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Beautiful place! Clean and we'll maintained path that opens up to several loop trails. The fall colors are everywhere. They're putting up lights right now and I can't wait to come back and see them!

Nice area. You need a discovery pass (so if you’re out of state like us get it before arriving).

For the Talus rock trail we went ‘right’ at the trail sign which means we ended up climbing almost 1,100 feet (according to my Apple Watch) but the way down was way easier. I can’t imagining going down the way we went up since the rocks were damp of rain earlier in the day. Climbing poles might be a good thing.

It was quiet on a Wednesday afternoon. Only saw 6 people which was fine by us.

Pit toilets. Bring hand sanitizer or wipes.

I want to go back and try some other trails but we were limited on time today.

Nice trails to follow and educational signs along the paths. Markers too just Incase you are not sure which way you are headed. I took a good long hike with the kids and they were very tired at the end which made me happy.

Great easy trail. Others mention mosquitos but we didn't see any probably because of the time of year. Saw lots of garter snakes in the tall grass near the river.

Went today! Took the bus line trail to nook and around to Talus Trail down to Tiger 3. I like this route better because there are inclined and flat parts as you go up. The ground was a little slippery just after the rocks.

wide smooth trails. definately handicap accessible. large variety of flowers.nice restrooms. no dogs = yes ! Glad I finaly made it here. I will come again. We could of stayed on the path longer if there was a restroom down on the path.Due to all the inclines and downclines. great photo ops here. 5 stars easy to moderate

It was a nice walk in the middle of woods. Good way to get some exercise.

Did not like feeling like I was walking along people's back yards. then the trail crossed a street ended up in a schools playground. on the other side of the play ground the trail opened up to the other half. on the way back kids were on recess I didn't want police called on me so I walked around the school & found the street & walked along it until I found the opening of the trail again.

A gem! Family oriented, animals, lots of open areas.

I am in love with these trails. Perfect for an easy escape into the wilderness. My only complaint is the massive amounts of manure on the horse approved trails. It's hard to relax when you have to keep looking down to step around the poop constantly. There are plenty of pedestrian only trails, though a few of them have clearly had horses on them too. I am one to explore all the routes, but I'd recommend keeping to the ped only ones.

It is an easy trail for walk. You can take your kids or dog but don't go alone. Better to be in company :)

Great hike but the waterfall was dried up. We'll come back in the fall and hope to see it then. Lots of bugs, so bring insect repellant!

trail running
3 months ago

When I first moved to Washington in early 2017, I discovered the Sammamish River Trail located right behind my apartment.

This trail helped me to find my love for running and I was easily able to up my miles from 3 to 20. Since then, I've used it for running, biking and roller blading.

It's a nice long stretch of paved road alongside the river. It does get crowded in certain areas during spring/summer but everyone seems to be pretty respectful of space and staying to the right. During the cooler seasons, it's definitely not as busy and if you're lucky you may just see some Otters like I did :)

The coolest part about this trails that you can go from downtown Redmond to the library to 60 acres park, Woodinville, you pass the Tolt pipeline trail & PSE PowerLine trail, and then into Bothell where it connects you to the Burke Gilman trail... OR you can go to Marymoor Park and connect to the East Lake Sammamish Trail.

This is a great little hike. Quick, but with sufficient elevation changes to get the heart pumping. It is best done with someone due to the low traffic and seclusion.

Trail is ok..make sure to put on bug spray lots of mosquitos all through out the trail.

Beautiful, easy trail. Not many views, though. There is a cool meadow restoration halfway through that is worth reading about. Lots of history along this trail. Perfect for if you need to get some exercise and live nearby, but it doesn’t offer any of the typical PNW views.

Tip: grab a map at the entrance. It is easy to get lost, as there are many trails that intersect.

well maintained trail. no views in summer. could be very pretty in the fall, lots of deciduous trees. did not see anyone else on trail.

on Shelton View Forest

3 months ago

its a great workout at a fast pace.

3 months ago

This is a pretty area to walk through and is relatively flat throughout. Parts of the trail don’t have tree coverage, so it does get warm. There are a ton of mosquitoes on this trail! I rarely get mosquito bites, but I spent the whole walk trying to brush mosquitoes off of my husband and he still ended up with quite a few bites.

4 months ago

i am a total novice. Didn't realize it was in the middle of the west tiger 3 trail. It was steep for me to get there but once finally there it was awesome. worth it for me!

4 months ago

easy hike, pretty. went on a weekend there were a good amount of people on the trail also.

really nice trail. I went today with my two kids and they loved it!

Absolutely not wheelchair or bike friendly. That being said it is a beautiful trail. Waterfall is dried up but theres an okay fenced off meadow at the end of the trail.

4 months ago

We took our kiddo in our hiking backpack on a rainy day and this couldn’t have been more beautiful! Lightly trafficked (that day) and we came across a few pups off leash. I will say that some of the trail was washed out closer to some of the steep areas which made it difficult with our child, but it was worth it!

HIGHLY RECOMMEND YOU WALK THIS TRAIL such a beautiful area! And didn’t even know the Ford Slope existed til today! Interesting trail!

We started out from the W Tiger 3 trail. My 6 year old took some time to hike up to the Talus Rocks trailhead but once we got there the rest of the hike was easy. There were a couple interesting log bridges and the rocks were quite unique. Hike down can be a bit slippery. We have seen a few hikers but not too busy.

We started at high point and followed Tiger 3 up until the fork towards Talus Rocks. Unfortunately the kids melted down at this point so we turned around. About a mile to the fork. It was a good hike and I would do it again!

Lots of cottonwood blowing around this time of year.

Fun hiking, tons of trails to choose from to match your skill level. Trails are very well marked and maintained.

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