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Easy trail with good footing. Beautiful views of tidal marshes and live oaks with Spanish Moss. In a state park with good facilities. No bugs in November but I can see how other times of year repellent would be a good idea.

2 days ago

I enjoyed our hike back in September!! Seems to be pretty well maintained. Alabama has some great hiking trails!!

just left the trail after 8 miles. Loved every second. Will be back to camp not just to hike, so know back to Florida. I agree this is a bit more than moderate but definitely not hard. Take lots of water and plenty of pictures.

Being from Oklahoma, all the trees and marshes were really beautiful. We didn’t see much wildlife or birds but the walk was really nice. Did about 5 miles total.

trail running
7 days ago

Super fun single track trails in a forested area close to different water ways. Stoked I was able to hit it and do some trail running while out here working for the Air Force on an off weekend. No bathrooms, signs are present but don't provide much information. Make sure you check the main map at the gazebo before heading out. Definitely going again while here.

$5 fee, crowded with large slow moving groups.

8 days ago

Gorgeous trail. Very easy. A must do.

Really nice spot. Took 11, 9, and 3 yr olds and they all had a good time. Difficulty is what you make it. Somewhat steep track down a hill to the falls, the rocks on the stream can be tricky if you decide to play around on them, but nothing has to be too crazy if you don’t want it to be and you can still enjoy a great view and environment.

Great morning hike! Went counterclockwise and enjoyed the waterfalls near the end. First half of the trail we saw no one.

tricky for me but the waterfall is worth it

20 days ago

This is a nice place to go for a walk with beautiful scenery and a little bit of historical information. Definitely bring bug spray.

22 days ago

Nice and easy trail. Great for those who like to have a chat while hiking.a few places to sit near the falls and have a peaceful experience.

Dont go on the rocks, the warns are real. witness an experienced hiker lose their footing and got cut up. There are many small broken shells all in the water that may act like razors.

beautifull...love indian and civil war historic little sites on the trail transport you for sure

I have done the four mile loop twice with my dog. This is a decent trail for training, but there are no views and the vegetation doesn't vary much along the route. Perhaps the seven and eleven mile routes are more interesting.

There are many, many spider webs across the trail this time of year. I spent much of the hike with a stick out in front of me to avoid walking into a large banana spider web.

I would recommend this hike for people who are looking to get distance on trails and don't want to drive far. But if you're looking for a more enjoyable experience, I would head over to the Deadening Trail on Lake Martin or Chewacla.

I have walked this with Boys Scouts a few time and we have camped over night on it once. It it a great trail with waterfalls.

beautiful we saw turtles and intricate spider webs and lake muscles!

1 month ago

$500 fine if you go in the non existent water! no biking.

1 month ago

This was a nice short hike with stunning views of the falls. We went early in the morning on a Saturday and by the time we were leaving the trail was starting to get busy. We took our 50 pitbull mix and she handled the trail fine and she couldn't resist jumping in the water. This was the perfect spot to try out our new hiking gear before embarking on longer treks in the Smokies.

2 months ago

A beautiful waterfall!!!! Easy loop, definitely go again.

Short walk right to the falls

2 months ago

Nice and short. Beautiful. Water fall

This state park is beautifully kept and has a wonderful waterfall feature on the trail. The only downside is the trail is not marked very well and there a lot of side trails and bike trails that crisscross

Moderate trail with pretty views. There are waterfalls and all sorts of things to see! I recommend this trail for sure.

I do not believe, for a 7 mile hike, moderate is fair. I would rate this a difficult hike and it should not be taken lightly. The terrain is roughly 80% rocky and there are parts where you are outright bouldering. Take plenty of water and take your time. It is very hard on dogs as well. We were going to backpack this loop over 2 nights but ran into foul weather so we were going to finish the loop. It was extremely difficult and I did not hydrate enough (to be fair, it was like 100° outside).

On the other hand, this is one of the best maintained trails in Georgia. It has blazes very regularly, there are bridges over washed out spots and creeks. You do cross the mountain stream a couple times by rock hopping, which could be hard in the case of heavy rain.

There are gorgeous, beautiful mountain spring waterfalls. There are amazing views as well. You can take white candle trail at the left ( + .5 mile) instead if beaver pond to see Odie Overlook, it's gorgeous as well.

Nice, short trail with water views. Perfect trail for kids.

Love love love this little state park! Great hiking, really great trails!

3 months ago

This trail is ok if you're looking for some quiet time on base. Watch out for massive spider webs w huge spiders that cross the trail. After doing the entire trail last week, I would not reccomend riding or running this trail unless you want to head straight into webs and spiders. We had to crouch under webs on the main trail approx 10-15 times. The excersize equipment is old and at the time was overgrown w weeds and spiders. The trail is dog friendly. Parking is a small unpaved lot on the right side of the road, with a small trail entrance coming from the parking area. Several mountain bike trails lead off the main trail. I did not explore those due to spiders. May be better in cooler months.

Relatively easy hike in general but was rough this summer. There’s some large trees down in the first mile of Nubbins that makes it nearly impassable in some sections but clears up if you keep on. I saw a lot of muscadine grapes near the trailhead and there were tons of small daisies in bloom. If you’re doing this in summer, wear long pants because there’s A LOT of ticks (my dog who is on medication carried home 56 in his fur 濫). Also be aware there’s some active predators in this area- many piles of scat full of fur and even found a partial boar skull.

Aside from that it’s pretty steady but not steep elevation gain. Pretty water falls and reliable streams. Some folks have mentioned to me the trail is hard to find nearer to its end but imo it’s pretty easy to stay on as there is good signage. Like somebody else mentioned I typically do Nubbins to Odum Scout to the Pinhoti as an in and out- I think it’s like 7 miles total? There’s a huge campsite at the Pinhoti Scout intersection that’s great for large groups.

Just hiked it to cascade falls and back out. 5 miles on the dot the way we went. Great trail with several creek crossings

Did it counterclockwise. Waterfall and stream section was amazing. Trail is well marked but about a half mile through what appears to be new growth pines is extremely overgrown with briers. The trail at some points is chocked down to the point you almost needed a machete.

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