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We hiked this trail in January 2019. We really enjoyed it. The water levels were high enough that we had to wade through the river. Come prepared. The elevation climb wasn't bad at all. As we turned towards the falls, the trail was a bit hard to follow due to fallen tree limbs. There were few people on the trail. We would definitely do it again.

there were some parts of the trail that got the cardio going. It branches off a lot but from what I can tell the app keeps you on track and it's well marked. you can venture off the branches to extend your hike to northern pets of the park. I saw Mountain bikes when I was on it.

Nice trail, fairly easy, beautiful park. hiked this a lot when I was growing up there.

17 days ago

This is a lovey, well maintained trail. Short, but nice views, and super convenient for trying to sneak in quick exercise after work. I do agree with others who have mentioned off-leash dogs. You encounter a lot of dogs with and without leashes, most of which are very friendly, but I’ve been jumped on by a few. I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone who is afraid of dogs.

21 days ago

As was indicated earlier, this is not the trailhead to the Rachael Carson trail. It is a suburban trail which would be fine if you lived nearby but it’s not worth a drive.

22 days ago

It’s a nice little connector trail between a housing community and the park. Nothing spectacular, and not long at all, some nice wooded areas on the sides of the trail and bird nesting. Besides that you’re next to the bustle of community life and big electric wires. Not much cover, summer make sure you sunscreen up, winter layer appropriately, rainy make sure you have a raincoat. Walk it while you can, it wouldn’t surprise me if it’s paved for automobile use within the next five years.

Started at the Moraine Bike Rental and hiked in about 2 mi yesterday. Great short hike, will definitely be going back for the full trail.

I should have grabbed a trial map. Thankfully I read the reviews here which prompted me to exploring the Hills.

Hiked this out and back in two sections.

Day #1 - Started at Mcconells Mill and hiked to about a mile past Walnut Flats and back. The steady rain made footing pretty tricky but it was a challenge with some amazing views. Total - 10.5 miles

Day #2 - Started from Hell’s Hollow and hiked just short of Walnut Flats and back. On way back to car we took the Hells Hollow falls trail which was beautiful. Total - 7.5 miles.

Overall the trail was challenging and had lots of stream crossings, rocky terrain and some sizable elevation. A must if your in the area.

1 month ago

A fabulous, easy and scenic hike that leads you to some beautiful sites. They’ve recently redone all the old bridges for safer travels. An enjoyable hike for all ages and very pet friendly. If you take your child/children on this trail, have them bring a small toy to leave at the fairy trees that are located towards the middle of the trail - can’t miss them.

there is more to this park than just the flat trails. there are miles of trails up in the woods for hiking and mountain biking that are above moderate skill level. if you did all the trails you end up in Avenmore, total of 10-12 miles. the trails are there, you just got to poke around

2 months ago

Short trail, to easy. Loved seeing the waterfall.

2 months ago

easy trail, very flat. beautiful year round

2 months ago

Excellent trail, steady inclines and awesome water fall and rock outcroppings. Highly recommend!

Will hike this trail again for sure.

Nice trail for fall weather bring the boot its muddy

A nice Trail if you follow the map its actually two tails Roaring Run and Rock Furnace trail. Rock Furnace Trail is the highlight follows Roaring Run which is actually beautiful. Camel Rock is a highlight and so is the suspension bridge. Stay Right at the split to reach the end of the trail the other way is not owned by the conservatory. there are mountain bike and hiking splits along the way or just follow the limestone path. Well marked paths. There is a nice recreation park near the parking lot. if you follow the map which I did its almost 8 miles long out and back.

2 months ago

Favorite place to hike!

It was a nice hike, but short as the river was kinda high. We watched a some guys go across and it was Knee deep. Best part was seeing a bear on the way back. It was up on the ridge, just nosing around. It may have wanted to go to the river, which is stocked with trout, but there were enough people about to change his mind. Be warned- it’s pretty popular and parking is pretty limited. Also, there aren’t any porta-johns there, so plan ahead. We can’t wait to try it again!

2 months ago

I met the love of my life on this trail, so I’m biased;)

Overall an easy trail, probably rated moderate for the water crossings (lots of places you just need to wade through, but since the trail terrain itself is fairly flat path you can just wear chacos in the summer.)
Most fun I’ve ever had on a simple out and back, multiple water crossings and swimming holes, fairly impressive waterfall with sufficient rainfall at the end, GREAT swimming hole too. Even if you’re wearing all your clothes, just jump in. You’ll fall in love.

This is only a very small portion of the trail. The full trail is over 37 miles long and ends in Harrison Hills Park. There doesn’t seem to be trail guide in the app for the full trail but you can see it if you zoom the map out. The full trail is very difficult and there is a challenge event held every year by the trail association.

awesome trail, beautiful views. definitely not a beginner hiker's best option. some of the hill climbs are steep, but the trail is well marked and very easy to follow. we took our time & it was about a 4-1/2 hour hike from hells hollow falls to the covered bridge at mcconnels mill. also, we didnt see ANY litter along the whole hike, not did we see many people!

