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Fun trail

Awesome! Beautiful rocks and some fun scrambling!

Good trail, nice incline and can be technical at times but mostly low key. Great for kids and families. Great bolder for the kids to play on...the tower has spectacular views! Climb to the top to see the beautiful scenery. Will be back to try different trails!

4 days ago

Wolf rocks is a great place for a 2-3 hour loop trail hike and looking for a great view at the end of it! It’s perfect for a mild to moderate hike. Just be prepared to climb around on the large rocks at the end. Wear good footwear and be sure to have good footing! Nothing to catch you if you fall!

Was hard, but we loved it. The vista made it worth the work. Took our 9 year old and he rocked it.

Really enjoyed this hike! We found this map really helpful: http://nebula.wsimg.com/7f35bd17b04f971ef43772807f27f529?AccessKeyId=79BB748DDC683E44B087&disposition=0&alloworigin=1
We stuck mostly to the Horseshoe and Yellow Diamond Trails (so, really just part of the trail loop) but did venture to the observation tower. The trail is wide in most places, which is nice when walking with the dog. We'll definitely go back to explore other trails here!

Nice variety of trail loops with same great views.

Love this trail. Lots of different terrain, different scenery, and mostly shaded, all for a relatively short hike. Last time, brought guests, and was turned away by a ranger since parking was an issue. Be prepared for some wet/slippery sections when you choose your footwear. Some people wear flip-flops and crocs everywhere, I guess.

forgot to review this place. nice hike around the lake, would go back to kayak

14 days ago

We did this trail on Saturday. The last time was about 3 years ago. They've done an amazing job building steps around the water cistern, where it used to be really slippery. There's also evidence of work in other places, including a reroute to include a switchback to replace a formerly steep section. I'm told this is the work of Tom Scully and his rock crew. Great job!!

A few caveats. Much of Col. Denning State Park is closed for renovations. The parking lot just across from the camp was closed, I think because camp is still in session. To park, you have to go into the park and go to the far north end to park. Then, you walk to the south end of the park and find either the lower blue blazed trail or the upper trail, both of which intersect with the trail to Flat Rock.

If you haven't done this hike lately, you should.

16 days ago

Hard trail as the incline is steep but a lot of fun! View is spectacular! I use to hike this in college with my roommates and team mates. We always enjoyed it!

Will go again and finish the loop. I took my two year old and golden doodle which was over ambitious considering the conditions. Next time I will just take my toddler and focus on her. The rocky and steep conditions can make it hard to watch a toddler and dog at once with numerous people around. Parking is scarce, so get there early or later in the day. Beautiful trail and the Tacquan creek is super stellar!! Great holes for swimming too. The views are breathtaking and serene. Go see it but be aware it’s a nature preserve so leave it as you saw it upon arrival. I’ll go again but won’t make it a usual thing as nature persevere are not meant to have high foot traffic.

20 days ago

We'd read many of the previous reviews and were ready for the "physical" hike. The beginning is an easy walk in the woods. When we got to the boulders the hike turned fun although we watched where we were stepping. At approx 1 mile we saw 4 very pretty (my wife doesn't agree) copperheads within 3 feet of the trail. Being from northern New England, where we don't worry about snakes, we chickened out and turned around. The trail is gorgeous so we vowed to go back in cold weather.

20 days ago

Lots of great finds for a mushroomer!

Good trail, good view. But too many mosquitoes, and the markers are inapparent and confusing.

The hike has some overgrown areas. Some muddy Areas. It has very little elevation changes. It is well marked and trail maps are available at the park.

27 days ago

Great hiking fun for the whole family. Some steep parts for my 6 year old, but she was fine throughout the hike. Plenty of great scenery and falls to pause and watch throughout the hike and a lot of swimming holes for the kids to jump in and cool off. We will definitely be back for future hikes.

We hiked this today! Beautiful setting, hiking one side of creek and back the other side. We had to take our time with many rocks and roots to navigate, but that just makes it all the more fun!!

Really great hike! Be very careful around the sunny areas on the rocky outcrops I saw a timber rattlesnake and two copperheads on one visit! They are usually on the rock crevices and under shady areas!!

One of my favorite Trails for sunrise

This was a fun trail. Definitely not as hard as the label would make it out to be.

Great trail! Bouldering areas on the trail were also a nice feature.

my favorite

1 month ago

Parked on Old Forge Road where the Appalachian Trail crosses. Hiked north (uphill) to Chimney Rocks and back south again. It was about 4 miles but we walked around the AT shelter a bit- spring for water and the orange mushrooms everywhere. Cold Spring Road (gravel) has another access point by the Shaffer Rock sign to the Hermitage Cabin and then to Chimney Rock.

very nice trail, ample parking to be had. went on a sunday morning and the main area/main overlook was PACKED. if you want some time to yourself and pictures i suggest going off weekend. once you get out of the main overlook the trails are good and much less congested. the two overlooks in the back had no one there and i was able to eat lunch solo. sugarloaf also gets points for trail markers along the trails not just at the crossroads. that was a nice touch.

Beautiful nature but poorly marked blazes on parts of the blue trail. At one point we may not have been on the trail at all as the path was very overgrown and narrow on the east side of the mountain.

1 month ago

This trail ain’t no joke. Rocks for days. We took our 8 month old pup and he loved it.

great hike

great hike! had to stop along the way as it was hot, humid and I'm not in the best shape but the view was well worth every minute! will be back with my dogs another day

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