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Short little trail that goes around the pond. Great for kids!

Last summer I took my grandkids on this hike, we enjoyed it so much. The beauty of the trail and waterfall was astonishing.

This trail was perfect for a beginner had a little of everything.. views, shady trees, rough areas, we loved will do it again

18 days ago

Easy trail with a gorgeous prize at the end !

6 or 3 miles hikes loop! amazing views and it was fun and challenging getting across some big rocks on the trail. Would definitely do it again!

20 days ago

Not a difficult hike and not to long, the views are gorgeous. The waterfall had plenty of water it was the perfect spot for photos.

21 days ago

Anyone drive up there this weekend? 12/29-12/30? Looking for road conditions to the pack house.

Just completed this hike on December 27th 2018. It was a little more than 2 miles to the Frozen waterfall. good for dogs and people of all ages. Sun was shining, snow on the ground, slightly cold but overall a great hike!

It took several hours, nice view! However, the weather is too dry, a lot of dust on the trail. Will suggest to try after little rain.

Arguable the most beautiful trail I’ve ever hiked. Period. If you are not afraid of heights, definitely try to climb on some of the rocks that can help you see the view better.

28 days ago

I did this trail on 20 Dec 2018. It was about 2 weeks since the last big snow. I began hiking around noon at approximately 43 degrees. The snow was packed, powdery, or slushed enough to not require crampons.
The trail was fairly obvious because of a couple weeks of hikers stomping through. Some clearings or spots where people meander can be confusing, but check your AllTrails map, look ahead, and you’ll be fine. Even if it snows right before you go and obscures tracks, keep the creek to your right and use AllTrails, it’s not terribly difficult.
After the first pool (mostly frozen) about a mile in, my dog and I were the only prints continuing on. I made it another half mile before turning around. We just weren’t stoked about walking through mid shin to knee high, icy snow, searching for a possible trail route. The 1.5 miles (one way) we did were absolutely gorgeous though! My dog had a blast in the snow. The creek was frozen at parts. Beautiful boulders and trees. Well worth it.
My dog and I came back around 10 AM on 21 Dec (every other trail we wanted to do was closed or inaccessible) and of course it was a bit more frozen over. The snow was less enjoyable and some spots were slippery, but each area had an alternate way to traverse besides stepping over ice.
I suggest wearing typical snow hiking, waterproof attire. Hiking was still quite warm, I only wore a long sleeve shirt and snow pants. Boot sleeves to keep snow out of your boots/pants in the deeper parts would be nice.
If you’re going in January-March, based on today’s conditions, crampons or snow shoes may be warranted depending on recent precipitation or freezing temps.
The gravel parking lot is covered in snow, but still parkable. Or you can park where the China Peak employees park right next to it. The trail sign may be obscured by plowed snow mounds.

Attempted to get to this trailhead on 21 Dec 2018. Unfortunately, most of the roads on the West side of Huntington Lake are closed or not plowed well and the ice kept my vehicle from getting to the packing station. If you have a 4x4 that’s great in snow/ice, you’ll probably make it just fine.

Did this back in August as part of the JMT to get our resupply. The pass can get challenging if you have 45lb packs on....otherwise a nice hike!

1 month ago

Stunning views. Amazing rushing river in early June. Love this park! Watch out for snakes on the trail.

It’s pretty fun with great waterfalls.

off road driving
1 month ago

Came up with my brother in law and his two kids. Both rigs are stock 1st and 3rd gen 4runners. Made it to lookout without issues. Had a good snack and then headed to court right to camp.

Beautiful trail. We didn’t find it physically challenging but it was a little mentally challenging for me (I’m scared of heights) as we hiked the middle section along the ridge. Beautiful views of the Santa Cruz Mts and Monterey Bay. Highly recommend.

The loop is significantly different from one side to the other. The right side trail while going from the parking to the campground is safer than the other. Staying on the left side trail going from the parking to the campground will take through the Castle Rock Falls and most part of this trail is on the edge of steep slope and through narrow crevices between rocks but gives fantastic views. We used one side going to the campground and another side returning to the parking lot.

