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9 days ago

Trail is well marked. Getting there was relatively easy. Steady climb all the way to the top. Took me two hours to summit, and there was some snow at the very top. Great views, would highly recommend.

1 month ago

7.8 mi and 3000 ft of gain. Great views of Jefferson but you work for them. After the first 1.5 miles you are walking on small ankle turning rocks. Great foliage and I recommend as a fall hike. You are exposed to full sun during the last mile or so. Breitenbush is lovely with small creek crossings and every shade of green.

Nice easy walk, could be beautiful view but for the smoke. 09-15-2018 no snow very dry. The road in has some washboard 1st mile than some wash spot. Most suv wont have any problems, no 4x4 needed. Unless it’s raining or snowing.

2 months ago

Just got back from this hike. What a beautiful hike. Lots of great camping around the lake. No mosquitoes at all but then again the creeks were all dried up too. Hiked up the indigo extension trail that winds it’s up the hill and eventually overlooks the lake. Highly recommend the hike.

Great day. I agree that it is an 8 mile hike. That is what my phone recorded as well. The climb the last few miles is a good workout and the trail is fairly rocky with scree in some places. Views are spectacular. Bring lots of water. I brought my dog. Only a few very friendly folks on the trail today. Trailhead is super easy to find.

Beautiful hike! Went yesterday and then did Mt. Thielsen today. Yesterday the smoke wasn’t as bad so we could see all the way to the Three Sisters.
No water on the trail, and a good amount of sun exposure at the top. Bring water and sunscreen! Also, the “scramble” near the top was a three foot ledge to step up onto. It’s a non issue.

2 months ago

Beautiful and rewarding views! Super fun scramble at the top. I never realized how many lakes there were in this area before hiking to the top of cowhorn

3 months ago

Great hike! Easy to get to the trailhead, gravel forest road was in great shape. Stellar views of Mt. Jefferson and was lightly trafficked on a Saturday. Bring lots of water!

3 months ago

Good hike, strenuous but not difficult. Path is a little overgrown. Gorgeous view of Mt Jefferson above the tree line. I think I'll do this again, but not when it's 90 in the shade.

4 months ago

The trail is fairly easy but way out there. It needs to be said though—the mosquitos are no joke. They are the worst I have ever experienced. You need to deet up before you leave your vehicle and do so repeatedly on the trail. The mosquitos will be on you as soon as you exit your vehicle at Lake Timpanogas. The water is warm enough to swim in at Indigo.

4 months ago

I didn’t make it to the top so will need to go back.

4 months ago

Great hike transition from forest to mountain side with some challenging switchbacks and elevation increase. Awesome views of Mount Jefferson along the way and beautiful views as you reach the top! I’d definitely recommend this hike for a rewarding challenge!

Went on Sunday, great hike as always. Hiked along the ridge at the top for awhile to get a closer view of Mt Jefferson. Would like to try to hike the ridge all the way to Park Ridge sometime..

4 months ago

I just hiked it this week and there is a lot of snow for the last 2 miles. It can be tricky to find the trail, but I was able to manage thanks to a previous hiker's tracks. The view at the top is INCREDIBLE, I had the whole trail to myself. One note on the road to the trailhead: it's heavily eroded and I would not recommend low to the ground cars to attempt it. When you drive it you'll know what I mean ;)

More like 8 miles. I tracked it on my phone. 4 up and 4 down. Also we felt like it was more of a difficult than a moderate hike. Bring plenty of water! You start at the parking lot. Take the left trail. 2.1 miles later you come to a fork. Turn left onto ‘bear point’ hike. 2 more miles and you’re there!

