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Did this the other day solo despite reading previous reviews it is what they say. Loose gravel, small cacti everywhere, bush wacking, scrambling up wet washes, and the worst marked trail I've ever encountered. If you've never done this then please do yourself a favor and go early in the day. I lost an hour on the way up and almost another hour on the way down. I think going down was almost more confusing. You think you're following your previous trail then you end up almost going off a cliff. no joke. Otherwise the summit was amazing, ate lunch on the bench and signed my name in a notebook inside the mailbox. estimate 5-6 hours total. Bring gloves, snacks, and plenty of water!

It is an amazing hike. Summer can get HOT, so be sure to bring lots of water. During the winter/spring the water can be a little high at times BUT if the water at the crossings is up, then the views of the waterfalls become even better.

Super fun! However - it is important to note that from the parking lot, round trip, the hike is 10 miles to the falls, not 7.8 as the AllTrails info indicates. Being plenty of water, wear shoes you’re OK with getting wet, and a hat.

I have a question... do I have to get any special permission to hike this trail? Do I hv to buy any permit or contact any special tour?

Great hike! Did it later in the day which gave us great sunset views on the way back. Love that there is a waterfall at the end.

Beautiful views all along the way. We saw a coatimundi on our way to the last set of pools. The hike up the mountain had spectacular view of mountains and city. There many interesting rock formations and places to stop and admire the views. Parts were rocky and steep but not too difficult. The last pool and small waterfall was superb. You can keep hiking beyond that point along some running water. The path, if you wanted to keep going, would take you all the way to the top of Mount Lemmon!

Great hike for all skill levels. We hiked In January and there was a little snow on the ground and on the mountain around the creek bed. Great access and beautiful scenery

13 days ago

Great Hike....Took 10 year old daughter and 6 year old Son....Was a little difficult in some places for kids, but they were able to complete...Took us like 2 1/2 hours to make it up to the second pool and took 2 hours back....Was worth the hike beautiful views!!!! We loved it and are looking forward to doing hike again....

A good workout. Steep in places. Mostly rocky. Nice views. I prefer trails that are loops versus out and back to maximize views. It was worth it though.

The address that the app brings you too in the directions is a private property. When you get to the intersection that is at the end of the directions just make a left and the parking lot and trail head is right there.

Definitely try getting there as early as possible. We got to the trail head around 8:20am and the parking lot was relatively empty. By the time we were in our way back there was way more foot traffic and the parking lot was pretty much full around 12:30

It was a great hike - 9 miles round trip from trailhead to the falls. It took us 3hr50min and that includes relaxing at the falls for a little bit. Views and terrain were great. The only reason I’m giving 4 stars is because at times the trail is pretty poorly marked. But glad we did it and would recommend checking it out.

Great mellow hike with beautiful canyon views and fun stream crossings throughout. Relatively flat until the last quarter mile where it climbs. You can take real trail vs paved road for the first mile - just look for Bear Canyon trail which then will show signs for 7 waterfalls. Took 3 hours RT at a brisk pace.

A great hike, very scenic and peaceful. This is one I sometimes take my kids with me on. They started hiking it at six, so moderate would be an accurate rating.

19 days ago

Great views of the canyon as you go!

hiked picketpost mountain yesterday. awesome trail!!! the trail is very difficult to follow. go slow and keep an eye out for the cairns. would highly recommend using a GPS track so you can follow it to get back down. I got lost many times coming down. Also gloves are a must! enjoy the hike it's well worth the struggle

25 days ago

Awesome trail!
I’m disabled & am still able to pull this off...
The falls & creek are beautiful!

Start early to avoid crowds. Later than 8 start and you'll likely have much company at the falls. by mid day it'll be packed. When you have it to yourself it's almost magical. Amazing trail and scenery just outside of Tucson

Great hiking and views, elevation is steep up to the pools but nice to come back down after. Make sure to keep hiking to the left when you first get to the pools to get an even better view of all of them. We climbed over some rocks and had some amazing views.