We did this hike as a family and loved every minute of it! The falls was frozen over and it was amazingly beautiful!

It was good hiking for a few hours to see the nice view. Relax and fresh there

1 month ago

My first hike ever! My girlfriend took me here in September and it was so easy and rewarding. It was our first hike together. So yesterday we decided to go back to take a better picture and we were pleasantly surprised when we saw the frozen falls! What a beautiful sight!

Love the sierras.

2 months ago

Did this trail on 7/21/18. Drive up to the parking lot, it is about 3 miles off of the road and makes the trek much more enjoyable as the road leading up to the trail is quite steep. The falls are beautiful but to get close to them there is some rock climbing necessary. There is a nice little spot to get into the water weather permitting. In late July it was about 85 degrees and would have been nice to get in.

2 months ago

Hiked both Rancheria Falls and this one with 2 friends on the same day. This hike that goes about 2 miles alongside a creek and ends at the pools which were almost completely frozen over. Beautiful views and very peaceful, perfect for small families and for kids who love climbing rocks but make sure you wear appropriate footwear. The trail is not well marked at certain parts but pay attention to the path or stay close to the creek and you will be fine.

2 months ago

Went with 2 friends on 11/11/18 and found the waterfall completely frozen over. We arrived early in the morning around 9am and it was empty and the road itself was a bit bumpy but I was driving slow like a turtle and avoiding the bumps and holes along the way. A bathroom is available at the trail entrance but there is no toilet paper provided so heads up. Trail itself is pretty easy, and we passed someone pushing a stroller on our way back. Trail itself ends at the waterfall, had a great time...worth the drive and the hike.

2 months ago

It was 45 F when we started this hike at 0830 on 10/4/18. It had poured rain the previous day and ice warnings were in the forecast which I think scared everyone away. We saw no one on the way up and only a handful of people on the way back. The temperature never got warm enough to where the bugs were a problem even though we were prepared with head nets and bug spray. The first part of the hike was through the valley with gorgeous views on either side. After the junction to the Bubb's creek trail the trail begins a gradual ascent up to the falls. There is a section where you come out of the trees and you have unimpeded views of the canyon that are pretty spectacular. If you're a photographer, a wide angle lens is a must (or take multiple photos and stitch them together in post, or just take a panorama w/ your camera phone). Right before we got to the falls ran into a cinnamon colored black bear and her cub. That was a treat. The falls themselves are not spectacular as far as falls go, but it's a convenient turn around point. On the return we followed the Bubbs Creek trail across the river then took the spur back to the trailhead. Not as scenic as the trail coming out, but it was flat and easy. A pretty easy hike with a high ROE (return on effort).

Gorgeous hike with great views. Some slight bouldering along the way adds some technical challenge. Bring a sun hat or some sunscreen, part of the hike is pretty sun exposed. From points you can see both the Pacific Ocean and the Monterey Bay. Completed multiple times now.

A short and sweet hike that meets all the criteria when you're looking for something simple.

It is not too strenuous but has a few fun parts that'll get your heart rate up. The view isn't breathtaking, but very refreshing. It's not too crowded, nor is it desolate.

Great place for a short afternoon hiking that doesn't need too much preparation.

2 months ago

A very good trail with moderate traffic. Went on a Saturday morning and continued along the same trail until Paradise Valley. The extra bit was well worth it, with very good views and a nice calm part of the Kings River. Did not see any bears, although we heard one growling nearby.

on Rancheria Falls Trail

2 months ago

Great trail for the whole family! My husband and I took our daughters (4 and 2 years old) 10/28/18 and they absolutely loved it! It wasn’t busy at all when we went (1:30pm) and we even ate lunch at the top of the trail! The girls needed hoodies since it was a little chilly by the waterfall. It was a gorgeous day!

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