5 months ago

Completed on 5/27/18. We were the first to do this hike this year as far as I could tell, if you’re coming in from the north you hit the first snow patch on the road 3/4 mile from the trailhead. I parked my SUV there because it was about a foot deep and I’d rather tack miles on than risk it. Up the road there is a large tree across the road completely blocking it so you would have the walk the last 1/4 mile or so anyway. You take a right onto the PCT from the road (there are signs), then head up. The trail sort of follows the ridge line, dipping south, until you get to the saddle between said ridge and cowhorn mountain where you turn off onto the climbers trail (easy to pick up even in the snow if you just stay on top of the ridge once cowhorn is in sight). Do not attempt this hike without a gps, as there is a ton of snow on the south side of the ridge on the PCT, and I had difficulties following my own footprints back even with the silver diamond markers on the trees. The first part of the trail is not bad but it becomes increasingly difficult to follow, being covered in feet of snow. That being said, I would not hike this in the afternoon or you will be sinking into feet of snow, it’s best done in the morning. That said this hike is completely doable for a seasoned hiker who has experience route finding in the snow. Trekking poles and microspikes could be useful as some snowy parts of the trail are on a steep sidehill. The peak itself has no snow, you can almost walk to the top. I tied my pets a little below the summit in the shade which I would recommend since it becomes very scrambley and the summit is small with steep drop offs. Amazing 360 views, overall this hike is well worth the slog and mental challenge of snow.

Friday, September 15, 2017

I hiked the Sawtooth Mountain trail in early September.
The route I chose is a loop starting on Indigo Trail, then Sawtooth Mountain trail to reach the climbers trail via the south ridge. Once at the top, I decided to go for a scramble of the north ridge to try and intersect the Windy Pass trail. From there, I did succeed but route finding and strain on old legs made this section a small challenge. From there I descended to Indigo Lake and walked the trail that goes around the lake. Finally, I returned to Timpanogas Lake via the Indigo Lake trail. All said, about 10 miles.

The lakes (Timpanogas, Indigo), the scramble up the south summit and true summit, the views from the summit, and the cool/shaded forested sections make this trail a small gem. Combine the hiking with some camping, backpacking, fishing, etc and you get more for your footsteps. There are also several route variants, including a traverse from Sawtooth Mountain to Cowhorn Mountain.

If you follow the Sawtooth Mountain trail, it is good to know that you will be climbing two ridges (at 2 miles and 3 miles) before getting to the use trail at the 4 miles mark or so. These two climbs are fairly steep... mostly because switchbacks appear to not have yet been invented when the trail was cut.. it goes almost straight up and ahead.

The scrambles to the south summit and the true summit are neither technically very difficult nor very long. However, there is exposure on the sides of the summits ridge and good footwear, good attention and caution are necessary. The summit itself has major exposure on the east side;

In season, bugs are likely an obstacle to prepare for; there are two lakes to go by and a few wet/marshy area not far.The summit ridge is, of course, exposes to the run; you may want to carry sunscreen.

Friday, September 01, 2017

Great trail! The mosquitos are bad!! Bring bug spray for sure, but the lake is worth the drive and hike. The driving directions from the app took us the "short" way which had us taking a washed out road. Came out much easier way but it took longer. Well worth it a must do ever year.

Monday, August 21, 2017

A nice hike on September 10, 2016. We went to the top to see amazing views of Mt. Thielsen, Howlock Mt., Mt. Bailey, Diamond Peak, Cowhorn and more. After a short lunch, 3 of us decided to make our way down the side of Tipsoo and across the meadow to the high point of the PCT for the states of Oregon and Washington. We followed our GPS devices back to the trail and back down.

Saturday, July 29, 2017


Thursday, September 08, 2016

There are two separate starting point to get to the summit of Mt Bailey: a lower trailhead (10.5 miles out and back) and an upper trailhead (about 5 miles out and back). I hiked from the lower trailhead a short .4 miles from the Diamond Lake South Shore on NFR 300 (left turn from the paved Diamond Lake Loop. The access to the lower trailhead does not require a high-clearance vehicle. I cannot vouch for the access to the upper trailhead on NFR 380.

The 2+ miles between the lower and upper trailhead are easy to navigate, on a well maintained, forested and nicely graded trail. The last .5 miles are essentially flat on a sandy plateau. After crossing NRF 380, the trail is noticeably steeper but still shaded as the treeline is only reached shortly before the false summit. There are a few steep sections going straight up the slope but most of the trail is still well maintained with not too many rocks or roots. To wit the fact that trail runners are using this trail all the way up to the summit. On the way up to the tree line, a few good views of Diamond Lake and Thielsen peak are opening up.