Beautiful trails! We had so much fun hiking this trail. Some parts it’s a bit difficult to tell where the trail is, but otherwise super easy to follow. A great hike for us, not strenuous but not a stroll either. Make sure to explore around the pool at the end.

End of Picket Post "HIKE" notes:
* Don't SOLO hike this one ever again, with others okay.
* Add small foil type emergency blanket to kit
* Bring more water
* Better hiking poles needed (Cross Country ski poles don't cut it as they don't collapse)
* 5 - 6 Hour hike was correct Two up and three down
* Start early. Hiking headlamp added security and less rush coming down. :)
* Gloves, Long Pants, Shirt, and tweezers for prickers help.
* More rock climb than hike midway. (Although I have feeling there must be an easier trail somewhere. lol)


Contact the Cameron Visitor Center. This is not the Grand Canyon. This trail is on the Navajo Nation and the only permit valid is from the Navajo Nation.

Please do not mark the rocks or add cairns. There have been way too many trail markers, cairns, added in the past two years.

The blue water of the Little Colorado River is magical.

The hike from the parking area to the Little Colorado River is about 3 miles. Not as the crow flies. Not drawn or measured on a map. I have used the Suunto Ambit 3, Garmin Fenix 5, MapMyRun, and AllTrails. If your app or watch shows more mileage, perhaps you stopped, went out of the signal path, such as an overhang, like the Ant Farm section of this trail. GPS devices are getting better, but still have issues in narrow canyons.

This hike can be easy. It can be hard. That depends upon the person. I rate it at least twice as difficult as Flat Iron. For reference, it takes me at least two hours for Flat Iron (up and down without a pack), whereas it takes me two hours with a 25lb pack to make it to the Little Colorado River.

The two biggest factors for time on this hike for me are:

1. Air temperature
2. Pack weight

I suggest being prepared for this hike, physically and with the proper equipment.

In the Summer, the temperature exceeds 100F. It is absolutely brutal to be in this narrow canyon in the middle of the day when shade is limited.

When the air temperature is over 80F, it is easier to hike in and out early in the morning (in the shade). My friends usually take 3 hours in and 3.5 hours out. Most people backing that I have spoken to take about 5 hours in.

I highly recommend a water filter.

I have read people saying this and that about drinking the water. There are numerous springs. The water coming out varies in taste. The best tasting water that I have had is from Big Canyon. On one trip I drank about 2 gallons from the Little Colorado River in one day. Did it taste good? No. Did I get sick? No. Did I feel sick? No.

Bottom line. Get a permit. Be prepared, physically and with and with food and drink.

Another issue. Protect yourself from the sun.

The water temperature, when blue, ranges from approximately 64F (12/15/2016 & 12/15/2018) to about 85F in the Summer.

If the Little Colorado River is flowing over Grand, the Little Colorado River will be brown.

fell into a large puddle of water. still a good hike. Beware of the Crack

Tough but beautiful run/hike. Fantastic views too.

1 month ago

Great views, not that hard for a disabled 60 y/o with two bad replaced hips to hike by taking it easy.
Trail is easy to navigate.

Easy and not so long Trail
Beautiful day on december
Superb trees and cristal water

elivation gain is more high-moderate in my opinion, but the pay out at the end of the trail is so worth it!! make sure to climb down to the left to see majority of the pools, missed them the first time I did the hike!

one of my favorites! never disappoints. water makes it such a gorgeous trail. good for summer (if appropriately prepared with water, hat, and sunscreen!!) or winter.

This Trail is tricky. Most people hike right straight up the bottom of the canyon in the middle. It is best on the way up to stay to the left and follow the ridge, same thing on the way back down stay to the right and follow the ridge. there's a little hiking in the middle Canyon but watch for the trails veering off.

A nice hike with great views of the Dells. We only hiked to the dam but was a pretty little area there

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