for the channels.

The first half of the hike was definitely strenuous with the uphills, but we luckily chose to turn left at the start of the loop so most of the uphill was in the shade and the downhill was more in the sun. We also got off the trail and had to double back a few times so we ended up walking more like 6 miles than 5 (like when the trail crossed the service road, we didn't realize you had to walk up the road and we walked down and started back up on the wrong trail), but the views made the long hike worth it. We did come across a snake blocking our path but we just waited a few minutes and he left the path. Overall it was a good, tiring hike.

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