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Peralta TH is my favorite in the Superstitions. The trail is lush and green on the way up. Amazing views from the top. Really just an amazing trail.

1 day ago

Really fun trail. You definitely have to pay attention to where you are going, since the trail isn’t marked besides one sign in the beginning. It is definitely a harder moderate hike, challenging at the end but that’s when you know you are near the cave! The views are well worth it. Love this one!!

2 days ago

Beautiful hike. Cliff jumping is great! Word to the wise when the trail says cross the river don’t... go to your left and follow the river bed. It will take you to the swimming hole. If you go over the river you’ll continue on Bell Trail with some good elevation climbing into the forest. This spot is great if your training for a big hike or going for distance and want to see more of the canyon! Super Beautiful but be aware it’s dry and literally continues on forever. We went three miles past the river mostly incline.

2 days ago

Wow! The views from this hike are phenomenal!!! Watch for snakes, I saw 2.

This is right between easy and moderate. Also, I'd give this trail 3.5 stars (if I could). Great view of the backside of The Flatiron, but the highlight is the very end of the trail. The end of the canyon is cool and green. I will definitely return after the next rain.

As an aside please read into the historical angle to this trail. There was definitely a twinge of sadness for the bitter demise of the Peralta family at the end of the trail.

The beginning of the trail is not really marked. We got a little lost and had to look out for foot prints. Once you start hiking the incline it’s easy to follow.

I would rate this hike as moderate due to the length and the steep scramble to the top.
The trail takes you through diverse terrain from desert to wooded forest.
Depending on the time of year, you should leave early. We left around 8:30A, (September 15) and by the time we completed the hike, the temp was 92F.

10 days ago

I hiked the Derrick Trail to Highline Trail and out on the Horton Creek Trail. This created a large loop with amazing rim views. The Highline portion was difficult but well worth the reward. It drops you right into Horton Spring. About a half mile down from the Spring is a great camping spot able to accommodate a larger group. The trail out had many stunning waterfalls and great camping spots as well. I’ll definitely be doing this one again.

An easy walk with closer view of red rock

Eagle nest were amazing

13 days ago

Great hike! Went today, a Tuesday, and the trail and swimming area was pretty hiker free. I passed one young lady on the way out who was returning and there was another young lady at the swimming area. This made for a nice quiet hike. As you hike out you hear nothing but birds and water running. the swimming hole at the turn around is fantastic. the water was cool and a nice way to relax before returning back out. I personally like a hike with a goal to reach and this one really paid off!

14 days ago

Great trail...not marked well in the very beginning, but after the first 1/3 mile or so, it’s a clear trail. We saw THREE separate rattlesnakes on the trail on our hike, so be careful. Also saw a large tortoise and horny toad. No shade on trail. Beautiful view at the top. Definitely do this in the early morning to beat the heat. A few steep rocks to climb, but not too difficult. Completed this with a group of about 25, including teens and adults.

14 days ago

Hello! We ( http://thunderbeard.org/ ) have adopted this trail, which is one of the finest in the Superstitions. It would really help us out if you post up the locations of any overgrown or problematic areas from Canyon Lake to Second Water Trail, we can be sure to hit them. Thank you for your help!

A very nice hike. Was a challenge for my aging body. My app set the distance at 7 miles without adding the short hike to the spring. It was straight up to the top of the rim. No spectacular views from the sperspective at the top. But beautiful coming up the canyon. In September the temperature was 90 by mid morning but it was a lot cooler up at the top. The trail is well marked with reflectors on the trees. The second half of the climb is steep and rocky. Coming down there were sections that felt like skiing down the scree.

15 days ago

We hiked this on 9.3.18. My husband and I went past the 4 mile area where people normally turn around and we kept going to the rim road. We were not prepared for how steep and unsafe that part of the trail is. We actually turned around after a few stumbles. It is very family friendly if you stay on first 4 miles but going past that to the rim road is not safe, especially with kids. My husband actually lost his glasses on the steep part, if you find a black pair of prescription glasses, please let us know. 651-399-3028! Thank you!

This trail was recommended by a woman who lives in Payson so I had a feeling i would like this one. It was harder and longer than the rating on here but my friend and I hike often so we could handle it, just didn’t expect it. There was hardly anyone on the trail and many parts were grown over. This was great but also made it hard to find the trail so a few times we got lost then had to turn around and figure out how to get back RJ the trail.

The last 2ish miles are VERY steep so you need to watch your step (I didn’t and slipped down the side landing on my wrist) and bring poles if you’re prone to slipping or babe bad ankles or knees. I wear an ankle brace so that helped during my fall.

Overall, I loved this green, peaceful, unique trail. It reminded me so much of Minnesota in the summer. We heard tons of birds, saw a baby tarantula, saw many lizards, and the view at the top is beautiful. It took us 4 hours to complete 10 miles per Fitbit.

