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first hike in RMNP and it did not dissapoint

1 day ago

uphill climb, but rewarding

Hard hike but well worth the time. You leave the trail head and are constantly climbing to the destination. Make sure you have plenty of time for this hike it’s not one to do quickly. Someone that gets into a hurry could be easily injured.

We did this hike on a Saturday about a week and a half ago. We got to the trailhead around 8:10am and there were plenty of parking spots still, but by the time we left (around 12 or so) there weren't any spots. There is no other place to park other than the pull off parallel spots on the side of the road near the trailhead since the areas surrounding this trail are private property, so I would recommend getting there early. My app said the trail was 6.71mi total, and it took us a little over 2.5 hours. There isn't too much uphill, so it's a nice and pleasant hike. We did see fresh looking bear poop on the trail, but didn't run into any issues. As many of the reviews below mention, once you get to the waterfall you can go over to the left side of it and easily climb up to the top. Well worth it as the views are beautiful, although I am a little biased because my fiancée proposed to me up there!

good hike maybe 12 parking spots, so get there early. The hike is mostly meadow until last 3/4 mile were you enter the woods the last 1000 feet is a scrambling between rocks. to get to the top, there is a small trail to the left. going up not bad coming down a little is little bit scary but worth it.

2 days ago

PSA: the trail is closed September 17th - 22nd and October 15th - 17th for routine maintenance.

I did not get a chance to hike the trail but I’ve heard nothing but good things!

Beautiful day, Makes a great couples hike.

3 days ago

Saw a bull moose on this trail and wonderful views go in the fall !

Easy hike from Bear Lake. Amazing views along the way.

4 days ago

Beautiful hike. Well worth it!

One of our most favorite hikes. Started at Bear Lake, sun just rising and the Aspen were “on fire.” We’re flat landers from Ohio and seniors, so took our time and enjoyed it immensely. The only tricky part for us was the last mile down to the lake. Pretty steep with lots of loose rocks. The lake is pristine. Enjoyed our lunch on the shore and headed back the way we came. AllTrails said 8.6 miles and took us just under 5 hours. Lots of rest breaks and photos. Highly recommended.

The trail is (very) narrow (in some parts), the distance hiked is 6300 feet one way. With an elevation gain of 1000 feet, it puts the average grade (incline) at 16%. Due to the volume of people (500 an hour, on the trail) You'll be pulling over a lot to give others the right of way, or they'll be doing the same.

This hike consists of a trail, with a creek rushing down the mountainside. 7 Small bridges will help you zigzag your way to the top, and although the distance is short (1.2 miles) to the top, the grade makes the hike a challenge. With large rock steps, loose dirt and pebbles. It should take about an hour or two to the top, and your descent will be twice as fast. Take time to enjoy the scenery, it's not a race. Don't kid yourself, take enough water as the natural water isn't pure, bacteria thrives in it.

Many people take an extended break at the top. The water is crystal clear, but not safe to drink. The waterfall hitting Hanging Lake makes this a National Landmark and a great place to zone out. Loved it, please don't damage it with graffiti or trash.

The trail to the top is worth it, though it’s pretty short and soooo crowd. There is a few steep climbs along the way. I would go as early as possible and certainly not on the weekend. In may 2019, hikers will need a permit $ to hike this trail and moreover, they’ll have to take a shuttle to get to the trailhead.

4 days ago

Beautiful hike! The aspens are starting to change which made for good sight seeing and of course it’s rutting season, so lots of wildlife in the park. Crowded on the weekend but that’s always to be expected.

5 days ago

The trip to the top is worth it! The views to Spouting Rock are neat where water coming through the rocks. The Hanging Lake’s water is clear as I have every scene anything.

Bring water and a snack or two and you will be fine.

Love this hike. Arrive early to avoid the crowds. Change to reservation / shuttle system scheduled for May 2019 - limiting usage to 615 per day. A welcome change.

Check out spouting rock - unique and impressive - just a short additional distance.

9 days ago

We did this hike today from Bear Lake. Lots of pedestrian traffic on the way up. The lake is beautiful. Had to climb over lots of rocks for an older couple, but worth it. Took the trail over to the MillsLake:/Loch trail and down to Alberta Falls. A great loop hike!

9 days ago

We did this hike on the way back from Emerald Lake, and it was a great add on. To do it on it's own would not be as good as Emerald Lake, which is along the shore of Dream Lake all the way and so is scenic for pretty much the entire hike. That said, I really liked Lake Haiyaha. It's different and I think even a little bit prettier than Emerald Lake. And if you do it on the way back from Emerald Lake it gives you a nice little 5 mile hike that is really fun and beautiful.

Hard climb if not used to altitude. Take an oxygen can and you’ll make it. One of the most beautiful places on Earth

Simple views with beautiful fern fields/meadows. Would recommend as an hike for a day that you don't want to go up too much "up hill"

Trail trekkers
Sept 2018

Beautiful moderate hike. Arrive early to park easily. There was a bear and her cub spotted while there. Waterfall is beautiful from below. if you can climb to the top of the falls it’s well worth it. Breathtaking view from above.

Hiked this morning starting at 7:45 and had zero issues with parking. Although, there isn't much parking available so I would recommend getting there early. We did see bear poop on the trail that was pretty fresh however we never saw the bear. But we did see a couple of Mule Deer and some wild turkeys. Since we got out on the trail early, we had the falls all to ourselves and didn't see another person until our way back. If you want to climb to the top of the falls, it is a bit of a scramble but just stay to the left and it's not bad at all!

Pretty difficult if your not in shape, however the payoff is breath taking.

We did this loop on the Labor Day holiday weekend.. trip from Bear Lake to Dream and Emerald was very heavily travelled. From there much less populated. Haiyaha was our favorite and an easy jaunt off the main trail. Don’t miss this one. We went down to thru Alberta Falls then took the bus back to Bear Lake from Glacier Gorge trailhead. Watch all the little add on’s as we still ended up at just over 8.5 miles..

Great hike, upper falls requires little scramble but worth the effort.

It was a tough but beautiful hike and the top was absolutely breathtaking! A must, in my opinion! The very top was the hardest part of the hike.

This is one of the most beautiful places my wife and I have ever been!

Did this hike starting at the Fern Lake trail head at Moraine Park entrance. It was a beautiful sunny day. About a mile in from the trail head saw a black bear about 50 ft off of the trail. It was special to see this bear and it's only interest was to forage for food. I continued to The Pool which was a good photo point. I continued to Fern lake were I had a snack and spent some leisure time taking in the mountains and the lake as well as plenty of Cutthroat Trout as well as the Greenback Cutthroat which is beautiful and the only trout native to Colorado. Yes you can fish but only catch and release. Than on to Odessa Lake with fantastic views of the green tinged lake and the Little Matterhorn. The climb up to Odessa lake and then beyond is a pretty stout climb and you will reach an altitude of about 10,600 ft. At the apex of the hike you will level out for a few miles and than descend to Bear Lake. The trail from Odessa lake is quite rocky so watch were you are putting feet. The hike is about 12 miles long and worth the effort for the beauty along the way. Possible to see Moose on the way down toward Bear Lake .

I got there at 6:40a on the holiday weekend and the lot was practically empty. Apparently it was full by 7:30 so I’d say 7a is a safe bet. They do let people in as others leave, but they seemed to be waiting a while. Make sure you do Spouting Rock. It’s SUPER short and relatively flat. I think most people were too tired to go up until they realized how short it actually is.

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