The trail finally reaches the treeline a bit under the first key feature of the hike: a crated just below the false summit which, early in September, still has tong of snow on its South edge. At that point, the views are fully opened to the South with Mt Scott and Mt McLoughlin in plain sight. After rounding the crater, the trails switches-back to the false summit and the first sweeping views East and West as well as the spine to the true summit to the North.

The spine leading to the summit is the only section of the hike that is a bit 'technical". A few "gendarmes" stand on the way and the trail follows their Western (left) edge at the top of steep and long scree fields. A bit of caution here and there in that section can avoid bad surprises. This is also where the second main feature of the hike awaits you: a window in the "gendarme" face that frames Thielsen and Diamond Lake in dramatic fashion.

Past the last gendarme, the trail gently edges up toward the true summit (no marker, no summit register as of 9/2016). Continue a short .1 mile further and slightly down and get an unobstructed view of Diamond Lake and Thielsen. The horizon was a bit cloudy to the North when I was at the summit, but on a good day you should be able to see Diamond Peak and the Sisters.

Bottom line: if you can start from the upper trailhead, climbing Mt Bailey is a must from the efforts to rewards ratio.

Monday, June 13, 2016

Did this trail in Sept and Oct 2015. It was amazing both times. The trail is really nice and groomed. Super quiet out there. On a clear day you can see the Sisters. Beautiful!

Sunday, May 29, 2016

As of 5/29/16, trail was inaccessible. the Cinnamon Butte Lookout Rd was closed.

Tuesday, November 03, 2015

We went late in the season and encountered snow. Made it to the peak but was stormy that day so there was not a spectacular view. Was still awesome and fun!

Saturday, October 10, 2015

We followed these directions, but the only signs we saw said we were heading for Boulder Creek Trail. When we arrived, we saw a trail marker, so we followed it. After about 1/4 mile, it joined another larger trail. We followed that one another 1/4 mile or so, but it just didn't seem right so we turned around. Almost back to the car, we found a sign laying on a downed tree. It was the right trail. We just didn't go far enough.

The trail is not difficult, but it's rocky and a little hard on the ankles. I turned mine a few times in our short hike. Will try again for sure.

Monday, October 05, 2015

The incline is pretty steady but overall a moderate hike. The views are fabulous from the top! There is a pretty flat spot toward the top that would be great to camp overnight at.

Saturday, September 05, 2015

A very beautiful hike. It's uphill most of the way in. The trail switch backs up hill through an alpine forest. We hiked in late August and there were no mosquito's or water in the creeks. The lake is just picturesque. It was a little over an hour to hike in and another 35 min. to walk around the lake. We drove from Eugene to Hills Creek Reservoir to Lake Timpanogas. We drove a small sedan and had no trouble getting there. The road around Hills Creek is very curvy and took 2.15 hours to get there.

Saturday, July 19, 2014

I hiked this trail with the Friends of the Umpqua Hiking Group out of Roseburg, Oregon. We hit the trailhead around 10AM with a group of about 20 hikers. The well maintained trail was uphill all the way but not too steep. The spectacular views from the top are not evident until the last few hundred feet of the hike. Once on top you can see Mount Thielsen, Mount Bailey, Diamond Peak, Two of the Three Sisters, Diamond Lake, Maidu Lake, Lemolo Lake and Miller Lake. The Pacific Crest Trail is visible just to the east of the peak. There were still some patches of snow on the ground at this elevation in mid July.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Highly recommend! Trails are well-maintained but still offer a challenge. Plenty of ponds and waterfalls to see along the way. Although, as a warning, don't forget mosquito repellent! They hassled me almost the entire way but it was worth it. Indigo Lake is beautiful and pristine. It offers secluded camp sites, often with a fire pit and table. The road up to the trailhead from Crescent Lake was rugged but almost as entertaining as the hike. Recommend 4-wheel drive and all-terrain tires if you choose this route. This was absolutely one of my favorite hikes!

Monday, August 02, 2010

Awesome day challenge! This is not a moderate trail, the switchback section is rough as it runs through scree at a pretty steep incline. Great scenic change from foothills forest to high alpine meadow to scree field to standing on top of the world. LOVED IT! Black flies can be intense at the peak. Descending is much easier on the lower back with poles.

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