3 months ago

Many options, indeed! Today, I did Trillium-Fernwood-Funk-Forbes-Sumac-Scullcap-Black Cohosh-Trillium-Wake Robin-Round Top-Bloodroot-Trillium for a little over 4 miles. A little muddy in places, but nothing difficult. Highway noises are always there, but what else would you expect in Murrysville? My favorite spots are the ravines you cross on Black Cohosh and, of course, Round Top. Very well marked and well benched. A lot of nice people, too!

Also, this is a great place to test out gear in wet or cold conditions before you venture out into more remote locations. You're never too far away from the road back.

mountain biking
3 months ago

decent trail, very slight incline going out until roughly 3 1/2 miles out, then a bit of a hill climb. but I see old people doing it enough, so it's not exactly a leg burner. stick to the left at the top of the hill and you'll find a little waterfall tucked away behind the tree line, there's no signs indicating it, just have to use your brain for half a second.
Also the marked map on this app is inaccurate, it's merging the rock furnace trail and roaring run. Just stay straight when you get to the little bridge, that continues roaring run, not the left hand turn this app is telling you take (that is rock furnace trail).

Great trail with tons of options. Some steeper areas and muddy, but hey, it's PA. What do you expect?

3 months ago

A really short walk between two housing communities at Graham Park, but it's really cool. I had never visited the park before, and there is tons of stuff to do there other than walk. Basketball, tennis, pickleball, baseball, fitness training, they have all that.

Some reviewers here said they didn't walk "through the woods" here but found other pathways to try. Well, you have to go up Smiley Cookie Lane (thanks, Eat 'N Park) toward the housing community. The trail is on the right next to the sidewalk leading up the hill. It then cuts to the right half way up and continues along. I don't know what is growing up there but it smelled really sweet and nice. It's a quick walk through a little forested corridor to the other side and another community. You then turn around and head back. Not a bad little one mile hike at all.

I dunno what happened. This trail started off great! I was having a nice walk through the woods, enjoying the scenery and going at a pretty good pace. I kept my app open as I read the other reviews here and saw that it could get tricky in places. I did briefly start going down a part that branched off, but quickly turned around and got back on track.

Then, the path started getting overgrown. Really overgrown. Luckily, when it just seemed like the whole thing was going to be swallowed up by grass, it cut to the right and was visible again. A little narrower, but visible and I was still on track.

Up to that point I was thinking that this trail would be great for a bike ride on, but then there were two consecutive trees that were blocking the path that you have to climb over. Nothing bad, but you'd definitely have to carry the bike over them as well.

Then, I arrived near the creek and that's where it all went south.

I have no idea how I lost the trail. I was keeping right along with the app, but somehow it seemingly disappeared. Next thing I know, I'm crossing the water a couple times, trekking through some thick thorny weeds and undergrowth and trying to get back on track. It looked like I was only a few paces off.

I wend up getting off the trail, though, and going a bit farther south parallel to the water. I managed to start working my way back over to the trail, or where the app showed it supposed to be, but I was still off. After getting turned around for another ten minutes, I decided to climb up the side of one of the hills, which was steep and tiring. I finally made it back on track, but was so tired from getting turned around multiple times that I just sort of stopped caring at that point.

The point where I reconnected was all overgrown, wet and muddy and muggy. Still, I figured the hard part was over. No. Getting lost was actually easier than the slog up the never ending hill during the last third of the trail. Had I not already been burnt out, it may have been a little easier. But the hill just went on relentlessly.

Finally, it plateaued and started to descend. Great! I was ready to get back to the car and wrap this thing up. But, no. Surprise! Another hill with a slight plateau and then two more hills! How did it go so wrong?

It was comically tragic, but I was beyond spent by the time I finished. It shouldn't have taken as long as it did, and I'm more than capable of hiking these trails. But as you can see from my recording of this hike, something went terribly wrong and I goofed. Luckily I paid heed and had the app running during the entire hike.

So yeah, bring your app. Hopefully you won't have the stupid problems I did and will be able to enjoy this trail. It is "easy" for all intents and purposes, but if you screw it up like I did, get ready for more than a moderate workout. I'm going to go pass out now.

trail running
3 months ago

great trail but got a little lost towards the middle. follow signs more than the map overlay on the app. was a little muddy which made it tricky but would recommend and return for another run.

3 months ago

Nice, relaxing walk with some pretty water features. We went with our 2 y/o and dog on a Saturday morning, but it started to get a bit crowded in the afternoon. The park was clean and well-kept, however some of the fellow walkers were a bit rude and unfriendly.

short trail but very beautiful. The trail is carved along a small creek with neat sedimentary rock formations with several waterfalls.

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