Went with my friend. she regularly hikes piestewa peak in Phoenix a few times a week and I walk my neighborhood regularly. Had a little confusion finding trail initially. Just park at the Horton creek hike lot, go back across the bridge and head up the dirt road. you will see a sign. we both loved the trail which had some challenging parts in the first four miles but then leveled off in spots with plenty of photo ops with creek and mini falls. We read lots of mixed reviews about the difficulty of the last mile (you will see a sign) and opted not to continue up, mainly for me and a few unruly guys on the trail. I was feeling it and knew we had 4 miles to get back to the car. I would highly recommend this trail. Bring water and enjoy!

on Horton Creek Trail

16 days ago

Great family hike! Moderate hiking that follows the creek and has great shade the whole way. Lots of pit stops to cool down and relax.... bring your suit and water shoes.

Everything I wanted. We went early afternoon and it was way too hot but cooled down perfectly once the sun went behind the hills. So go either early morning or mid afternoon. It is gorgeous and fun climbing around on the top.

Great trail! Moderate, yet long and hot hike. The Crack was an awesome place to cool off!

17 days ago

Got to the trailhead at 6, reached the cave by around 7:40 with a couple breaks. We started from the second/further lot. Views were AMAZING at sunrise. Worth it to get there early because you are shaded almost the whole time coming up! Can be slipper coming down, steeper than expected. Cave is super cool. Trail is decently marked.

What an awesome beautiful hike. We really enjoyed our time here. This hike is now one of my favorites. up there with West Fork and Butcher Jones. I highly recommend this trail. Very easy and only about 4 miles.

18 days ago

I believe most of the reviews here stop at the waterfall so caution if you continue on.

It is very pretty if you go to the springs and stop at the waterfall but if you continue up the rest of the way onto the rim (the last mile or so) it gets VERY hairy. I did this as a part of a larger loop from See Canyon and when I passed the springs and continued the last mile it was heavy scrambling and the trail was very hard to keep track of - at one point I found myself very exposed where falls could have been deadly.

If you do this last part be sure to take it slow and follow the cairns carefully. Also I wouldn’t recommend any children or someone who isn’t familiar with class 3 scrambles like Siphon Draw. (This might be worse)

This was a good trail with lots of views. We got to see the Bald Eagle’s best along with babies. My only advise would to bring lots of water and sun screen. Also in some areas water shoes would be nice to have.

21 days ago

Not very well maintained trail. Wouldn’t take kids on this hike because of the heat.


Very nice hike! Two trails that I noticed, the low trail which hugs the creek and the high trail which is most traveled, but away from the creek. We did both, low going in, high coming out. For the grand finale, there are two springs, awesome!! People do camp along the trail, something I definitely plan on doing on our next trip.

I understand how gorgeous the cave and view are, but this is not a moderate hike unless I took a different trail! This is a very difficult hike on trails that are not marked and blend in easily with the desert...along with numerous areas of veer offs leaving you wondering which way to go! I had two guys show me how to use GPS on this site after I turned around in frustration. So, stupidly, I tried it again. I finally got to the Cave which is a beautiful wonder of nature, but it isn't worth almost dying over when you get lost coming down even using GPS! I was happy to have made it out alive! Please, be careful...this is not easy and not marked...you have to guess many times which way to go and tear through thorny bushes and cacti to get back on track. It is too easy to get lost! I unfortunately will not be putting myself in that situation again on Superstition. I will go hike a trail that is thoroughly marked and maintained! Sorry if this disappoints fans of the trail, but I want everyone to know what they are getting into!

My family and I loved this trail. The weather was
Beautiful and the trail was nice. It wasn’t very well marked, though, and the parking lot attendant told us it was 5 miles. I should have tracked it. We had an easy time finding the trail markers at times and then not so much at other times. I would also rate it as easy. It’s a pretty flat trail.

Great hike! We hiked this with 7 and 8 year old. We only went to the end where the trails split to other trails and didn’t go the last mile after reading the reviews that it just leads to the 300 road and is steep and rocky. Fun hike and easy for 7 miles. kids made it no problem. Glad we made it to the top, however, I’m writing this to warn others with kids only interested in playing in the water that there were 2 other water falls that aren’t as far and are actually bigger and better for playing in. If and when we do this hike again with the kids we would only go to the 2nd falls with the flat top and had small trail from main trail leading you to it. The top is beautiful but we would have spent more time at the lower falls had we not expected something greater at the end. Took us about 2 hours up due to exploring, spent some time playing and enjoying the scenery at the top and only 1 down. But definitely a great place to spend the day. We got there about 10am and was down and back to car about 3:30. Parking was sparse but still not too big of an issue. The trailhead has arrows from where the parking/restroom is that points you back to the right over the bridge. It’s the immediate left and then left from campground. We didn’t have any issues finding or staying on the trail.

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